Bones – Recap & Review – The Blood From The Stones



The Blood from the Stones

Original Air Date: Mar 25, 2013

Karen – Sr Staff Writer

This week we have the Squints trying to solve the murder of guy found in a car, all while being filmed for a documentary to raise money for the Jeffersonian. We also have Cupid playing games with one of our very own and it’s to be quite awkward at times.

I was pretty happy with the corpse this week because of the oddly distorted face after being in the car for a couple of days. I think that was something new and I do love something new each week.

A dead guy is found in his car and the Squints need to find out what happened. But Cam throws us a curveball by allowing a documentary film maker by the name of Andrew to observe all that they do. This causes some friction, camera-hogging, and some kissing up to the camera. Soon, diamonds are found in the gut of our dead guy and now this clue leads Booth to a jeweler.

Booth goes to see Oscar “Booger” Schultz, where he learns that the vic was an undercover cop that was watching some ATM thieves. They figure out that 2 college kids are pulling off the heist. The girl is found in her house with her foot blown off and some poor home remedies to try to get the bleeding stopped were used.

Meanwhile Caroline never disappoints with an entertaining performance that is so much fun to watch! She comes to the Jeffersonian and locks eyes with Andrew and sparks fly!

Eventually the competition with Mr. Edison for the camera runs its course and he explains what happens, but soon learns the camera only has eyes for Caroline now. He gives up and walks away…clearly beaten!

Booth proves that the wife did it. She wasn’t happy with the poor bloke that did everything he could for her, but the money is all she wanted.

This episode was just OK for me. There was not Sweets, no Hodgins blowing thigs up and no Booth and Bones in the I give it 2 1/2 out of 5 stars. I will say that Caroline was fun to watch, but I was a bit creeped-out (like a kid watching their parents get frisky) as she made ogling eyes at Andrew.
I am looking forward to next week’s episode that takes place in a Judge-Judy-type courtroom.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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