Revenge – Recap & Review – Victory

photo: abc

photo: abc


Original Air Date: Mar 24, 2013

Keith G – TwoCents Reviewer

We start this week with a young Amanda reading Mason Treadwell’s book about David Clarke. Eli comes down the stairs, returning from his new home placement to visit her. In present day, Emily finds out Eli has been in contact with their foster-mother, Ms. Hayward (Ms. H as the foster kids call her). Emily tells Aiden that she cannot hurt Eli, but agrees that she needs to take care of him soon. Aiden tells Emily that Daniel has been keeping him out of the loop lately and is concerned about this. Emily tells Aiden to not worry, because she knows Daniel will confide in someone soon. Emily makes a lunch date with Daniel.

Conrad and Victoria worry about the Initiative’s hold on Daniel and that he may be confiding about the plot in Emily. Eli tells Victoria and Emily that he wants to sponsor Mrs. H’s home as the Amanda Clarke Foundation’s first project. Victoria agrees to this. Eli gives Emily a letter from David Clarke that he had found in Mrs. H’s home as a child. He believes that Mrs. H kept more letters from David without giving them to Emily. Eli wants to return these to Emily.

After receiving a video proving that her father is alive, Padma visits Nolan. The video provides a location of where and when to deliver Carrion. Nolan plants a tracker in the USB drive holding Carrion and he promises that he will take care of her and her father.

Aiden and Nolan plan to turn Carrion over to the Initiative. Aiden is going to kill the Initiative members at the drop location. Padma and her father will then need to go into hiding for the rest of their lives. When Nolan tells Padma that she will need to leave, she is extremely sad and upset. She tells Nolan that she does not want to leave because she loves him. He tells her that he loves her too. Although I haven’t been sure about whether or not Padma could be trusted, I’m starting to feel more that her feelings for Nolan are genuine. Her pain during their conversation felt real.

Jack opens up to Declan about the Ryan’s and their involvement with what happened on the Amanda. After stealing Trey’s phone at school, Declan sends Kenny a text message to meet at the soccer field. As Jack is leaving to meet Kenny, Conrad asks Jack to play a more official role in his campaign. Jack later agrees to serve as Conrad’s “Joe the Plumber”.

Jack shows up at the soccer field to confront Kenny about buying the boat that was used in saving his life. Kenny denies buying the boat and having anything to do with what happened on the Amanda. He tells Jack that Nate taped his meetings with Conrad and gives Jack the tapes. When Jack plays the tapes to Declan, it is clear that Conrad is ordering some sort of “hit” on Jack. I’m very interested in seeing what Jack does with this information and with the tapes.

Emily and Eli tell Mrs. H that the Amanda Clarke Foundation will present her a check to save the home. Eli goes with Mrs. H to meet some of the current kids. Mrs. H thanks Eli for his help and he responds, telling her that they are going to soak the Grayson’s for all they can. She is apparently giving Eli 60% of what she gets to help heal his childhood scars. Victoria later commits to a $250,000 per year stipend to help Mrs. H run the home properly.

Emily and Daniel meet in a dark restaurant for lunch and Daniel tells her that it is a huge relief to be able to confide in her again. Daniels tells Emily that Aiden has been chosen to take the fall, which is why he was added as a board member.

The Initiative moves up the trade of Carrion for Padma’s father. Aiden and Nolan rush to get set up for the hit on the Initiative. Trask arrives and asks Padma to give him Carrion. She does and then argues with Trask when he does not immediately release her father. Nolan stops Aiden from killing Trask until Padma’s father is safe. Instead, Trask throws Padma in the back of the SUV. Padma is taken to a large room with a chair and video camera. Her father is behind a door inside the room. Trask tells Padma that she must do one more thing. She sits on the chair in front of the camera.

The Amanda Clarke foundation holds a press conference to announce their sponsorship of the Hayward House. Eli gets up to speak to the crowd. He speaks of the abuse that the children suffered at Hayward House and informs everyone that the abuse continues today. Mrs. Hayward stands up and denies the charges, but in the audience are a number of former foster children that can testify about the abuse. Mrs. H tells everyone that Eli, not Amanda, started the fire at her house. After this announcement, Victoria fires Eli. Emily confronts Eli about whether he started the fire and he admits to lighting it, after her fire burned out. He wanted to get her in trouble so that she would not be adopted and is now trying to make things right between them.

Nolan and Aiden follow the GPS signal of Carrion to a building. As they look for Padma, Nolan receives a text message from a blocked number stating “Sorry about your friend, Nolan. It’s a terrible thing to lose one’s…head”. Immediately, Nolan and Aiden look in the room and find a box (just big enough to contain a head) on a table. Inside, Aiden finds the head of the turtle that contained the GPS from Carrion. It appears that the Initiative has been one step ahead of them the whole time. I have to admit that for a brief second or two, I was worried that Padma’s head was going to be in the box. Although, I think that probably would have been an early end to this plot point.

Back at Hayward House, Eli finds Mrs. H drinking because the authorities have taken the foster children and are promising an investigation. Eli tells Mrs. H that he is there because he owes Amanda. He later calls Emily (after putting Mrs. H in the small room where Eli and Amanda were locked as children) and we can hear Mrs. H whimpering in the background. Eli has found out that Mrs. H sold Emily’s letters from David Clark to someone years ago. Given the flash of Mason Treadwell’s book at the beginning of the episode, it was pretty clear that he is who the letters were sold to.

Emily encourages Nolan to find Padma by following the path of the blocked text message. While doing so, he finds the Falcon’s imprint in the message. Apparently, the Falcon is no longer employed by the Grayson’s, but has moved on to the Initiative.

Daniel calls Emily and starts to leave a voicemail for her, when he receives a package marked as urgent. When he opens it, he finds a photo of him and Emily at lunch. There are also two bullets in the envelope, presumably a threat. We then see Victoria closing a jewelry box, in which we see a box of bullets with a few missing. She is clearly trying to scare Daniel into staying away from Emily (by pretending the Initiative is after Emily).

Emily confronts Mason Treadwell in jail about the letters that he bought from Mrs. Hayward. The letters were burned when Emily torched Mason’s house. He remembers some of the details, though, and tells Emily that David was worried about what would happen to Emily in foster care. He had a friend that had a child in foster care after giving birth at age 16. It turns out it was Victoria.

There seemed to be a lot going on during this episode, but I think it was a pretty entertaining one. Now that I am a bit more trusting of Padma, I feel bad that the Initiative has her. I really wonder what the video may have been. Are they setting Padma up to be the responsible party for whatever attack they are planning? What about Victoria’s child? Have we already met them? What about the Falcon? Any more thoughts on whether we know this person? What kind of a role will they play going forward? Maybe the Falcon IS Victoria’s missing child? Just a quick thought that hit me as I was posting this. Please share your thoughts and opinions!

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2 Responses to Revenge – Recap & Review – Victory

  1. Jules says:

    The more I heard about the Falcon and the reveal at the end had me thinking the same thing that Falcon and Victoria’s son could be the same person. I hope we haven’t seen the last of Padma though.

    • ttckeithg says:

      I’m looking forward to seeing what happens with the Falcon and who he/she really is. It would be a cool twist if it were Victoria’s son, though. I, too, hope we haven’t seen the last of Padma. Starting to like her again.

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