Malibu Country – Recap & Review – New Plans

photo: abc

photo: abc

Malibu Country
New Plans

Original Air Date: Mar 15, 2013

Colleen – TwoCents Reviewer

Tonight’s episode begins with June and Sage kissing out on the back porch, Reba breaks it up by spraying them with a water bottle. She says that she is doing it to avoid being a grandma. Sage says he kisses her because it’s impossible to not kiss June when he looks at her. Again, they get sprayed. Reba is heading down to the record label office to meet with Mr. Bata, the record label executive. But Reba says that it is a ruse for Geoffrey to get a free meal out of it when Mr. Bata “cancels.” Will Mr. Bata finally meet with Reba? Let’s see what happens on tonight’s episode…

When Reba arrives at the record label office, Geoffrey drops a bombshell – Mr. Bata really wants to meet her this time! Reba is nowhere dressed up enough to meet him and it makes her nervous. When Mr. Bata calls Geoffrey to send her into the office, he realizes there is no time to make her look good.

Well, Mr. Bata wants her to write jingles for him, not songs. There is a energy drink called “Rocket” that needs a new jingle. She sings something off the top of her head. He likes it, but sees it only as a start. Now is the hard part, she has to go home and write a jingle before the following day, where she will meet with him again to see if he likes it.

Reba sits down at the piano trying to figure out how she is going to write it. She has a real case of writer’s block, and even attempts to drink some of the energy drink so that she can get a sense of the jingle she is supposed to write.
Sage and June come to the door while she is doing this and they are all lovey dovey. It is so lovey dovey that it is sickening. They cannot even stand to be apart. After Sage leaves, Reba talks to June about letting Sage go after his dreams of going to Stanford. It is not his dream, however. It is his father’s. What is Sage’s dream? Sage wants to be a singer!

June is reminded that a few months ago that she wanted to be a singer herself, but got over it. She says that Sage will get over it soon as well. During the talk, Sage texts June to say he wanted to talk. She goes to her room while Reba goes back to work on the jingle.

The following morning, Lillie Mae finds her asleep at the piano. Apparently, Reba worked all night on it and even records herself “losing it” because she cannot come up with anything and ultimately has had too much of the energy drink that it makes her have more than a little more energy.

Who is good at this jingle gig? Lillie Mae! She comes up with a great jingle on the fly. Reba intends on using the jingle that Lillie Mae sang as her own when she meets with Mr. Bata again. What will be think of it?

While Reba is waiting to meet with Mr. Bata, Lillie Mae, who is at home, hears a jingle that is nearly the same as the one she came up with. She calls and explains it to Reba and then hangs up on her before Reba could say anything. What would you do in a situation like this? As for me, I would have done the same thing and talked to Reba.

Geoffrey has to practically drag Reba in to see Mr. Bata. She decides to be honest with Geoffrey. After thinking about it for a minute, she decides to see if she can come up with something on the fly. She plays a little and then all the sudden comes up with something that is great sounding. Mr. Bata even likes it!

Reba agrees to talk to Sage about the music business. She asks him about his bartending skills. She is trying to tell Sage that he will have to do a lot of different jobs until he makes it big. Reba asks Sage to sing the song that he wrote for June. He sounds embarrassed about having to do it because it is personal, but eventually agrees. He is great and Reba encourages him to keep his dream alive.

Reba meets with Mr. Bata again. They talk about doing another jingle. But she says before she will do that, he should listen to one of her songs. When she goes to put the CD into the player, she decides at the last minute to put Sage’s song in and walks out of the room. Geoffrey is surprised when he hears the music coming out of the office. Sage’s music really touched Reba’s heart and she thought he should get his big break with this great song.

Reba is surprised that Geoffrey has brought Mr. Bata to her home. He was very happy with her CD and wants to meet Sage. June is thrilled and runs out to get him. Mr. Bata wants to know why even though he said he would listen to one of her songs; he chose to have him listen to Sage’s. He even calls her classy for what she did. What did you think about what Reba did?
What did you think of tonight’s episode?

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