Community – Recap & Review – Economics of Marine Biology

photo: nbc

photo: nbc

Economics of Marine Biology

Original Air Date: Mar 21, 2013

Shannon – Associate Editor

Dean Pelton wants the study group help him recruit a new student, a rich idiot named Archie. Apparently, Pierce is their other whale so he can never know this is happening. This is better than the Let’s potato chip endorsement. “Keep Your Damn Hands Off My Let’s!”™

Pierce has been hounding Jeff to hang out with him so Jeff is all over the whale plan since Pierce won’t be a part of it. The tour the Dean has put together a pretty lame tour and the school board liasons let him know it. The’d prefer to hire strippers and Shaun White because they really want to catch this whale. Abed decides to start a fraternity, one the Dean can’t shut down. So…Animal House?

Troy and Shirley are taking P.E.E., aka Physical Education Education or a class to learn how to be a gym teacher. Shirley has a knack for it but Troy does not. This is new to him as he’s used being a star in P.E. Shirley teaches Troy how to teach the unteachable by using Kevin as a guinea pig.

Archie shows up two hours late, on a Vespa given to him by City College. Dean has to step up his game. Pierce shows up so Jeff’s job is to get him out of there. Pierce takes him to his barber and they get their faces shaved. Jeff actually enjoys the process and spending time with Pierce. Meanwhile, the Dean is hiring hookers and throwing a rave in the cafeteria. Jeff gets a text from Annie that Pierce intercepts. The jig is up and Pierce’s feelings are hurt. Jeff decides to spend a little more time with Pierce. Yeah, he’s a jerk 98% of the time, but the odd 2% is worth it.

Archie decides he’s going to go to Greendale because it’s super awesome. Annie and Dean have pretty much sold their souls to him to make that happen but the last straw for Annie is when Archie wants Magnitude to stop saying “Pop Pop” so that it can be Archie’s catchphrase. Dean comes to his senses and tells Archie that he won’t change Greendale for him. Archie is down with that because he just wants to be treated like a normal person.

While I love the Dean-heavy story line, I just wasn’t feeling this episode that much. Abed’s movie plot thing was kind of lame and I feel like they’re going back to the well too much. Magnitude was there, which was great, but it might have been fun to have some of the other Greendale characters there. I kind of miss Starburns a little. Your thoughts? Leave them in the comments!


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Shannon is a wife and mother of 3 kids. She adores all things Disney and loves a good tall Dole Whip.
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One Response to Community – Recap & Review – Economics of Marine Biology

  1. Tom Rushen says:

    I thought the rhythm was better than other offerings this year. But like the rest of the season, too many missed opportunities. I thought the best thing they did so far was the opening of ep 1, playing off everyone’s fear of what the post-Harmon era would look like. We’re getting moments here and there, but no one has been able to give a great close yet.

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