New Girl – Recap & Review – Quick Hardening Caulk

photo: fox

photo: fox

New Girl
Quick Hardening Caulk

Original Air Date: Mar 20, 2013

Kelly–TwoCents Reviewer

They really are keeping things fresh up in that loft, aren’t they? I mean, love makes people go crazy and pratfalls ensue, and that’s not exactly a new plotline in sitcom land, but it feels awfully new here. Jess and Schmidt have lost all patience when it comes to their relationships, and it’s exciting. There might be illegal activity involved. There are definitely painkillers. And innuendo. And fish hats.

In the wake of CeCe’s engagement, Schmidt’s in bad shape. He falls hard for a certain California lionfish (hint: it’s a metaphor for Cece) with almond eyes (Cece) and sumptuous lips (Cece), and state law or no state law, he and that fish WILL create a life together. So he builds a home aquarium, straps on a wetsuit, and drags Winston to the ocean for some fishing. It should be noted that Schmidt and Winston fish like eight year olds.

Schmidt’s victimized by a jellyfish and lands in the hospital, where CeCe (the person, not the fish) brings him a lionfish. She has sketchy model contacts; don’t ask questions. Winston defends his boy’s broken heart and asks her to give Schmidt some space. Schmidt comes to the same conclusion about CeCe (the person and the fish): he’s got to let her roam free. Back to the ocean they go. It should be noted that Schmidt throws fish like an eight year old too.

Meanwhile, Nick’s found a whole new set of life skills. He’s even thinking about taking a vitamin, and it’s driving Jess crazy. She wants him. She especially wants him at the hardware store, at least until he accidentally whacks her in the chin with a 2×4. Laid out by painkillers, Jess tells Nick that she wants to sleep with him, which sends him straight to the guys for advice: he’s been sleeping with Shane, his new (female) boss at the bar, but he only because he thought Jess didn’t want him. To hear him admit, even in a roundabout way, that Jess is his first priority—it feels good.

At the bar, Shane is all over Nick. Jess has no memory of most of the past 24 hours, but she knows a relationship when she sees it, and she’s hurt. Back at the loft, Nick explains what she told him on painkillers and asks if she meant it. She did, but it was partially a result of his new drive, which doesn’t count if he was just shaping up for a girl. Nick calls her a gold digger and dares her to prove otherwise, and they proceed to MAKE OUT on various surfaces while continuing to yell at each other. It’s gloriously messed up. Their clothes are coming off when Nick accidentally smashes that darn aquarium, sending them right back to bantering, with a side order of kissing.

I’m loving this show’s treatment of the Nick and Jess story. Their chemistry has never been smarter, and it’s proof that a messy but earnest relationship opens more comedic doors than it closes. What are your thoughts? And how will Schmidt fare with human CeCe? And how mad are you at that aquarium?!

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