American Idol – Recap & Review – Beatles Night Results

photo: fox

photo: fox

American Idol
Beatles Night Results

Original Air Date: Mar 21, 2013

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

If you ever doubted that American Idol wants a female to win, this show proved it without a doubt. The producers or voters (whoever you think is making the decision on which contestant should go) have made sure the winner will at least be different from the last five years. More on that later.

Probably the most interesting part of the show had to be the beginning where Jimmy Iovine gave his two cents about the contestants – and the judges. He didn’t even try to be diplomatic. He said the judges “coddled” the singers and were too easy on bad performances. Here’s a sample of what he said:

– Candance won the night.
– Lazaro was the worst and he also pointed out that Lazaro was wrong when he said he had learned the song the day before the performance because he had worked with him on it five days prior (further proof that Lazaro is a bit manipulative and not wholly truthful).
– He had no patience with singers who didn’t know the Beatles.
– He thinks that Kree can over sing, that Angie is too dramatic, but Amber was in the top 3.

We got two medleys – one from the guys and one from the women. OK, maybe the women are really stronger. Their version of “Here, There and Everywhere” was simple as they sat on stools and provided beautiful harmony.

Two Idol alums returned. Casey Abrams, sixth place finisher two years ago, sang a jazzy “When I Saw Her Standing There” with his hair in a bun and whiskers in mutton chops. He played his stand up bass and scatted infectiously. I suddenly remembered why I enjoyed this oddball as a contestant – he’s fun.

Then Jessica Sanchez, last year’s runner up, sang a dance tune with Ne-Yo. Sounded like an over processed sure hit, nothing like the songs she sang as a contestant.

So then we got the results. I couldn’t believe when Lazaro was the first saved. Seriously? I guess the fake crying helped a lot!

But landing in the Bottom 3 were Devin, Paul and –shocker— Amber. There was no bringing it down to two. Ryan went right to announcing that Paul would only stay if the judges liked his repeat performance of “Alone.” Sorry, there was no way that a white guy would get the save. It didn’t matter what he sang or how well he sang it.

Which means that no white guy – with or without a guitar – is left in the competition. I was sad there were no rankings this week, as I like that twist.

Did you think Paul should have been booted? Should the judges have used their save? Who do you think is voting for Lazaro? Give us your TwoCents…

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