Justified – Recap & Review – Piece of Mind

photo: fx

photo: fx

Piece of Mind

Original Air Date: Mar 26, 2013

Lyssa G – Associate Staff Writer

This week is the last one that we have until the finale! Last week was a bit crazy trying to figure out how they were going to get Drew out. First they tried driving, then attempted to fly, but the chopper was to slow. They end up sending Drew out with Rachel on the train to head back to Lexington.

Now I have no idea where they are going to go with this. Obviously they managed to get Drew out of Harlan alive. Now I think there is just the matter of getting him to testify against Theo Tonin or whatever he was supposed to do that he ran from in the first place. Lets see where this week takes us!

Raylan: He finds out in the beginning of this episode that he is having a little girl. He is about to be suspended when he finds out that Drew will not give them anything until Ellen May is safe. Raylan volunteers to go down to Harlan and find her and bring her back with Tim and Rachel. He comes into Johnny’s bar, beats the crap out of one of Boyd’s guys until the guys phone rang. He tells Boyd that he should just give up. He tells him that he is on his way to the church and that he is going to take Ellen May.  He manages to make it up there and gets Ellen May. He brings her back to the station in Lexington and lets her see Drew.

Boyd: He is losing his mind with everyone attempting to plan out what they need to do now. He is planning on going up to Nobles holler and he gets a call from Johnny’s cell phone. Nicky Augustine is making him a deal. He is going to hand him the money that he needs for Ellen May and then he is going to hand him Johnny.  He tries to chase down Ellen may by looking into all of the places that they think she could be but is not successful since Raylan got her first.

Ava: She is the only thing keeping Boyd grounded at this point. She is what actually makes him stop and think about what he is doing. She is the strongest so far out of everyone in this episode. She goes up to talk to Limehouse when she is leaving Limehouse had told her that she was not there. She ends up at the church with a gun on Ellen May and she could not pull the trigger.

Johnny: While he is sitting in his bar, gunning up in case something happens, Nicky Augustine is trying to get him to make a deal to get Ellen May in an attempt to try and stop Drew from testifying. He ends up not able to make the deal so Nicky says that he is going to make a deal with Boyd. We do not see if anything happened to Johnny at the end of this episode.

Art: He is clapping for Raylan. Then he hands him the paperwork for his suspension. He is fighting Raylan about him trying to go down to Harlan. He ends up letting him go with Tim and Rachel to try and get Ellen May.

Tim: Comes into the church just in time to save Ellen May from getting killed by Colt. He is asking him to put his weapon down but he refuses to do so. Colt keeps smoking while he is telling Tim that he killed what was left of Mark. Tim waits until Colt pulls his gun up and puts a hole right through his chest. As he is talking to Cassie to make sure that she is okay, she tells him that she wished that he had killed Boyd instead. 

Ellen May: She still hiding out with Limehouse. She is such a strong person. She talks to Cassie about what she had been through. She tells her about how she prayed to make it out of the situation with Colt. Then about how she prayed to get out alive of being with Limehouse and she made it out of that. She confesses about what she did with Ava. Raylan gets her and puts her in the car.

This week really did not offer anything too much after the incredible episode that we had last week. This was not a boring episode, but it is a little below what I was expecting. Next week is going to be an interesting finale. I cannot wait to see how they end this season. What did you think of this week?

Next Week: Ghosts

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2 Responses to Justified – Recap & Review – Piece of Mind

  1. Laura Frisch says:

    But you did not talk about the biggest part. The person putting together Winona’s chair for the baby was Picker, one of Theo’s henchman!


  2. Lyssa says:

    Justified has been renewed for season 5! Check out the article here: http://tvline.com/2013/03/28/justified-renewed-season-5/

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