Once Upon A Time – Recap & Review – Selfless, Brave and True

photo: abc

photo: abc

Once Upon A Time
Selfless, Brave and True

Original Air Date: Mar 24, 2013

Jules – News Editor

A running theme on this show is that our choices reflect our character and consequently determine our future. But is there a way to redeem those choices and ultimately change who you are? We can only hope so.

We open in Phuket, October 24, 2011. If you do the timezone math, at 8:15am (nice Lost reference), it’s when time started moving in Storybrooke. August awakens to his leg turning into wood. Of course, no one else can see it.

Back in present day Storybrooke, Mary Margaret, still dealing alone with the black heart thing, requests some time alone, while David can go work in the bean fields.

Neal’s staying at Granny’s. Henry gives him his fairytale book to read, while Neal reveals some news. Not only has Hooked escaped the storage closet they put him in, but Tamara is on her way to Storybrooke! Emma is again not happy with him, worried Tamara might find out about magic (because of course he told her nothing) and urges Neal to tell the truth.

Mary Margaret‘s in the woods working on her target skills. She’s still got it when she hears footsteps. What she finds is an RV just sitting in the woods and a wooden August! And still with his goatee!

Back in 2011, August has made his way to a Hong Kong hospital – none in Phuket? Or maybe none who believe him, like this will be different. And it’s not. The doctor actually wants to have him committed after August jams a knife into his leg to prove it’s wooden. August runs for it, but is quickly pulled aside by a man who says there is someone who can help him… the Dragon.

Back in present day Storybrooke, August fills in about life post-curse. Mary Margaret tries to get him out of hiding, saying a lot of people care about him, including Emma and his father. She tells him what’s happened post-curse, including the return of Neal , but he and Emma are not together. They actually have a nice heart to heart. Unknown to August, Mary Margaret and him are very much alike right now, trying to find a path to redemption for the choices they’ve made. But all August wants is for her to leave and never tell anyone about finding him. Fat chance.

Emma, Neal, Henry and Tamara have the most awkward breakfast. We do learn how Neal and Tamara met – it involves coffee all over her blouse and a scarf he lends her. Later, Neal tries to tell Tamara the truth about being from the Enchanted Forest, but she won’t have it, thinking Neal still has feelings for Emma.

In Hong Kong, August is taken to the Dragon and who should he see there? Tamara!!

In Storybrooke, Regina thanks Greg/Owen for calling her about Henry and he mentions how he has a soft spot for little kids in trouble. Yes he does. When she leaves, Mary Margaret is on her way in (another awkward moment) to tell Emma about August. Marco’s there, too and they decide to find the Blue Fairy for help. All the while, Tamara’s in the corner, overhearing it all. When they meet with the Blue Fairy though, she tells them about the whole, being brave, truthful and unselfish stuff she told Pinocchio to stay being a real boy. Since he’s done none of that, he’s stuck with the only himself to fix it.

Back in Hong Kong, August meets the Dragon (Tzi Ma), who’s able to see August’s wooden leg and knows his real name as Pinocchio. But for the Dragon to cure him, August must give up something close to his heart that cannot be replaced. Cue necklace. The string is the one Marco used to animate Pinocchio, what first gave him life. But will this all work? Oh selfish August, perhaps…but it’s going to cost you ten thousand dollars, that you clearly don’t have.

Later, August runs into Tamara again, this time at a bar and eyes her wad of cash. Can you see where this is going? Tamara reveals she went to see the Dragon to help cure a rare form of cancer she has. When she walks away to answer a phone call, August steals the cash, and returns to the Dragon to get his cure – a red glowing liquid. Only for his symptoms, says the Dragon, only August can really only cure himself. Just like the Blue Fairy said, no? Thinking he’s in the clear, August tries to take the liquid, but Tamara’s tracked him down and takes the liquid back, leaving August alone in an alley.

In Storybrooke, Tamara finds August, saying as long as he promises to leave and never come back, she can help him. How? She still has some of the liquid cure left! August thinks about it, figures out she’s Neal’s fiancée and takes her keys.

Owen returns to his room at Granny’s to be met by Regina. She still has that key chain he gave her years ago! Owen rightfully questions how she hasn’t aged in 30 years and says something about face cream. Owen says he’s still on the hunt for his father, but Regina says he left shortly after he did, but I highly doubt that. Wouldn’t he have found Owen himself by now?

In the woods, Marco reveals the truth behind the two people couple be transported via the wardrobe. Mary Margaret slaps him, but it wasn’t her doing, it was the dark heart thing. Yikes. When they go find August though, he’s already on his way to NYC.

