Archer – Recap & Review – Un Chien Tangerine

photo: fx

photo: fx

Un Chien Tangerine

Original Air Date: Mar 21, 2013

Elizabeth – TwoCents Reviewer

This week’s episode opens with Lana being jolted awake in a Moroccan hotel room by the morning call to prayer. Archer is, of course, naked on the bed sleeping off a beer and hashish hangover. Not surprisingly, Lana hates Morocco (due to the lack of sleep and the extra babysitting Archer requires) and Archer loves it, mostly due to the Hashish, but also because of the unbeatable rug prices. The pair are in Tangiers on a mission to extract a foreign agent, a Mr Kazak, who has for some reason agreed to join the ISIS team. After a short but eventful car chase, Lana and Archer manage to track down the operative via a GPS tracker. When they arrive at the doorstep of said operative, Archer kicks down the door mid-bicker, which unleashes the world’s biggest dog right on to Lana’s chest. Thankfully, its also the world’s heaviest drooler most affectionate dog, and despite Lana’s protestations of “Archer, would you get the damn dog off my tits,” he proceeds to lick her in to oblivion.

As a side note, the appearance of the dog prompts a less than fond flashback to the less than healthy relationship that Malory had with her dog Duchess, more specifically, that she celebrated the dog’s birthday with much more enthusiasm than she did Archer’s. The animation of she and the Afghan hound nuzzling in the carriage of a romantic horse-and-cart ride, both wearing party hats and surrounded by gifts is both comedy gold and deeply disturbing.

After about a thirty second search of the apartment, it quickly becomes apparent that Kazak is, in fact, the dog. With no other explanation as to the dog’s ownership (the apartment is otherwise empty) Lana is forced to except that she was sent on a extraction mission for Secret Agent Mastiff. Archer is delighted, while Lana is disgusted enough to try and talk to Malory. A mistake, as she is currently pretending not to be in the office (which is very confusing to Cheryl).

On their way to the extraction hovercraft boat, Lana and Archer run in to a road-block, which forces them to double back to take a route through the desert. Lana is less than thrilled, because not only does she have a concussion as a result of Archer’s earlier driving shenanigans, she is also trapped in a tiny, non-air-conditioned car with Archer and a 200 pound dog which has just ingested some less than fresh street felafel.

Back at the ISIS offices, Pam has achieved a shockingly good result on the ISIS field agent aptitude test, and is now demanding to be a field agent. Her main argument is that if Cyril can be one, anyone can be. Which is fair enough. Cyril, who had watched Pam take the test (during which she was naked) vouches for the fact that she couldn’t have cheated to achieve her perfect written score. And a video tape proves her physical abilities in… subduing enemy agents, which are played unwillingly by Ray, Kreiger and Cyril.

Meanwhile, in the Moroccan desert, Lana is threatening to quit which is unsurprising considering her present circumstances. She leaves the car, and wanders in to the desert. Without her gun, GPS, phone or any water. Oh yeah, and then the dog vomits all over Archer, which somehow sparks sympathy in Archer, who turns back for Lana, who is definitely about to die. Unfortunately, Moroccan forces find her first while Archer is waiting on the line for Malory. When he finally gets through to her, she reveals why they needed Kazak so badly (something to do with a microfilm on his collar which has info on Pakistani nukes), and also arranges for a helicopter extraction. Buuuut not in time for Archer to be able to save Lana without a wild car chase that involves plenty of badly aimed gun-shots. Fortunately, Kazak hates guns, and leaps to Lana’s rescue and takes apart a couple of heavily armed men and finally wins Lana’s affection.

Needless to say, this episode was a fun romp in itself, but the best part about it is what it sets up for the next episode and probably the rest of the season. As I’ve mentioned in earlier reviews, Archer has been leaning more toward longer story arcs, and I am experiencing an unhealthy level of excitement for Pam potentially becoming a field agent. Also, I hope the dog stays for at least another episode, because he and Archer somehow a great comedic team. Also, I wouldn’t put it past Malory to trust a dog to be field agent.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Archer? Was it a bit too Benny Hill for you? Are you looking forward to Pam being able to carry a weapon? Let us know, give us your TwoCents!

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