Comic Book Men – Recap & Review – Cryptozoic Men

photo: amc

photo: amc

Comic Book Men
Cryptozoic Men

Original Air Date: Mar 21, 2013

Jeff L – Señor Staff Writer

We open on Kevin asking the Comic Book Men if anything “big” came into the shop lately. Walt tells the story of the customer selling his Millennium Falcon Extraordinaire a 6’ long replica of the famous Star Wars ship used as a display piece at toy stores.

Later, Walt comes up with an idea for the guys to create their own comic book. Mike comes up with a character for the comic book called Wormhole and Ming sketches out this crazy half man/half pig character, but none of them seem to make the cut. Walt and the guys pitch “Cryptozoic Man” to Dynamite Comics — the same folks who publish a few of Kevin’s comics. They get a little help in the pitch from a Stan Lee via video and they play a pitch video that Bryan directed. The video features Ming and some other familiar faces pretending to be cryptids. Dynamite green lights the project.

This issue of Comic Book Men I’m grading as “Good.” It didn’t have a lot of laughs, but lots of cool stuff got bought and sold and the guys pitched a really cool comic book that I’m actually looking forward to reading. Tonight’s episode also aired at 10:00 pm and was followed by a repeat episode from a few weeks ago. I’m not sure what AMC is trying to do by moving the show an hour later or if it means that Freakshow and Immortilized are doing badly. What’s your opinion? Do you think AMC is just acquiring data on how well Comic Book Men does in the 10:00 p.m. Thursday time slot? That’s usually the spot reserved for Impractical Jokers over on TruTV but at least BQ’s show is currently between seasons.

Items sold at the Stash

Millennium Flacon Extraordinaire. Customer wants $2,200 but Walt offers $1,300. Sold.

A customer comes to the store looking for a Godzilla Shogun Warrior figure. Walt has one, but it’s priced at $250. Customer offers $200 but Walt counters with $225 after an assist from Ming. Sold.

A customer offers up an autographed copy of Creepy #1 from 1964. Customer wants $450 but pop culture expert Rob Bruce appraises the book at $350 with the autographs. Walt offers the guy $175 but ends up paying $200 for the book after some negotiation. Sold.

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