How I Met Your Mother – Recap & Review – The Fortress

photo: cbs

photo: cbs

How I Met Your Mother
The Fortress

Original Air Date: Mar 18, 2013

Caitlin –Senior Staff Writer

After a couple weeks away, the HIMYM gang is back, and it’s time for Barney and Robin to make a bit more progress towards their wedding. This week, he agrees to give up his apartment. I’ll let you sit down for a moment and avoid the flying pigs.

The only problem is, he needs to find a worthy person to take over the Fortress of Barnitude. To him and his holographic floating head, the only option is Ted. And when Ted refuses, Barney believes moving away is impossible.

Lily’s new job is going well. A bit too well, as far as Marshall’s concerned. The Captain has her running off to go check out interesting art pieces every night. It’s getting in the way of her and her husband watching a certain television show that bears no resemblance whatsoever to a popular British drama on PBS. Eventually, Ted persuades Marshall to watch with him instead. Lily is too caught up in work to notice.

Frustrated, Robin hosts an open house without Barney’s permission. He responds by showing off all the special additions he made during his bachelor period. The others join in the fun as well, with Marshall and Ted pretending to be a proper English gay couple and the parents of Marvin. This goes well until Ted catches the eye of a woman there to browse. And, despite a sprinkler system that keeps any sort of real relationship from occuring, one couple wants to buy the Fortress.

The couple is enthusiastic, but that turns out to be because they want to destroy everything around them. Just as Barney says he’s willing to move for Robin, she tells him she turned them away. Which I guess means they’ll be leaving there, whimsical features and all. Pray for them. At least Lily manages to pick Marshall over The Captain for one night. The photographic genius zebra can wait.

One observation: future Ted has told us several times that he’s dated the last girl he’s going to before he meets The Mother. As such, his hook-up with the girl at the open house is, presumably, pointless. With Lily’s progression and the wedding just weeks away, I guess he needs something to do (so to speak). Still, here’s hoping we get something more complex (clues about the Mother, for instance!) soon.

Next Week: The Time Travelers

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One Response to How I Met Your Mother – Recap & Review – The Fortress

  1. ryanoneil says:

    The more Robyn puts up with from Barney, the less respect I have for her.

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