The Walking Dead – Recap & Review – Prey

photo: amc/gene page

photo: amc/gene page

The Walking Dead

Original Air Date: Mar 17, 2013

Rachel – Sr. Managing Editor

Pre-Woodbury, we find Andrea and Michonne sitting around a campfire with the ‘pets.’ I believe it is early in their friendship, maybe only a few days after the events at the farm. Andrea asks about their bodyguards, and we learn in as few words as possible that Michonne knew them before the outbreak, and that they were bad people. It is obvious that Michonne has been through some awful things in her life, and perhaps she this that whole apocalypse thing ain’t so bad for her. She may be right, but only be degrees.

In present-day Woodbury, the Governor has got himself a project. In anticipation of Rick keeping his end of the deal and delivering Michonne to Woodbury, the Governor is setting up a little room for her, complete with chains, and old dentist chair, and lots of not-so-happy medical instruments. He has everything from a bone saw to a speculum to a needle and thread. He is going to do awful things to her, then he’s going to sew her up and start again.

While it is clear that Andrea went back to Woodbury after the peace talks to maybe stop this whole war in a different way, Milton’s motives are more questionable. He catches the Governor outfitting his little torture chamber and starts to see Phillip for who he is: a sociopath. He doesn’t care about the people of the prison or of Woodbury, all he cares about is avenging Penny’s death. Knowing that pretty much everyone is going to die, Milton shows Andrea the torture chamber while the Governor is out. They both know that something needs to be done, but what?

When the Governor returns, unaware of the presence of Andrea and Milton, he continues to set up. Andrea has a chance at shooting him and ending it all, but Milton stops her. The chance is gone, but Andrea knows that she needs to warn the people back at the prison. Milton stays behind (maybe he’ll man-up and do something) as Andrea sneaks out of Woodbury (but not before telling Tyreese and Sasha that the Governor is the governor of Crazytown).

As soon as word gets out that Andrea bailed, the Governor tries to reassure Tyreese, who is getting a little jumpy. Seemingly appeased, Tryeese and the three other members of his group are sent with Martinez to the pits. Whoa, wait a minute, thinks Tyreese. Maybe that Andrea chick was right. He has a big problem with taking Walkers to the meet-u with Rick. I’m with him. That ain’t cool. He refuses to help,

Apparently, walking to the prison isn’t such an easy task. It’s miles away and, you know, Walkers. In the distance, Andrea hears the rumble of the Governor’s truck. He’s come looking for her. Hiding in the woods, of course, she’s attacked by Walkers, but she is pretty good with a knife. In a field, she hears the truck again. This time, the governor sees her and almost chases her down. She escapes into an abandoned warehouse just as dusk is settling in.

Back in Woodbury, Tyresse gets an earful from Allen and his son for questioning the Governor’s motives. He is jeopardizing their current safe situation. Personally, I think Tyreese and Sasha should pack up and head out, leaving those two behind. But the writers didn’t ask me.

In the warehouse, we seem to have fallen into Halloween. Big, lurchy, trench-coat-wearing Governor stalks poor, little, cute Andrea through the shadows and occasional Walkers. But she can hold her own. When he corners her by a stairwell, she calmly lets him get close, then opens a wave of Walkers on the creep. I think she hopes that he won’t make it out alive. She escapes the warehouse and continues her journey to the prison.

At the pits, an unknown person drenches the Walkers and vehicles in gasoline and sets the whole thing ablaze. Tyreese? Someone from the prison?

The next morning, Andrea finally gets to the perimeter fence of Prison. Rick is on watch and as she tries to signal him, the Governor jumps out and drags her back into the forest. Rick thinks he saw something… but he’s been seeing a lot of things lately.

Back in Woodbury, the Governor gets back saying he didn’t have any luck finding Andrea. He learns about the pits and that Martinez thinks Tyreese did it. Being a good judge of character, when he questions Tyreese, he can tell Tyreese had nothing to do with it. (But he thinks he knows who did: Milton. Good for you, Milton!) The Governor tells Tyreese that the Walkers were just a scare tactic, that he would never set them loose on the living. Tyreese seems to buy it. For now.

But what happened to Andrea? Well, she’s tied up in the torture chamber meant for Michonne. The Governor can have a little fun with her while he waits, right?

What do YOU think? Is Milton as good as dead? Will he find Andrea? And what about Tyreese? Will he bail or try to sabotage things from the inside? And where the heck was Daryl? I need my crossbow fix once a week, people! Give us your Two Cents in the comment section below!

Next Week: This Sorrowful Life

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6 Responses to The Walking Dead – Recap & Review – Prey

  1. giorgio - Greece says:

    That was one of the best episodes of season 3, in my opinion. Finally, Andrea decides to do what’s right and so is Milton. I think it was harder for him as he’s not used to ignoring Woodburry rules.. and the Governor.
    I’m almost 99% sure that a walker did get a good bite while the Governor was trapped in the warehouse but he’s just so vengeful that he’ll try to make the most of the few hours he’s got left. He’s a psychopath on a mission: revenge.

    • Rachel says:

      I agree with you. It was a fantastic episode (even though there was no Daryl!).

      If the Governor did get bitten and is on his way out, I think you’re right – he doesn’t care if the fever takes him, as long as he can take out Michonne and the others in the process. But… I don’t think that a little bite from a Walker would kill someone. Since they all have the virus anyway, it’s probably major trauma and blood loss that kills a person. Then the virus brings them back. Not sure on that one, but thanks for the insight!

      • giorgio - Greece says:

        Any bite from a walker can kill, big or small. Even scratches, as far as we’re told. But bites, yes, definitely.

  2. julie says:

    why didn’t andrea take the governor’s truck instead of walking or jogging to the prison?

    • Rachel says:

      You know, that’s been bugging me, too. The ONLY thing I can think of is that if she rolled up to the prison in the Governor’s truck, they would have opened fire. Maybe. Actually, that’s not a good reason at all. Oh, Andrea!

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