Law & Order: SVU – Recap & Review – Undercover Blue

photo: nbc

photo: nbc

Law & Order: SVU
Undercover Blue

Original Air Date: Mar 20, 2013

Caitlin – Senior Staff Writer

Typically, shows will wait until at least partway through the episode to get their big “shocker” moments in the plot. SVU, however, has other ideas. Within five minutes, a woman is accusing our old friend Brian Cassidy of rape.

That’s not all, though. Nick and Munch go to talk to Cassidy, who is about to testify against the mob boss he was working undercover for. They soon see that he has a woman over. That’s not particularly interesting- until we see the woman is Olivia.

The woman accusing Cassidy is Heather, a prostitute at the time of the supposed attack. There follows a very awkward moment with Amanda and Fin not knowing about Olivia and Brian and Olivia not knowing about the accusations, although that second point is quickly rectified. Heather now teaches pole dancing and has a…close relationship with her manager. Said manager visited Ganzel under a fake name. When Olivia and Nick take this information to Barba, he informs them that the case against Cassidy is still solid, and he’ll be arrested.

The good news for Brian is that he gets a good defense attorney and an awesomely snarky judge. The bad news is that Heather isn’t backing down, knows about a scar he has, and has witnesses putting him in a bedroom with her. She was also working for a pimp who made her have sex with men even when she didn’t want to. Cassidy says they just talked, but she testifies that they had sex against her will. Unfortunately, as they were in a locked room for two hours, it’s a case of his word against hers.

Munch, as Brian’s former partner, can’t testify without seeming biased. Nick can, though he may have a bias of his own already. Still, he’s not going to jump on Cassidy. That’s not going to stop the prosecution from trying to get him to do so, though. Barba notes that the defense attorney isn’t doing much to stop them. Turns out said attorney rolls on Nick, asking him about his own behavior undercover and then bringing in a woman he knew “very well” during once case.

The woman, Cynthia, was the sister of a man Nick got arrested, so she’s none too happy to see him again. Nick, in turn, confronts Brian, who says the move was his lawyer’s idea that that Nick has no room to talk. The prosecution brings up the prostitute Cassidy actually did have sex with (the same one who wound up dead in Cragen’s bed), turning the case against him. Still, he refuses to admit to something he didn’t do, even against the advice of his lawyer. Then there’s Nick, who finds out that Cynthia is suing him for child support. Apparently, they have a 9-year old son together.

When Nick goes to confront the Cynthia, he finds a man instead. The next day, he sees the guy stuff something inside the kid’s backpack, where it is exchanged in a back alley. Nick has a lot to think about, including telling his wife about his other child. Olivia goes to talk to Cassidy about the trial, where he says again that what his lawyer did to Nick wasn’t his idea. Nick tells Cynthia and her lawyer what’s happening, saying she can’t let their son deal drugs no matter what she thinks of him. Later, he’s met by Brian, who says that, despite their feelings, they should help eachother now.

Cassidy and Amanda go to pose as interested clients for Cynthia’s boyfriend. I’m not entirely sure what Munch and Nick are posing as, but they threaten the pole dancing boss to bring money to a secret location- the site of a fake deal where the boyfriend is arrested and the manager is pushed to flip on his own story. He admits that the rape never happened, and soon Heather does, too. Brian gets off, but he’s worried about his future. Though he worries Olivia did suspect him, the two go to get a drink while Nick goes to talk to his new family again.

Next Week: Legitimate Rape

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