Back in 2011, Tamara goes back to see the Dragon, who knows that she’s not really sick! I knew there was something! Apparently, she’s been on a quest for magic! And she’s found it! After doing a bunch of analyses (so quick? I guess she’s a scientist?) on the bottle’s contents, there were no elements in it from this world. And not wanting to risk others finding what she’s found, she pulls out a taser of all things. But this is the Dragon; he has magic and fumes start spewing from his nose and he rises up, but Tamara tases him anyway and he collapses. Yes, science beats magic apparently.

In present day, August rushes out of Storybrooke, but turns around when he finds the photo of Tamara and her grandmother and figures it out. See, August went back to the Dragon after he lost the liquid, but so caught up in his worries, never put two and two together until now. August runs to the sheriff office to call Emma (how does he know the number?), but he can’t get any real details out when Tamara’s there again. She’s everywhere! August vows to warn everyone, but Tamara’s got her trusty taser still and stuns in good. But he’s able to survive long enough to get to Emma et all and whisper some last words to her before dying in Marco’s arms. Awww!

Emma vows to figure it out what August was to warn them about when Henry says that if his last words were indeed “brave, truthful and unselfish,” there might be hope for him yet. The Blue Fairy magically appears (as she should) to re-do the magic she did long ago. But there’s a caveat. Pinocchio is back, but he’s not August the man, he’s Pinocchio the boy. But at least he’s real! He doesn’t remember anything from before, so we’re back to square one. Tamara shows up and makes she and Neal make up.

In NYC 2011, August is talking to Neal about going to Storybrooke to get Emma to break the curse and that when it happens, he’ll send Neal a postcard. All the while, Tamara sees this and then goes for her meet cute. So not a coincidence she’s with Neal. Figures.

Back in Storybrooke, Emma promises to never lie to Henry again and Mary Margaret tells David about her blackening heart. David promises they will find a redemption option that won’t leave her like August or Regina. But what?

Then there’s Greg/Owen. He gets a call from “her.” The one he’s been talking to all along and “she” is here. And the her? It’s Tamara.

Quote of the week: “I’ve lived a life of selfishness, cowardice and dishonesty. And only I can cure that. Not magic. Not science. Just me.” August to Tamara.

So I’m assuming that the motive for Tamara is her relationship with Owen. They have been in on it together this whole time? This would make more sense since Owen probably couldn’t have done it by himself? But how was she able to find the Dragon in the first place? And with Pinocchio back to being a boy and no knowledge of his adult life, I’m saddened with no hope of seeing August again. And was it odd not seeing Rumpel this week? Share your TwoCents below as we ponder all the questions this episode left us and the almost month we have until the next new episode.

On April 21: Lacey

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4 Responses to Once Upon A Time – Recap & Review – Selfless, Brave and True

  1. raybelle says:

    I think turning August back into a little boy was a very convenient way to take out one angle of the “fight for Emma’s affections” — now in fandom it will just be Neal/Bae and Hook (and Regina for some). Plus it’s also sweet because now Marco can be with his son as he grows up and August can have the happy childhood he should have. Weird that he changed back into his little German clothes though…

    I don’t think Tamara is helping Owen– I think she’s using him the same way she’s using Neal/Bae– to find magic for her own purposes. I think we’re looking at the New Big Bad if she gets her hands on it.

    I do want to know who The Dragon was before he was “Wise Chinese Guy” though– I bet his backstory is cool. And since when does a taser conduct electricity in wood? I thought for sure August’s condition would keep him safe from being electrocuted.

    I don’t know what to make of Snow’s problem– I still feel like, yeah, it was a crappy way of doing things, but in the bigger picture she did what had to be done. Maybe now it’s going to be about living as a human being instead of this pedestal perfect protagonist. Not a bad angle.

    I really liked this episode, and I’m interested to see what Regina does when she realizes Owen/Greg’s not leaving

    • jules says:

      I found it rather humorous Pinocchio had his German clothes as well. Hopefully, he will find more “normal” clothes soon, assuming he sticks around.

      I totally didn’t expect Tamara to be bad until she killed the Dragon and I think you’re right about her. Now I want her backstory about why she wants to find magic in the first place and how she found/befriended Owen/Greg. Maybe he thinks they are working together, but it’s clear they have their own motives.

      Hopefully we will get a Dragon flashback as well. Still so many people to keep track of now that I still want to learn more about.

      I can’t wait to see Regina finding out Tamara and Owen/Greg. They might not stand a chance.

      Any episode with August is a good one in my book, but it was nice change of pace from all the fairytale stuff.

  2. Maggie C. says:

    Three weeks is a long time to wait. I am glad that Marco and Pinocchio have a chance at a nnew start. Does this mean he has to go to school? Oh my! German clothes? I thought they were Italian . They have the Alpine culture too…
    Tamera is big trouble and is working for herself. She will probably kick both guys to the curb as soon as she gets what she wants.

    • jules says:

      It’s actually four weeks until a brand new episode. Three until a recap-type ep.
      I’m most interested in Tamara’s end game and the impact on everyone else if she is able to get and use magic.

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