1600 Penn – Recap & Review – Dinner, Bath, Puzzle

photo: nbc

photo: nbc

1600 Penn
Dinner, Bath, Puzzle

Original Air Date: Mar 21, 2013

Colleen – TwoCents Reviewer

Tonight, Dale and the Postmaster General are meeting in the Oval Office when Skip barges in. Apparently, Skip bought boots and they have not arrived yet, even though it is longer than the time for shipment. The next thing we know, Xander comes walking in – wearing the boots!

Marshall gives his briefing, saying that the leader of France and his wife are coming to the White House for a visit. We also hear that Emily and Dale are going out on a date to a play. Becca and DB are having a date night at the White House. Let’s see how it all plays out….

The Gilchrist’s meet with the leader of France and his wife. It seems that the French have a much better date night suggestions than what is going on with the Gilchrist’s. They talk about making dinner together, take a bath together and finally, put a puzzle together – all as a couple!

Dale and Emily ask Skip, who is chasing Xander around the White House, if he can handle keeping an eye on Xander and Marigold, so that they are not disturbed on their date night. All he has to do is make sure they do their homework, brush their teeth and go to bed. Simple enough, right? One would think so, but things are not so simple with Skip!

On DB and Becca’s date night, DB chooses to bring to the White House his favorite movie. A pretty lame, stupid one if you ask me. Marshall walks in with a French film that Dale received from the French leader and his wife upon their arrival. Of course, Becca would rather watch that, so she wins and they sit down to watch it. Well, at least Marshall and Becca do. DB gets bored and leaves the room soon after.

Dale and Emily are trying to have a romantic night of their own while Skip is laying down the law; or at least trying to lay down the law. Marigold and Xander are uninterested. They run out to watch television. They refuse to do their homework – until Dale gets involved. So much for a quiet date night. They have already ruined dinner.

Becca is all freaked out. She is afraid that DB will find out some other way that Becca used to date Marshall. Do you think she is overreacting?

Marigold is refusing to do anything until Xander returns her Cosmopolitan. He stole it and is reading it in his room – and still wearing Skip’s boots, which he has yet to return as well.

Date night tries to continue for Dale and Emily as well as DB and Becca. Dale and Emily are in the bathtub trying to enjoy a little solitude while there is a discussion/argument between DB/Becca/Marshall. DB gets mad and punches Marshall in the face.

Skip freaks out when Marigold hints that she is reading Cosmopolitan because she is trying to find out how to get girls to like her. He races off to find Dale and Emily, who are not any help. Skip then looks for Becca, who is trying to deal with the situation between Marshall and DB.

At the end of the date night, Emily and Dale get out of bed after forgetting to do the puzzle. They do it together. Did it bring them together as a couple?

Marshall finally leaves DB and Becca alone to their movie. Becca seems to like it all the sudden. Does she really like it or is she trying to make peace after what happened?

Skip comes back with an Anatomy book, prepared to answer the questions that Xander had regarding what he was reading in the Cosmopolitan. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, Xander is asleep. It gives Skip the chance to get the Cosmopolitan from Marigold so he can read up on it himself. He also promises her, if she can promise him, if either of them figures out girls that they share information with the other.

As tonight’s episode ends, we see the French leader and his wife leaving the White House. Did they learn anything from them?

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