Bones – Recap & Review – The Doom In The Gloom



The Doom in the Gloom

Original Air Date: Mar 18, 2013

Karen – Sr Staff Writer

I am so happy to see Bones get back to the old-school ways of earlier episodes and treat us to some fun lab antics, and our characters growing and moving on. This week we are treated with some fun with Hodgins in the lab doing what he does best…experiments!

We also have houseguest Sweets making plans to leave, which Booth will not believe until he actually sees it.

My, how times have changed over the years, as I watch Booth and Sweets enjoying a martial arts movie together and Bones thankful for her live-in babysitter. Gone are the days of B & B reluctantly going into Sweets office for their weekly sessions of proving Sweets wrong and hating to be with him. Now they are like good friends, housemates, and now he is leaving the nest.

Booth has seen and heard it before and won’t believe it until he actually sees Sweets leave, which he does. Lance found a place with others in the same field of expertise as he, and will fit right in. Booth sounds like a parent as he questions Sweets about needing help moving and checking for asbestos.

But the best part of the move comes when 2 young women come over to help Sweets move and they think Booth and Bones are his parents…Mr. & Mrs. Sweets….and dad is pretty hot!

I must say that Daisy gave Lance a nice little speech admiring him and understanding his reasons for staying with B & B and therefore I think the fans that don’t care for Daisy, were ok with her this week.
So I do thank the writers for having Sweets stay with the Booth’s and gather his wits about him before moving on to the next chapter.

TJ Thyne is a joy to watch as Jack Hodgins! This week he is fun to watch, doing what he does best…blowing things up or close to it. This week he shoots a flame thrower, makes a homemade cannon ball and lets it rip through some mattresses (which Cam and Temp enjoyed-but won’t tell him) and the last but not least…slimes Booth right in the face with a booby-trapped door. Did anyone else feel the need to want to repeat the words “booby trapped” in the voice of Goonies character, Data?

As for the case: Deanna is our victim and she was part of Doomsday group that was preparing for the end of world. But it seems the wife of the man she had an affair with, got a bit jealous and set the booby trap. (Did you just say it like Data?) Haha! What did surprise me is listening to Sweets call the group “wack jobs” that is a bit out of character, don’t you think? Is Booth rubbing off on him?

That was our episode folks, what did you think? Is anyone else wondering why Angela is at the Jeffersonian so much? I thought she wanted more time to focus on art? Did anyone else enjoy seeing Booth in black SWAT fatigues? Leave me your twocents.

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One Response to Bones – Recap & Review – The Doom In The Gloom

  1. rose says:

    Haha, Goonies is awesome and yes you had me saying it like Data! I liked having Sweets at the Booth house, but also glad to see him move on. Hodgins was entertaining as always!

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