The Good Wife – Recap & Review – Death of a Client

photo: cbs

photo: cbs

The Good Wife
Death of a Client

Original Air Date: Mar 24, 2013

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

Sex scenes, fistfights, a shocking pregnancy, a deliberate lie to break attorney-client privilege and the wonderful John Noble as a guest star. This might have been one of the best Good Wife episodes ever.

We started with the Shamrock Ball and the battle between Mike Kresteva and Peter for the cardinal’s hug/endorsement and the 8,000 Catholic votes that come with it. I am really enjoying Matthew Perry as the slandering, manipulative and glad handing gubernatorial competition. It may be my second favorite role of his, although nothing will ever top Chandler Bing.

Mike implies to the cardinal, when Alicia is called away by the police, that she’s dealing with Zach’s non-existent drug addiction. Peter responds using Mike’s own strategy by punching his competition while in the men’s room, then pouring alcohol on him. Homerun Peter! Amazing how vindicated I felt, and I’m just a viewer.

At the police station, Alicia learns that her sue-happy client had made one enemy too many and has been shot dead in the street. She invokes attorney-client privilege (we only learn about Noble’s character, Matthew Ashbaugh, through flashbacks) only to be told the gunman is after her too. Kalinda cleverly figures out that this is a lie and that it was probably the man her client sued over his barking dog that did it.

The saddest part of this case is the Bach-loving Ashbaugh had to die to set the story spinning. When he admits in the end that he continued to sue just to be around Alicia, you wish he could be another wonderful reoccurring character.

The flashbacks also prompt Alicia to recall a sex-filled afternoon with Will. It’s amazing how the director is able to show so little but make us see so much with these pulse-quickening and fantasy inducing scenes. But when Will comes to the station, she realizes that they are holding each other back. ADA Laura Hellinger admitted that she liked Will and in the end, we saw the two of them making plans. Alicia has a decidedly wistful look on her face.

Other news: Peter asks Diane to fill the state supreme court judge vacancy if he wins, which means she’ll have to give up the firm.

Alicia’s mother tells the kids that Alicia was two months pregnant with Zach she married and Grace was “probably an accident,” leaving Alicia to assure Grace she was wanted.

Kalinda is about to “seal the deal” with a massage therapist at a bar when she gets Alicia’s call and runs off to help her pal. She also has a small handhold moment with Cary (I’m totally hoping we get pay off with this couple).

Will Diane really leave the firm? Do you think Will and Diane will ever be truly “over”? Would you have liked to see John Noble on the show again? Give us your TwoCents…

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