The Good Wife – Recap & Review – Invitation to an Inquest

photo: cbs

photo: cbs

The Good Wife
Invitation to an Inquest

Original Air Date: Mar 3, 2013

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

Can you really get away with murder? Everyone once in a while, you can on a legal show.

THE CASE: The show begins as Rodger Ludwig, a supreme court judge, plummets to his death after running off a steep cliff in his car.

Turns out this judge was one of the ones from Will’s Wednesday night basketball games. So Alicia is sent to be sure that his widow, Jamie, gets the insurance payment. But the cocky insurance attorney is sure it’s an easy win for him (why do they always have to be cocky?).

Remember the episode where Elsbeth has to argue a case before a racing committee that had completely different rules and regs? That’s what happens here and it’s delicious. The cause of death is to be determined in a trial of sorts conducted by the crusty county coroner (the always wonderful Rene Auberjonois). So Alicia has to quickly learns the quirks of the court, such as she can only ask three questions per witness. It’s tricky and Jamie eventually requests Will’s help as well, forcing the former lovers to work together.

The insurance attorney first accuses the judge of reckless driving (he may have been on his phone), then suicide (he was still being investigated for bribery). After a while, and some digging by Kalinda and her Robyn, they discover that Rodger was having an affair and that Jamie most likely donned a blonde wig to make it look as if his mistress ran him off the road.

But finding their client guilty doesn’t pay the bills, so they discover another traveler who had been arrested for drunk driving after the accident and his car computer (I had no idea you could do this) showed he braked at the time of Rodger’s accident. Yay! Or is it something to celebrate if you get your guilty client found innocent? Hmmm…

CARY: His daddy, Jeffrey Argos, is back and you can’t help but be suspicious from the get go. This guy is a handsome, winsome user who is so ruthless he would stab his own kid in the back to get ahead (which, it seems, he does frequently). Jeffrey now represents the large Evans Pharmaceutical, a company that wants to craft a bill for medical marijuana for the underhand purpose of dividing the vote on another measure that might cut into their business.

But then Jeffrey starts playing games when Cary suggests revisions to Jeffrey’s measure and makes Cary look bad by taking the business away. But Cary is too smart for Daddy and goes straight to the Evans’ CEO and secures the business after all. I think the score is now 2-0 Cary.

THE CAMPAIGN: After Peter beats Maddie Hayes in the primary, Eli suggests it’s time to do away with Jordan, but Peter says no. So, being Eli Gold, he cooks up a scheme. Jordan is concerned about the Muslim family of Zach’s girlfriend Nisa and Eli agrees they should speak to Zach. But when Zach shows up, Eli leave Jordan and Zach alone so that Jordan takes the fall for interfering with Peter’s family. It works (Zach breaks up with Nisa), but Alicia lets Eli know that she’s on to what he’s doing. I love that about her. So we say good-bye to an under utilized T.R. Knight.

WILL and ALICIA: Both are working late in the office one night, they realize how awkward they feel after The Kiss. They agree to try to be friends again. But a very wise Alicia doesn’t get in the elevator when Will does (but oh the elevator memories that make my face all red).

Are you sad to see Jordan go? Should Zach have broken up with Nisa, even though she was pressing him to get more serious? Can Will and Alicia be friends? Give us your TwoCents…

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