Once Upon A Time – Recap & Review – Welcome To Storybrooke

photo: abc

photo: abc

Once Upon A Time
Welcome To Storybrooke

Original Air Date: Mar 17, 2013

Jules – News Editor

Our choices define us, we know. So after Snow’s choice last week, she’s in some serious dark place right now with Regina out to seek vengeance. Not a good place to be.

In the midst of this, we get a flashback to the earliest days of Storybrooke when everyone was migrated to a non-magical world. And for Regina, she might have won, but this wasn’t exactly what she was expecting when she got here. But at least Sheriff Graham is here!

We open on father Kurt and son Owen Flynn camping in the woods. Father’s teaching son how to make one of those paracord lanyard keychains. You know you made them as a kid! Kurt gives Owen the one he made as a kid to keep. Sweet. All of a sudden what looks and sounds like a storm is coming, but what they get is a big rush of green and purple smoke enveloping them. Yup, the curse has arrived in 1983. They survive and find Storybrooke, where there was nothing there yesterday. “It’s like someone dropped a town right on top of us.” Oh yes, yes they did.

Regina awakes and realizes the curse worked; she won. She goes to admire her handywork and visits Mary Margaret to see if she remembers anything from fairytale, even visiting John Doe in a coma to see if she remembers him. She doesn’t and Regina can’t be happier.

Regina still has Graham at her beck and call, but is caught off guard when she meets Owen. Regina doesn’t like surprises because she feels threatened, and when she’s threatened? Bad things happen.Regina quickly has the Flynns on track to leave ASAP. Life seems good in Storybrooke, but Regina realizes it’s getting rather dull. Her Groundhog Day lifestyle (at least the outfits change) is getting to her. She goes into Mr. Gold’s to vent. “I’m not happy.” Gold’s retort? “I believe Dr. Hopper’s office is down the street.” Ha! She tells him that this isn’t the deal that they made, but Gold says he has no idea what she’s talking about (we know he’s lying). But she’s the Mayor, the most powerful person, what does she want? She wants the Flynns over for dinner, that’s what.

The Flynns come over and Regina’s even got Owen helping make her famous apple turnovers. We learn Kurt’s wife recently died and was with Owen getting away from it all. Regina agrees. But what’s good about a new life if you have no one to start it with? So that’s when Regina invites the Flynns (after Owen said she’d be a good mom) to stay in Storybrooke. It excites Owen, but Kurt says no. Upset, Regina tries to stop Kurt from leaving by having Graham arrest them as they leave town and bring Owen to her. All via speaking to Graham’s heart. Kurt sees this and is in shock. Graham comes to arrest him at Regina’s office; they scuffle and Kurt knocks over the heart, weakening Graham enough for him to get away. Yes, run!

Then we get our first Storybrooke car chase! Just as Kurt nears the city lines, the Sheriff’s car comes out to block them. This is when Kurt tells Owen to run away, saying he gave Owen the keychain because he’ll always be with him and he can do this. He’s still a kid and in shock and doesn’t get far when Regina asks him to stay, but says he can’t, not like this. Regina apologies and they part and Owen gets away, while his dad’s arrested.

Later, Owen with police in tow, return to where his dad was arrested, but there’s no city line, nothing. Regina’s covered it from being seen. Owen’s not deterred, saying that he won’t stop looking for his dad.

In present day Storybrooke, Regina buries Cora and Gold comes to pay his respects. Regina’s definitely out for vengeance and Gold tries to reason with her, saying killing Mary Margaret would just cost her what she wants – Henry. Gold says Regina hasn’t learned her lesson – You can’t have everything. But this is Regina, and she’s pretty good at getting what she wants..

Elsewhere, Henry realizes everyone’s still lying to him. This time about Mary Margaret and Cora’s death. Emma tries to explain it to him when Gold comes to warn them about Regina’s vengeance. David wants Gold to help them, since being family aside, Mary Margaret did save his life. You got to pay your debts Gold!

Regina finds Cora’s curse to help get everything she wants. Gold figures it out and it’s a doozy. The curse of the empty hearted. To make someone think they love you – so on Henry of course. But how? Regina will need the heart of the person who she hates the most. Of course! Emma wants Gold to stop it, but says telling them has paid is debt – yeah, right! For it to end, Regina will have to die, but Henry doesn’t want his mom to die and leaves, with Emma in pursuit and a request to keep Henry as far away from Regina for the time being. According to Gold, Cora was dangerous because she didn’t have a heart, Regina’s more dangerous because she does. Uh oh. Gold does later stop Regina from getting to MM though.

Neal’s still around and tries to convince Henry to stay with him in New York, since there’s no magic there. But Henry has other plans. Why not get rid of magic here so everyone can be happy again? Henry does the whole – going to the bathroom, but really leaving bit on Neal. He’s your son, you should know better! Emma’s also disappointed.

Henry runs through the woods and into Greg and his curiosity, including snapping a pic of Henry’s backpack. He later tells Regina where Henry is. David, Emma, Neal and Ruby realize Henry took dynamite from the mine to blow up the well. Regina catches him before he does anything, even using magic to get rid of the dynamite, to Henry’s disliking. He begs her to not cast the curse and that it won’t be real, and doesn’t want to love her “like this” (a la Owen). Emma et al show up to stop Regina, but Henry – the sense of reason – steps in the way. Magic is ruining everything and making good people do terrible things. Henry again begs Regina to not destroy his family, and instead help him get rid of magic. Regina can’t give up magic, but can do something else. She burns the curse. Yet Henry leaves with Emma.

