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Original Air Date: Mar 19, 2013

Lyssa G – Reviewer

Welcome to this weeks episode of Justified. There are only two episodes left after this. I am really hoping that they are going to be able to wrap everything up that they started in this season. This has been an incredible ride and one of my favorite seasons to date.

Last week we finally saw the Marshals get Drew. Unfortunately even though they have him, they still need to find a way out of Harlan without the boys from Detroit getting to them first. Raylan seems like he may have some kind of idea as to what they can do. Lets see what happens!

Raylan:  He starts out this week knowing that they are in deep crap. While they are hiding out in his father’s house, he is talking to Drew about why he kept the bag with Waldo’s ID. He tells Art that they need to move as soon as possible. They decided to go to Raylan’s old high school and camp out there, it is a safer location for them to hide out because it is abandoned. He is scoping out the windows and trying to see where they can hide out in the building to make sure that they have Drew covered. He heads over to his father’s house and takes Bob back to the school with him. He has a conversation with Boyd and tells him that if they want to have a shootout that they may want to wait until they have a few more guys. Raylan managed to get Drew out.

Art: He is constantly humorous in this show. He is talking to Raylan about getting Drew out as soon as possible, but Raylan seems to know that it is not a smart move for them to take streets. He calls Raylan to tell him that they are stopped on the pass because Tim is feeing something fishy. He tells him to go with the alternate plan that they had in place to make sure that nothing happens to Drew. They find out that Drew is on the coal train out of Harlan.

Boyd: At the end of last week, he said that they had two options: make a case to Theo, or run. From what we see at the start of this week he hadn’t decided to run. He is attempting to make a case with Nick Augustine. Duffy ran to hide. He is trying to figure out how he can convince these guys to let him go. He is positive that Raylan is going to try and drive Drew out. They decide to send two guys to go set up a block on the pass. He is trying to figure out where else Raylan would take Drew. They thought back to high school and remembered that there was an astronaut that had landed his helicopter on the baseball diamond at the school.  He decides to be the smart one after he realizes that Drew is not at the school, and he runs off before the Marshals get into the building.

Ava: She knows that there is nothing that she can do at this point. She looks very worried as she is talking to Boyd, she just says “Here we go…” and we can hear the worry in her voice. Every time that they flash to her, she just looks more and more worried. She is trying to distract Nick Augustine. I figure that she was just trying to find a way to get behind the bar or something to get the shot gun that she has back there. Nick is being a complete ass hole as they are talking. She has a brandy and throws it in his face and then takes his gun. She takes Nick’s gun and is ready to shoot him but walks out the door instead since Johnny is backing up Nick to make sure that he doesn’t die.

Johnny: He is staring at Ava as Nick is making fun of her and belittling her. You can tell by the look on his face that he is not happy about this at all. It is the first time that we really see Johnny caring about anything this season. He tells Nick that it is enough after he starts asking to see her naked. He is busted though. Nick says something about Johnny making a deal with Duffy. He confesses to Ava that he loves her as she is walking out the door.

Art: He is trying to be funny, asking if one of the Kentucky state police has a rocket launcher. They need to be able to get a helicopter to land so that they can get out of there. He is still with Tim as they are trying to figure out how to get out of this trap. As Tim is making a cocktail he said that the last time he had seen one of those was at a Guns N Roses concert in 1989. They manage to get out of the line of fire and head over to the school.

Bob: He is being tortured by some guy named Yolo. They are talking about whether he knows if Drew is. He is getting the crap beat out of him. He refuses to give up any information about where they are hiding out. He gets beaten and thrown around the house. He manages to get the jump on Yolo and he kills him just before Raylan walks into the house. He made sure not to say anything though. He is another minor character that I am really starting to love.

Tim: As he is driving and sees three abandoned cars on the side of the road, he stops all of the convoy that is heading over the pass. He knows that something is up. He is talking about there being explosives rigged in the cars and that is why they are parked the way they are. He is talking about Colt. He calls him and is talking to him about whether he has come across any explosive devices or other road block things that could be similar to this. Tim decides to circle the wagons and give them a place that they can get out of the cars and try and come up with a better plan as to what to do. As he is hunting for a lighter to try and set off the cocktail, he makes a joke. Even with all the cars and people that they have, not one of them has a lighter. They toss it into the direction of the first car that they passed and it exploded. After it explodes, they realize that Tim was right and they decide to head over to the school.

Drew Thompson: He is talking as they are sitting in Raylan’s house. He said that he wanted to soak up the view while he still could. He is talking to Raylan and telling him about how he met Arlo. He is tells Raylan how the two of them became friends because of how they met in Vietnam. He also tells him that he is done running. As they are walking into the school, Drew is talking about how hell and high school is pretty much the same thing. He said that is why he dropped out and joined the army. He went from reading books to flying airplanes. Not exactly a bad trade off. He said that he justified his kill on Waldo because he deserved it. He tells Rachel that it is 5:30. He says that you can always tell what time it is in Harlan by the train. 

This was probably my favorite episode of the season. The writing was flawless. No matter what they were talking about everything seemed to flow just like it was going along in a book. This was very true to Elmore Leonard’s writing style. I cannot wait to see what is to come in the next two episodes! What did you think of this week?

Next Week: Piece of Mind

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2 Responses to Justified – Recap & Review – Decoy

  1. jeffkeyz says:

    Arguably the best episode ever.

    • Lyssa says:

      I would actually tie it with a couple episodes from season 2 with Mags Bennett, but it is totally up there with the best episodes.

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