Grey’s Anatomy – Recap & Review – Idle Hands

photo: abc

photo: abc

Grey’s Anatomy
Idle Hands

Original Air Date: Mar 21, 2013

Karen Belgrad – Senior Editor

For an episode that talked about idle hands, there was little downtime tonight. Sure, there was waiting to use a big new toy, but there was also tears, pranks, surgery, a little shoving, and… finally… some sexy time for a couple that has gone too long without.

My favorite episodes of Grey’s always seem to combine the laughter with the tears and this hour didn’t disappoint. After the weeks of conversations about the future of the hospital, tonight we got to see unveiling of Grey + Sloan Memorial Hospital and how it will take the show into the future of technology and medicine.

Alex: Let’s get the silliest story out of the way first. Alex has a young cancer patient who has a crush on Jo. After “accidentally” dumping his catheter on Jo’s boyfriend, Jason, he recruits a willing Alex to spend the hour pranking the ob/gyn doc. First they page him all over the hospital, and then they get him into the newly reopened E/R searching (loudly) for a “Jenny Talia” (say it aloud). Richard clues in to the pranking, and rather than being mad, he joins in the fun. The next step is having Jason deliver his urine to an annoyed Dr. Bailey, for random drug testing. At this point, due to the snickering from the peanut gallery, Jason is finally clued in to his pranksters. He does have the last word, when Alex deflects blame on to his crushing patient, by smarmily informing Alex that they can have their crushes, cause he’ll be busy nailing Jo in the restroom of the bar. Ummm… ewwww.

Lodox: The hospital has a new and shiny x-ray scanner, with product placement brought to you by the Lodox machine, which can scan an entire body in thirteen seconds. The whole staff is excited to use the new machine, including Dr. Brooks who has had a marble lodged somewhere in her body since she was a child. The machine sits unused most of the hour, to overlap with April’s desire to go to the carnival (aka have sex) with her hunky paramedic boyfriend that thinks she’s a virgin. Since April’s already been to the carnival (aka had sex) she’s trying to decide if she should push Matthew into riding the rides with her. Meredith, lover of all things carnival related, is no help, but when they finally use the scanner, Owen’s comment that it was worth the wait seems to resonate. And Leah finds Brooks’ marble!

Cristina: Along with her other doctors, Cristina is stressed over finding a paperwork-surgery balance. She’s frustrated that other, lesser classmates are getting published with research while she’s being pitched for research money. Dr. Russell invites her to participate in his lotus valve heart surgery, and she is blown away by the method. She thinks he’s planning on including her in his research, but instead he pitches her for twelve million dollars for funding. But she suddenly realizes (which she did last episode too) that she’s in charge, so she gets her fellow board members to cut his funding, give it to Bailey for geno-mapping research (which she had pitched to every board member), and then places herself on Dr. Russell’s research team. Problem solved and Cristina looks happier than she has in weeks!

Callie/Arizona: Calzona-fans have been seriously griping over the lack of sexy time for this couple, and Callie Torres is griping louder than them all combined. And now that Arizona has a new prosthetic that allows her to wear heels, Callie is telling everyone to check out her wife’s supple rear end. But wearing the new leg proves painful for Arizona, and Callie’s mood sours as she believes this will be the end of their planned romantic interlude for the evening. Callie puts her displeasure to the side, helping Arizona through the pain of residual limb pain with a massage to her amputation area. Callie’s caring and attentive bedside manner finally translate, as Arizona later greets her in a sexy red negligee and requests a massage that goes “a little higher.”

Derek: Derek and Shane operate on a 16-year old girl with severe head injuries from an ATV accident. The girl’s father (played by Todd Stashwick) is beside himself with grief and anger, which only grows throughout the day as Shane comes out to update him throughout the lengthy surgery. Derek counsels Shane to remain calm and always give the father the good news first. But after surgery, when the only news is that the girl is still alive, the father loses it and has to be restrained from going after Shane. Derek tells him that it doesn’t do any good to be afraid of what they don’t know, which will turn out to be good advice for someone else as well.

Meredith: Meredith is panicked that something is wrong with the baby. She thinks he/she will have two heads, three arms, and eleven toes, and DiGeorge Syndrome, which has nothing to do with George O’Malley. She also has a patient Madeline (played by Annette O’Toole), who is a teacher and newly diagnosed with terminal gall bladder cancer. Madeline is obviously distressed by her illness, but also trying to tend to the emotions of her visiting grade school students. She tries to make it sound like she’ll return to class, but eventually just helps them come to terms with their now-permanent substitute.

McBaby: Meredith spends the entire hour fretting to every doctor that her 28-week old fetus will have every malady under the sun. Alex baits her while most of the other doctors go on about how they will operate on the imagined afflictions. In a cute moment, she tries to get Cristina to talk to her belly, but Bailey takes over and pitches her geno-mapping to Meredith’s uterus. But by hour’s end, Derek has had enough of the gloom and doom talk. He points out to his stressed wife that they don’t have to fear the unknown, as they own a hospital where they can run every test that exists. So Meredith and Derek go for a 3-D ultrasound… where they count one head, two arms… and eleven toes. Except that it’s not really an eleventh toe, as McBaby is a BOY!

And there you have my TwoCents for this episode! Share your TwoCents, comments, and feedback below!

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