The Big Bang Theory – Recap & Review – The Closet Reconfiguration

photo: cbs

photo: cbs

The Big Bang Theory
The Closet Reconfiguration

Original Air Date: Mar 14, 2013

Kym Hoopes – Senior Reviewer

Howard and Bernadette are having everyone over for dinner and discussing whether throwing everything in the closet counts as cleaning up. It depends on what you’re cleaning for. Company for the evening – yep that works. He suggests that if she wants it organized, they should just show it to Sheldon and let the “goblins in his head” take it from there. She doesn’t feel right about asking their guest to clean for them.

Until he disses the Thai food she’s been working on all day in favor of takeout he made Leonard stop for on the way there.

So, everyone else has dinner while Sheldon organizes the closet – doing an amazing job of course, with the exception of finding and opening a letter from Howard’s father to determine how it should be classified. One that’s been unopened since it was received years ago. That letter keeps Howard up that night, agonizing over the contents and whether or not his father deserved the chance to explain himself. Finally, he decides to just burn it in the sink – and sets off the smoke detector that neither one of them are tall enough to turn off. Unfortunately, Bernadette is still curious about the contents. The girls decide that it’s okay if she just happens to be in the room when Penny asks Sheldon what it said. Apparently there’s something called closet organizer/organizee confidentiality though, and he claims he can’t say. The right to divulge that information lies with Howard. Until Penny points out that is was found in Bernadette’s closet too. When Sheldon takes that to its logical conclusion, California being a community property state, that means that Bernadette has a right to divulge the information as well. Meanwhile, Raj has taken it upon himself to help Leonard plan his own dinner party. Raj is thinking themes – like turn of the century Moulins Rouge. Leonard’s thinking he needs a testosterone patch. They just want to do something low-key. Cocktails and a little jazz music. Sheldon walks in, after being held up in the laundry room, and tells Raj and Leonard the contents of the letter as well, since now that Penny knows, she’ll just tell everyone anyway. Unfortunately – they cut away again without tellin US! I was starting to fear we’d never know, they’d all even agreed before Howard arrived for dinner that they wouldn’t bring up the letter. But Bernadette’s conscience is getting to her and she confesses to Howard – who storms in yelling at Sheldon. So much for a low-key dinner party. Sheldon panics and hides behind Amy – which doesn’t impress her in the least – and Howard freaks and leaves when he realizes everyone knows but him.

Later, Bernadette finds him at home, in the closet, looking at pictures from before his father left. She’s got a surprise for him if he’s willing to take a break. He comes out of the bedroom, thinking she’s offering sex, to find everyone in his living room with a plan on how to handle his mixed feelings about the contents of the letter. They’re each going to tell him a version of the letter, but only one will be true. So he’ll never know for sure what the story is and can remain ambivalent about it. Sheldon sucks at his, but everyone else’s versions are plausible and convincing. And Howard’s cool with not knowing – he wants all of them to be true. So they’re heading back to dinner and we’re left wondering if Sheldon’s ever going to be talked into divulging the content of Bernadette’s diary – which was also in the closet. In the end, the dinner party is a success, until Sheldon finds “a battery operated chew toy” while cleaning Penny’s closet.

It’s a cool idea for handling that kind of information. Howard can choose to believe whichever version suits his needs at any given time. But, which version of the letter do you believe? And do you think that there’s more to it that what they said? After all, it apparently took a while for Sheldon to fill everyone else in. Will Howard ever decide he’s ready for the truth? I know I want to know.

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