Revolution – Recap & Review – The Stand



The Stand

Original Air Date: Mar 25, 2013

Vincent C. – TwoCents Reviewer

We. Are. Back! After a long four month hiatus, we return exactly where we let off. Monroe’s helicopter fires its machine gun as Miles and co. run into an abandoned diner. The helicopter fires two rockets into the diner and when the diner looks like it has been consumed in fire, the helicopter flies away. What? No third rocket just for insurance?

In the burning building, Miles and company have hidden in a large storage freezer. Miles warns that the militia will return to look for the bodies. They need to get as far away from Philly as possible.

Neville reports to Monroe that they didn’t find any bodies. Monroe says Miles no longer matters. They now have light and power. Monroe’s goal now is to eliminate every rebel camp. Afterward, he’ll send the choppers to Georgia, the Plains Nation, and then California. However, if Tom finds Miles, kill him.

Charlie and Nora manage to sneak everyone out of Philadelphia through a militia checkpoint by pretending to be transporting corpses from the morgue. The ruse works as they put actual corpses in coffins stacked on top of the coffins carrying the others.

As the team is helped out of the coffins, Nora kisses Miles passionately. Miles and Rachel sneak a couple of glances at each other.

Miles and company watch a helicopter fly overhead toward the rebel camp in West Chester. The rebels there are all killed. Nora tells Miles that they should go to the rebel central command in Annapolis, Maryland to warn them of Monroe’s choppers. Aaron just wants to go home and forget about the whole rebellion. Their goal had been to rescue Danny. With that goal achieved, Aaron just wants to return back to his village. Rachel feels guilty about giving Monroe the amplifier and wants to correct the situation. She can get surface to air missiles. She also says she can get electric power to match Monroe.

The team splits up. Miles and Rachel will visit her friend who she thinks can help them match Monroe’s weapons. Nora will lead the rest of the group to Annapolis.

In a flashback, Rachel and Ben are in a hospital anxiously awaiting some type of experimental procedure being done on Danny.

Major Neville’s squad reach the West Chester rebel camp. Tom interrogates a remaining rebel and asks where the closest rebel base is.

Nora and her team reach Annapolis and find the rebel base. Commander Ramsay says the resistance is over. Monroe is crushing them. Nora says Miles Matheson will help.

Miles and Rachel talk. Miles explains that he saw Rachel’s corpse. Miles would never have left if he thought she was still alive. Miles apologizes. They seemingly almost kiss, but Rachel asks him to step back.

Neville’s squad reaches Annapolis. After confirming rebel presence, Tom wants to call for an airstrike. Jason thinks that’s overkill. Tom and Jason fight, and Tom is victorious. Tom tells his “shameful disappointment” of a son to never come back home.

Rachel and Miles visit a gentleman named John. Rachel tells John that she gave Monroe an amplifier and needs John’s help to fix the mistake. John’s basement has weapons and electric power. Surprise surprise! John betrays Rachel. He explains that Randall got to Grace, and also got to John.

Jason warns Charlie that his father will call for an airstrike. The rebels have roughly 12 hours. Jason wants to join Charlie, but Charlie won’t allow it.

Randall tells Grace he has to take a trip somewhere. In the meantime, he wants Grace to keep working on the elevators so that he can eventually reach “Level 12.”

Rachel and Miles are tied to chairs. John tells Rachel that Randall “got into the tower.” Rachel seems to be in disbelief. Who built the tower? If Randall didn’t build it, could Ben have been involved in building it? In a preview of next week’s episode, Rachel explains that the tower can turn the electricity back on. Miles frees himself from his bonds and beats John. They get the weapons and flee.

Tom reports to Monroe of the rebels location. Tom also tells Monroe that his son Jason is dead.

Second short flashback: Charlie and Danny are children and Charlie helps Danny through an asthma attack.

At Annapolis, Charlie tells Danny to sit out the battle when the choppers arrive. Danny refuses. Two helicopters arrive and hover in position. Soon, most of the rebels are mowed down. Miles and Rachel arrive (in the nick of time! As usual.) Miles tries to launch a rocket against the chopper that Rachel thinks has the amplifier, but the second chopper fires a rocket at Miles. He is knocked out. Nora watches Rachel tend to an injured Miles.

Danny runs, picks up the rocket launcher (pictured above) and hits the chopper with the amplifier. The second chopper starts to lose power but before it goes down, the gunner fires and hits Danny multiple times in the torso. Danny dies. Wow. Thought the writers would keep Danny around a little bit longer after all the trouble Miles and Charlie went through to rescue the kid.

Rachel laments that she let Danny and Charlie get into this fight. Charlie says there was nothing Rachel could’ve done. The only thing left to do now is to finish what Danny started and take down Monroe.

In Philadelphia, General Monroe receives a visitor who drove to Philly in a car. Monroe meets Randall Flynn and John Sanborn. Randall would like to help Monroe.

Last scene: Rachel takes a knife and cuts something out of Danny’s body. It is a small blinking device slightly smaller than the amulet.

Was anyone else surprised that Danny got killed? What is “the tower”? Where is it? And why would Randall ally himself with Monroe? Perhaps one of these “enemy of my enemy is my ally” type deals? Was everyone happy with how the second half of the season started?


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