Mary Margaret finally speaks! Talking with Gold about living with the things he’s done. Says when you tell yourself long enough, you just might believe it. She then marches right up to Regina’s door asking her to kill her, but Henry would never forgive Regina, who can’t resist taking that heart out and when she does, sees it has a black hole in the middle. Apparently, Mary Margaret’s already darkened herself, and it’ll only grow darker. Distraught, Mary Margaret urges Regina to crush it to put her out of her misery. But Regina doesn’t, she can now get everything she wants without having to do anything. Mary’s heart will destroy her and her family and then Henry will be Regina’s.

Regina can’t be happier after returning the heart. All the time, Greg’s getting this moment on video. And as he gets in the car, we see that old paracord keychain and him saying “I’ll find you dad, I promise.” OMG! Greg is OWEN!!

Favorite moments/Things to ponder

  • Regina not knowing who “The Boss” is and asking if Kurt’s wife is in New Jersey with him.
  • Owen giving Regina his handmade keychain was a nice moment. Probably first gift she’s gotten.
  • How did Regina know to call Archie, Mr. Hopper?
  • Second touching moment was when Regina, unseen to Owen, about to shed a tear when he vows to search for his dad.
  • When Henry had the dynamite, all I could think of us be careful, don’t be Arzt like in Lost.

So how did I not see that ending coming? I was too focused on the separate storylines, never thinking that they could be linked like that. Regina and the rest of the town, too. So what will happen to Mary Margaret’s heart? Will it darken itself and Regina get her happy ending? Or will Henry chose to be on his own? And what happened to Kurt? I hope we find out; I even hope he’s still around (probably not). But what an interesting game changer. Greg/Owen knows about Storybrooke! And how nice was it to see Graham again? There’s my TwoCents, share your comments and thoughts below!

Next Week: Selfless, Brave and True

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8 Responses to Once Upon A Time – Recap & Review – Welcome To Storybrooke

  1. raybelle says:

    I would think that Regina would have the full memories of her town even if she didn’t get an alternate personality.

    I wonder if Kurt is the creepy janitor guy from the crazy cells in the hospital (where Belle was), although he’s thirty years older now, not sixty…

    Every episode that goes by I feel so bad for Regina. She’s trying so hard to be ~somebody’s~ first choice, and every time that Henry walks away to Emma I just want to give her a hug.

    I think that Tamara and Owen are going to end up being linked, although I don’t yet know how…

    • jules says:

      I suspected as much with Regina – she just knows everyone’s new identity.

      I just want to know what happened to Kurt even if it’s obvious. I’d feel bad for Owen not knowing, although he probably realizes he’s in a place that is way beyond just strange.

      Didn’t focus too much in this recap (too much going on), but this episode really showcased what makes Regina tick. The look on her face when Owen gave him the keychain and later when he said she’d make a good mom was just heart breaking. And yet after Regina did kind of what Henry wanted by burning the curse, he still left to be with Emma, et all.. As Gold said, Regina is much more complicated than we know.

      Very interested to see how Tamara will fit in for the future and more about Owen would be nice as well. Obviously, he’s changed his name, but who is his wife and does she know?

      And next week looks to be an interesting ep!

  2. Lee W. says:

    Maybe Regina gave Kurt a poisoned apple…in which case, he could be in that sleep curse state, waiting for someone to wake him up with true love’s kiss. Does it seem strange to anyone else that Regina still had so much magic after arriving in Storeybrooke? She had to cast a spell to “cloak” Storeybrooke after the Owen & Kurt incident, for instance. I don’t care about Tamara, don’t want her in the s/l, just have them break up and Emma & Bae are good together…true love! Too many extraneous character already from last fall…please no more, the story is just fine without them! I hated all that time they wasted last fall on the uninteresting “new” characters. Except for Anton the giant, who I like and wish they’d use that one in the s/l again!

    • jules says:

      I; too, was caught a bit off guard by Regina’s magic capabilities when she arrived to Storybrooke, but hopefully that will be explained in a future flashback.

      And I agree, the beginning of this season I felt there were too many characters introduced and now, I hardly even notice they are gone. I was sad Bae has Tamara around, but hopefully she’ll be here and then go away, but who knows. I’m still interested in what she’s about.

    • raybelle says:

      considering that no one ever came to Storybrooke besides Emma since Kurt and Owen, I wonder if the safeguard (ie cloak) wasn’t already in place upon enacting the curse, explaining why no one came or went.
      Although then the question of how did Henry get out and Emma get in is a good question…

      • jules says:

        Well Henry had to “come” to Storybrooke, too, but he presumably came with Regina. It didn’t seem like the cloak was there at first, but then again, it seemed Kurt and Owen were in the woods already.

        I’m guessing at some point during Henry being there, the cloak went away or Henry figured someway out and able to bring Emma in. Who knows. I’m sure it’ll be explained, but it did bother me about the unable to see the city line stuff.

  3. Maggie C. says:

    I was a bit confused because Owen sounded alot like Henry. so keeping the two stories separated took more concentration.
    I don’t feel bad for Cora. How many people did she kill? Snow’s nanny would be cause enough. With her as a Mom, no wonder Regina is the way she is.

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