SouthLAnd – Recap & Review – Bleed Out

photo: tnt

photo: tnt

Bleed Out

Original air date: Mar 20, 2013

FK – Sr. Editor

Wednesday nights on TNT are currently one of my favorite blocks of television. With Boston’s Finest leading in to SouthLAnd, I can’t ask for anything better. Well, really I could – another season of SouthLAnd. Or a longer season. But we can’t always get what we want, right?

This week deals with the personal issues of our cops like we haven’t really seen before, especially Lydia and Cooper.

“John Cooper has learned on the streets of Los Angeles, a single step can separate life from death.”

Opening scene: Cooper and Lucero are yelling for a man to come out in the backyard of a house. He’s covered in blood and there is a dog barking. The man keeps going towards them and away from them.

Lydia’s alarm goes off and she rolls over to turn it off. We see her accidentally roll over Christopher, who is apparently sleeping in her bed. Sherman is taking, what appears to be a long, thoughtful shower after he cheated on Teach .. and Teach is with him. Sammy is being interrogated about crazyT’s allegations he attacked her. He lies through his teeth, saying he defended himself and then crushed the camera. Cooper and Lucero are driving around (Cooper let Lucero take the wheel?? Woah.) and Cooper is on the phone making plans for the evening. Lucero assumes it is with a woman and Cooper let’s him keep assuming that. Sherman gets called in to give his statement and Sammy watches on, not knowing if his partner will cover for him. Lydia and Reuben are called to a death of a baby. Dewey is on scene and he seems very subdued and non-Dewey like. Reuben thinks the baby died from SIDS or co-sleeping, which causes Lydia to pause and stare off, thinking of her own parenting ways. Sherman tells Sammy he covered for him and says he has the upper hand, being a cop and all, especially compared to crazyT. Cooper and Lucero meet up with another cop duo and when they put the suspect in the car, he still had a gun on him and barely missed. Another rookie screw up and another reflection moment for Cooper.

Sherman and Sammy are called to a store that was robbed and set on fire by a guy screaming “Attica! Attica!” Meanwhile, Reuben and Lydia are interviewing the parents of the baby who died. The interview is filled with “I don’t know”s and “I don’t remember”s. Can you see where this is going? Cooper and Lucero are called to a man being held hostage – naked – on a patio. A creepy older lady answers the door in lingerie and they let the man in off the patio. Cooper has no patience for this visit and arrests the woman but she’s quite excited about being handcuffed. Sammy and Sherman are driving around and all he can think of is losing baby Nate. Sherman offers to take Nate if it comes down to it. Lydia and Reuben are approached by the husband who admits to their babysitter having hard feelings after being fired by them. Lucero keeps going on and on about hooking up Cooper with one of his wife’s friends. Just as they are goofing off, someone comes running to their car for help, saying he didn’t mean to do it, it was an accident. They run and follow him, finding a woman pinned under a bus.

The driver keeps apologizing as Cooper gets under the bus with the girl to keep her calm. She begs him not to leave and he promises her he won’t. Sherman and Sammy are called to another “Attica Attica!” robbery and then get lucky and catch him stealing a cab and take after him. Reuben thinks the father is full of it when he blames the former nanny but when they go to talk to her, she runs. Sammy and Sherman are in a high speed chase with Mr. Attica when they cause a wreck (small) on the way. He’s weaving in and out of traffic. Despite being the lead car, Sammy pulls the car to the side, leaving the pursuit and angering Sherman. In the middle of interrogating the nanny, Reuben gets a call that the husband admitted to killing the baby. Oy.

Cooper’s phone goes off again and it’s Mr. Boat Retirement guy asking him to come by. While Cooper and Lucero are eating they get a call nearby. Sherman confronts Sammy about why he backed off the chase. He blames having a kid at home and pulls rank, calling Sherman a P2. Cooper and Lucero go to the house they were called about and hear a dog barking loudly but no one answers. They find blood on the floors and make their way into the backyard and we’re back to the opening scene. A little boy comes up the back alley of the house screaming at them not to kill him and Cooper carries him away and Lucero arrests the man. Lydia meets up with the grieving mother for more information. She plays the new mom card on her. She admits to taking an Ambien and falling asleep on the baby. It’s quite sad and you can see Lydia’s wheels turning. Sherman and Sammy are called to a apartment building and Sherman is attacked while Sammy barely makes it up the stairs. Some partner he’s become. Yes, this is Mr. Attica. He jumps a fence way too high for the newly-cautious Sammy to hop over and Sammy watches as he’s essentially eaten alive by a dog.

Sherman gets checked out when Sammy tells him the guy died after being attacked by the dog. And admits that Sherman was right in saying he was off his game a little. Cooper’s bus victim will be okay but still seems sad. Dewey, ever so wise, tells him to go home and “tend to his cactus” or whatever it is he does. Over at Ms. Witness’ place (not Teach), Sherman runs into what is likely part of a gang. This is not going to end well. Cooper makes it out to his friend’s boat and can’t find him anywhere. He finally finds him, passed out, admitting he wanted to killed himself that night. He’s not in good shape. After Cooper helps him up, he wonders if this is what he’s going to end up like. At home, Sammy drinks a beer and watches the tape of him and crazyT fighting over and over again. Christopher won’t stop crying and Lydia eventually brings him in the bed with her but doesn’t go to sleep.

Next week: Cooper’s father is dying and asks to see him before he goes.

My TwoCents:
– I enjoyed Lydia calling Dewey by his full name. It shows her respect for everyone.
– I did not enjoy Sammy backing down from his duties as a police officer for whatever his reason was.
– I’m not a fan of Sherman still being a cheating scumbag. Get with it, dude.
– Anyone else get the feeling that Cooper’s “mentor” is hiding a secret…you know, the same one Cooper has?
– I have to wonder how much time it’s been since the last episode. Obviously Dewey didn’t get clearance in a week.
– When will Cooper retire?
– Will Lydia stop co-sleeping:?

Those are my TwoCents. What are yours? Leave your two cents below and feel free to chat with me at Twitter at @FarrahWritesTV.

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