Revenge – Recap & Review – Illumination

photo: abc

photo: abc


Original Air Date: Mar 17, 2013

Keith G – TwoCents Reviewer

We start this week in a new location – Emily and Aiden’s “safe haven”. Emily tells Aiden about running into her foster-brother (Eli James) at the cemetery when she was visiting Amanda’s grave. She doesn’t think that Eli recognized her, but she is worried that he will if he sticks around. As a child, Eli served as her protector. In turn, Emily had promised to always be around. That lasted until Emily burned their house down.

Victoria and Conrad open a foundation in Amanda’s name and plan to hold a gala in order to raise money for the foundation. Victoria calls Jack to ask his permission to do so. Jack agrees that this would be a fitting tribute to Amanda. When Emily hears about the foundation, she volunteers to be co-chair and donate money to the foundation. Victoria tells Emily that she will consider her as co-chair.

Jack is still struggling with his memories of what happened the night of Amanda’s death, including trying to figure out how he got back to land safe. Declan informs Jack that Nolan had told him that Amanda and Jack had checked into their honeymoon hotel.

Charlotte invited Eli to the funeral, but he tells Victoria that he was unable to attend because he was in London on business, dealing in rare books. Victoria invites Eli to the gala and he agrees to come. When Emily meets with Nolan at her house, she informs Nolan that based on his history, there is no way that Eli deals in rare books. She believes that it is some sort of scam.

Emily arrives at the Stowaway to find Eli and Jack have already met. Eli has told Jack that Amanda had always hated her father for downing flight 197. Jack questions Emily about what her experience with Amanda was related to this. Emily seems to do everything she can to avoid the question.

After this, Emily and Eli go for a walk outside. He has recognized her and calls her Amanda, telling her that she looks pretty good for a dead girl. To me, this was expected. You had to know that Eli would recognize her at some point. Eli tells Emily that he had searched for her for years. He is aware that Emily is there under false pretenses and wants to know what the con is. She tells him that she is not there for a con and offers to help him wipe out his arrest history and give him money to start over elsewhere if he leaves the Hampton’s. Eli agrees.

At a bar in Midtown, Daniel gets into a fight with another man. Aiden breaks up the fight, telling Daniel that he was trying to protect him. Daniel is furious that Aiden intervened and storms off. After Daniel leaves, Conrad calls Aiden for a meeting. Conrad is at the same bar. He offers to back up Aiden with the board of directors.

Jack meets with a man on the dock where he was found the night of the explosion. The man tells Jack that a man called him to charter his boat that night. Later that same night, the caller came back to the docks with the boat (the Rose Gray) and bought the boat outright. The man provides a pretty convincing description of Nolan to Jack.

Nolan and Emily arrive at the Amanda Clarke Foundation Gala. Victoria tells Emily that she must decline her offer to be co-chair. Nolan introduces Eli to Nolan. Nolan deletes Eli’s arrest record and Emily provides Eli with a check for $100,000.00 if he leaves as they discussed. Eli tells Emily that he will leave after the party.

Eli, Victoria and Charlotte are reminiscing about Amanda. Emily and Nolan see this and Nolan comments with a brilliant and campy, classic Nolan line: “Check it faux bro – he’s climbing mount Grayson”. Emily heads over to interject. She tells Eli that Amanda had always regretted burning their house down. Eli explains that at the foster home Amanda was about to be adopted and that he believes that Amanda started the fire so she would not be adopted. After the fire, Eli tells the group, he was adopted and had a great life. He gives Victoria the cashier’s check that Emily had given him earlier as donation to the foundation.

Aiden is appointed as treasurer of the foundation by the Grayson’s. Victoria announces that the co-chair of the foundation will be Eli James. You can see that Emily is furious about this. Aiden tells her that he will convince Daniel to confide in Emily so that she will have more inside information on what the Initiative may be planning. When Daniel and Aiden meet again, Aiden tells Daniel him that if he needs someone to talk to, Daniel should see Emily out.

Daniel confronts Conrad about Aiden being appointed as treasure. Conrad tells Daniel that the foundation is really a front to help ensure the future of the Grayson’s. They will move their money to the foundation and then, when the Initiative moves forward with their plans, they will make it look like Aiden had been involved and had also stolen their money.

Jack arrives to the gala and makes a speech thanking the Grayson’s for their help. After the speech, Jack confronts Nolan and tells him that he believes Nolan has been deceitful and that he was the one who had saved him. Jack tells Nolan that he will no longer believe anything he says. Nolan is clearly shaken by this. Later, Nolan heads back to the Stowaway to meet with Jack. Nolan gives Jack a copy of the title to the Rose Gray. He made it look as if Kenneth Ryan purchased the boat. Jack quickly apologizes to Nolan and sets off to find the Ryan’s.

Daniel follows Aiden’s suggestion and walks Emily home. He tells Emily about the Initiative and that they are forcing him to coordinate the financing of their next plot. He also tells her that he is afraid to go to the authorities because it will hurt everyone he loves. Emily tells him that he might need to do that so that he is taken care of.

At Aiden and Emily’s “sanctuary”, Aiden gives Emily the routing number for the Amanda Clarke Foundation’s bank account. She and Nolan are going to hack into it and transfer all of the Grayson money out of the account. Emily tells Aiden that she is not going to do anything about Eli for now, because if he exposes her, it will ruin what he is trying get for himself. Emily wants to figure out how to get rid of him without causing any more pain.

Nolan arrives at the “sanctuary” with a witty comment, as always “this is where Aidenson waxes off”. This one if one of the best Nolan”isms” this season. Aiden leaves to attend the board meeting a Grayson Global (where he is welcomed as their newest board member), while Nolan and Emily use Carrion to break into the bank account. After breaking through the first few security measures, they get blocked. The code blocking them was written by “the Falcon” who had previously (during the Flight 197 incident) been on the Grayson payroll. They assumed that the Falcon is back on their payroll now.

Overall, I was a little disappointed with this episode. It seemed a little bit predictable to me. I was pretty sure that Eli would recognize Emily and that he had ulterior motives to coming to the Hampton’s. While his motives are still unclear, I suspect that he has something more planned. I think that Daniel may be headed off a steep slope. He seems to be drinking a lot again and really seems to be struggling with his job duties. What do you think? Did you like the episode? What about Eli? Do you think he has something more planned? What do you think the Initiative is planning? What do you think Emily should do next? What about the Falcon? Do you think we have already met him/her? Please share your thoughts!

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2 Responses to Revenge – Recap & Review – Illumination

  1. Julia says:

    I wonder if Padma is old enough to be Falcon. How old is anyone on this show anyway? We only know that Charlotte and Declan are about 18.

    Didn’t understand the Aidenson comment. 😦

    • ttckeithg says:

      I didn’t even think of Padma! She may be older than she looks. That WOULD be a twist! The Aidenson comment is a reference to “The Karate Kid”. The teacher called his studen (Danielson). And was teaching him karate moves by car washing (wax on, wax off). Probably makes more sense if you saw Karate Kid! 🙂

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