My TwoCents: Can Veronica Mars Pull Off a Movie?

my-two-cents111If you’ve been living in a TV hole, Veronica Mars is becoming a movie!

I’ve been a fan of the show since the start. A strong young female main character on TV? Yes, I was all for it back in 2004. And I was grateful for those three seasons we did get. Yes, maybe that third season wasn’t as on par as the first or even the second, but it was three seasons longer than many shows we see these days. And now, with massive fan support and Kickstarter, the show is becoming a movie!

But can it still be good six years later? Can it pull off a movie version of itself? At least it should have the monetary funds to do so ($3.8 million and counting), but I’m still cautiously optimistic.

I think it’s great there continues to be so much fan support and loyalty. With creator Rob Thomas and star Kristen Bell already attached to the project from the get go, it looks to be a well thought out endeavor. I hope more former stars sign on as well (here’s looking at you Max Greenfield – hey a girl can dream, no?).

If you’ve read the reports about Thomas’ setting for the movie and other tidbits, you know that it has potential. I just hope it has the same endearing heart and gumption of the series I grew to love and enjoy and share with friends.

As a fan, you have to be excited about it all. I’m look forward to the movie (plans for release next year) with as much excitement as I did every week for a new episode. But I can only hope that the plot will be able to live up to fan expectations and still be able to bring in new viewers – hey I want to see it succeed. It’s all still a pretty big feat for a little show that could.

Jules – News Editor

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