Arrow – Recap & Review – The Huntress Returns



The Huntress Returns

Original Air Date: Mar 20, 2013

Karen – Sr Staff Writer

The Huntress (Helena) is back and she is leaving bodies behind her as she hunts down daddy, determined to kill him. She bamboozles Ollie into helping her, which I had a very hard time believing throughout this episode and will elaborate more on it later.

On a side story: Laurel has a surprise for her dad as we finally get to meet mommy. Thea is still trying to get her purse snatching thief to come over to the good side.

Helena doesn’t want dad in witness protection where he can disappear and get on with his life; no, she has other plans and it involves a crossbow. She is going to need some help, so she holds Tommy in a twist at his opening night of the club as a lure to get Ollie. When Ollie shows up she threatens to go to the police and tell them all about the Arrow and where the ArrowCave is if he doesn’t help her. I knew it was a bad idea when he befriended her and told her everything. Now it has come to bite him in the arse.

But my problem with the whole scene was; why didn’t he use his fine tuned ninja skills and just pounce over the table and take her out? I find it hard to swallow that the student has beat the teacher and that this is not the only time she gets the better of him.

Ollie then helps her chase the transport vehicles with dad inside, only to find out it was a set up and Det. Lance catches Helena. He wants to know who the hooded vigilante is and she actually tells him…without actually telling him. Ollie shuts down the power to the station and gets her out of there. He offers her plane tickets and a passport and tells her to leave HIS city. She takes the package.

Wait…did you actually think she was going to go?
Just as Ollie and McKenna get their much overdue snogging and down time, Felicity is leaving him a voice message saying that his psycho ex-girlfriend is still in town. God I love this girl! At that exact moment Helena is looking at Felicity and makes her find out where the safe house is that her father is staying in. Ollie arrives later and frees Felicity and goes after Huntress.

Arrow stops the Huntress in her killing spree and they take it outside to fight. Again…I found it hard to believe that she kicked his arse and gets away, but not before shooting McKenna. Now, I bet he wished he killed her a long time ago. Like Digs said: If she looked like me you would have killed her, but since she looks like the T-Mobile girl, she is still here.

So now the Huntress gets away, McKenna is going to move to her sisters for a yearlong recuperation from injuries, but at least Tommy now understands just how hard it was/is for Ollie to keep this secret from family and friends…even though he didn’t tell Laurel and it is putting a strain on the relationship.

Thea gives Roy a chance at having a job at the club as a car valet to help him leave his life of crime and earn some money the right way. But when he doesn’t show up for the job, she tells him off as he feels it is beneath him. As she leaves, she is approached by 2 guys wanting to harm her and Roy shows up and beats the crap out of them. Man, that boy had some mean moves! He is stabbed in the process and she takes him to the hospital and we find out the tuff-guy has a fear of needles! She kisses him during the shot and he didn’t feel a thing!

As for Laurel: She invites dad over and he apologizes for all that he has done, and then she brings out mom. Alex Kingston is Dinah Lance and she believes Sarah is alive. All I know is that I was looking at River Song and wanted her to jump into the TARDIS with the Doctor and go back in time and save Sarah. That was for all you Doctor Who fans.

Lance thinks she is crazy in believing she is alive, but later comes to his senses and decides to join forces and look into it some more. He feels that maybe there is something more to the Fantasy Island than meets the eye. I think this is going to be an interesting story arch and can’t wait to see where it leads.

Ok, so what are your thoughts on the episode? Are you tired of Huntress getting away with murder? Are you bummed that McKenna is going away?

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