Grimm – Recap & Review – Natural Born Wesen

photo: nbc

photo: nbc

Natural Born Wesen

Original Air Date: Mar 15, 2013

Elizabeth – TwoCents Reviewer

We pick up where we left off last week, in which Nick is desperately trying to find a way to get Juliette to remember him and sever her connection with the Captain. Nick has just downed a magical concoction that has knocked him out and turned him a luminescent pink.

Juliette demands an explanation from Monroe, but he finds it hard to give her a reason for the situation that she can, or will, comprehend. When Nick finally recovers from the effects of the solution he drank, Monroe and Rosalee infuse some of his blood with a further potion and have Juliette and the Captain drink it. Monroe calls it “evening out the pheromones.”

Juliette promptly leaves to return home (with Nick close behind, to make sure the Captain doesn’t follow her there) and she walks through the door to find an ominous cavern in her living room floor. She tries to exit the house, but is trapped by an unknown force.

After the credits, we see Monroe caught in the middle of an armed bank robbery which is quickly turning violent. Monroe quickly realises that the criminals are Wesen: two Blutbads and a Skalengeck. The three robbers are made up of a very hands-y couple and one cranky third wheel guy. The culprits escape in a beaten up SUV.

Nick and Hank meet at a Diner to discuss the implications of the key that the Captain gave to Nick. Nick’s partner struggles to understand everything he has just learned, but promises to support Nick in his search for the remaining six keys, the inked impressions of which will reveal a map that points to a hidden secret that has been lost for hundreds of years. Nick hands the key around his neck, proclaiming that the next person who tries to take the key from him will have to kill him first.

Meanwhile, Juliette continues to cower at the brink of the massive cavern in her home, and when she attempts to ascend the stairs to escape it, she finds that they have stretched to an impossible length, disappearing in to darkness.

Back at the bank, Nick and his partner have been called to the scene on the robbery, which comforts Monroe because of the Grimm-like nature of the crime. He tells Nick that the masks that the other people claim to have seen the robbers wearing, were not masks at all, but their true faces. Monroe says that they were revealing themselves on purpose, and that makes them particularly reckless. These particular Wesen have broken an ancient code, a set of laws that protects all Wesen; which essentially says that Wesen who reveal themselves to normal people in order to take advantage of them, are endangering the entire Wesen population, and there is generally hell to pay. Monroe decides to the put the word out the rest of the Wesen community to see what he can find out about the three rogues. Nick, as usual, tries to follow any ‘normal’ leads that he can find.

Nick and the Captain continue their awkward interactions at the station, and the Captain reveals that his feelings for Juliette are fading. The Captain makes it very clear that they are going to have to learn to work together in order to maintain both of their covers. He also reveals that he trusts Nick much more than he trusts his family, who are hungry for the power that the full set of keys will bring.

Monroe calls Nick and Hank to a dead-beat bar to try and track the robbers while Juliette continues to stare in to the giant, other-wordly hold in her house, which has begun to shoot sparks and groan like a ghost with a tooth-ache. Nick is busy watching Monroe’s back as he tried to extract some information from any other Wesen that may be concerned with the breaking of the code. Shockingly, his social skills are once again lacking and he inadvertently informs the robbers that he is on to them. The robbers confront Monroe, and he confronts them with what they have done. They are completely unfazed, and proceed to beat the crap out of him. The rest of the Wesen from the bar spill out in to the street, which prompts Nick and Hank to intervene. Nick and Hank quickly break up the fight, but have to leave without arresting the three for the robbery.

Back at the spice shop, Monroe discusses his concerns with Rosalee, and he worries that in hard economic times more Wesen might be tempted to break the code for personal gain. Monroe warns Nick that if he can’t find any hard evidence to tie the three robbers to the bank through legitimate means, he may need to deal with the problem as a Grimm.

Nick and Hank investigate a dank warehouse to try to find a lead on the robbers, and come across a very scared homeless man, he is babbling about ‘monsters’, which turn out to be the robbers. They have apparently threatened him in order to stop him from revealing that the warehouse is the centre of their operations.

We check again on Juliette, who, having dropped her phone in the hole earlier in the episode attempts to reveal in when she hears it ringing. When she does so, she is shocked to find that when she steps out over the blackness the floorboards rush up under her feet, sealing the hole. When Nick calls, Juliette is thrilled to hear from him, and Nick begins to feel that maybe the two have hope after all.

The next day, the crims take down another bank, in which they kill a security guard, while Nick and Monroe struggle with their new living arrangements. As room-mates go, they’re kind of the ultimate odd couple. Nick gets the call and leaves to deal with the new robbery and Monroe gets a call from Rosalee who has been flooded with panicked Wesen at the spice shop, who are calling for help from ‘The Council.’ Rosalee reveals that her father held an uneasy alliance with the Council, especially during a previous time of Wesen/Human turmoil. She digs up a contact number for the Council and she and Monroe try to get in touch with him, as Rosalee feels they no longer have a choice.

Meanwhile, the three burglars come to odds over the continuation of the bank heists, and it becomes apparent that the voracious couple (named Crystal and Cole) and much more than desperate for money, they’re kind of psychopaths as well. They kill the third man, Gus, in cold blood and abandon his body to be found by the police. Nick and Hank follow the trail to find Crystal and Cole on the outskirts of town, and are engaged in a fire-fight with them. Nick and Hank finally subdue the two, and arrest them on legitimate grounds, but when they are marching the convicts through the station a Council assassin appears and executes them with a hand-gun.

Lying in bed at home, Juliette gets a call from an unknown number, and when she answers she hears only the ghostly groaning from the hole, which gradually becomes clearer and says “I only want you to know the truth.” Creepy much?

This week’s plot was fairly unremarkable and was pretty much used as a vehicle to introduce the Council and to further flesh out Rosalee’s connections to the powerful in the Wesen community. I wasn’t entirely sure why so many cuts were made back to Juliette when half of them didn’t seem to progress her story line. Obviously something is coming for her, but it seemed like that message could have been conveyed through just one or two cuts, not five. Otherwise a good episode, nothing stunning, but it definitely held my attention!

What did you think of Grimm this week? Has your curiosity about the council been piqued? Or are you more interested in finding out what’s going on with Juliet? Give us your TwoCents in the comments below!

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One Response to Grimm – Recap & Review – Natural Born Wesen

  1. rachelcmann says:

    WTH was Juliette doing all night? I’m only half way through watching the episode and I already want her to fall in the hole and die. She turned and found she couldn’t go through the door and just laid down until morning? She didn’t use the phone in her pocket to call someone? I didn’t really like her to begin with and now…ugh.

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