The Simpsons – Recap & Review – Dark Knight Court

photo: fox/global

photo: fox/global

The Simpsons
Dark Knight Court

Original Air Date: Mar 17, 2013

Vincent C. – TwoCents Reviewer

Over the years, Mr. Burns has been quite the villainous character. His villain aliases have included a vampire and a sorcerer named Lord Montymort. In this episode, Burns takes on the alias of a caped crimefighter, the “Fruitbatman.” It does kind of go with the vampire persona.

We start with Springfield’s Easter celebration, which Kent Brockman jokingly calls the “Blue Bonnet Plague.” As the Springfield Elementary School band plays, the horns section seems to have trouble. Someone has stuffed eggs into the horns and when the children blow hard to get sound out, they pelt the audience with eggs. Bart is laughing hysterically and everyone suspects he is behind the prank. A mob forms to chase after him.

Mr. Burns takes shelter from the mob in a nearby store, which happens to be the Comic Book Guy’s Android Dungeon. Burns reminisces about his childhood. He used to like comic books, but his father disapproved and burned down the comic book company. Burns buys all of the store’s comic books.

The school band arrives at the Simpson house to exact justice. Band Justice. Bart would lie to Homer, Marge, or Lisa. But he would never lie to Maggie. He looks Maggie in the eye and says he was not the prankster. The family believes him. Lisa steps out to the front yard and demands “youth court.” Such a demand automatically sets aside mob justice.

At home, Burns reads through his new comic book collection. He identifies with Batman, since they are both rich and psychologically scarred. Burns decides to become a caped crimefighter and calls himself the “Fruitbatman.”

Dressed up as the Fruitbatman, Burns is on a rooftop and notices that the Kwik-E-Mart is being robbed. He hurries to intervene. Smithers gets to the store faster and convinces Apu and Snake to pretend that Burns has stopped the robbery. Smithers pays each a thousand dollars.

Smithers sets up a bunch of other crimes for Burns to foil, with some of Springfield’s citizens playing criminals similar to the Joker, Bane, and Catwoman. Homer plays the Joker (you would think that role would go to Krusty the Clown. Maybe that would be too confusing.)

Former Attorney General Janet Reno presides over youth court. Lunch Lady Doris testifies that the eggs that wound up at the Easter Prank were under lock and key. Bart could not have accessed them. Milhouse also testifies that he is Bart’s alibi. Although Skinner gets Milhouse to admit that he would lie for Bart, Milhouse also says he would pee his pants while lying. Since his pants are dry, he is telling the truth.

Youth court appears to go well for Bart until Skinner is allowed to bring in character witnesses. Lisa opened this line of attack for Skinner after saying that Bart was a “sweet” kid wrongly accused of the prank. Skinner’s first character witness is Moe the bartender. He dramatically testifies how he was traumatized by multiple phone pranks perpetrated by Bart. The court is stunned by the story of how Bart called Moe to ask for a “Mike Roch,” and Moe calls out to the bar to ask if “anyone has seen Mike Roch.”

Now that court isn’t going to well, Lisa decides to ask Fruitbatman for help. Burns declines. Smithers is upset, saying Lisa was the first real person Burns could have helped. Smithers admits to faking all of the crimes that Burns had thus far foiled.

Lisa laments that the only true batmen are Christian Bale and Adam West. Hey! Michael Keaton was an okay Batman. Anyway, Lisa wonders why Marge is doing the laundry for the rest of the town. Marge had promised to help the townspeople whose clothes were sullied by the egg prank. Lisa notices that Willie’s kilt has an eggstain but appears the egg was self-inflicted. It was fake! Lisa confronts Willie, who admits he pulled the prank because he is a Scottish Presbyterian, who refuse to celebrate Easter. Willie copied Lunchlady Doris’ key after making love to her. Willie tries to escape on his tractor, but Fruitbatman arrives and flies/jumps onto Willie. Burns stuffs wads of cash into the tractor’s exhaust pipe to disable it. (pictured).

Burns brings Willie to youth court. Bart is exonerated.

Back at Moe’s tavern, Moe finds out that Bart was acquitted. He shakes in fear as the phone rings.

Did you guys like this episode? Batman is my favorite comic book hero and I like court dramas. This episode was an amusing combination! I also liked the 2 second glimpse before the Simpsons theme song of a leprechaun fighting an Easter bunny. The epilogue with the Avengers-style hero team of octogenarians called “The Dependables” wasn’t that funny to me.


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