Parks and Recreation – Recap & Review – Bailout

photo: nbc

photo: nbc

Parks and Recreation

Original Air Date: Mar 14, 2013

Valentina D. – Senior Reviewer

Tom’s “Rent-A-Swag” business is booming but his new employee takes advantage of his kindness, does pretty much whatever she wants, and is blood-related to everyone’s favourite party animal, Jean-Ralphio Saperstein. That’s right, everyone – meet Mona Lisa, JR’s twin sister who is the “woooooooorst,” in his words.

Leslie is out supporting local business and drops in on Pawnee’s famous video dome, run by Dennis (guest-star Jason Schwartzman) who sadly announces that the store, which features mostly foreign and arthouse films, will close its doors forever in a few days. Leslie steps up to the plate and pushes to grant the store a bailout, but what she gets is actually very, very different than what she was aiming for.

The guys are at the Rent-A Swag headquarters for the day, and Chris is still deciding whether or not he wants to be Ann’s sperm donor. Tom suspects Mona Lisa is stealing from the register, prompting Ben to recommend firing her immediately. It’s obvious she’s taking advantage of Tom, and Chris decides to nurture him a bit for some “dad-training, so he suggests talking to her. Later on, Tom tries it before he finds himself making out on the couch with Mona Lisa.

At the parks department, April wants to apply to veterinary school and needs Ann to write her a recommendation letter. Ann agrees, but only if April (who usually hates Ann) is nice to her and hangs out with her all week long. April soon finds herself going on mani-pedi dates (her nail polish reads A-N-N-S-U-C-K-S) with Ann. Later, Ann confides in April and tells her about Chris, and the two break out into song with a rendition of “Time After Time,” with Donna joining in.

Leslie’s determined to have the video dome declared a historical landmark and wants to grant them a bailout; something that Ron is vehemently against. At the council meeting, Ron follows Andy’s positive testimony with a speech expressing how he’s against Leslie’s “socialist” government bailout. Soon, other Pawnee small businesses start lining up to make their case as to why they deserve a bailout. Three days later, Leslie visits the newly-reopened video dome and it’s full of customers. To her shock, it’s now an XXX video store and business is booming. Brandi Maxx makes an appearance for the grand reopening and announces she’s playing Leslie in the porn retelling of this story, calling Too Big To Nail. Congrats, Leslie – you’re the Pawnee porn industry’s hero!

It’s a Rent-A-Swag party and Tom shows up with Mona Lisa on his arm, which makes Chris feel like he’s failed and would make a crappy dad. He decides he’s not cut out to father Ann’s kid, but Jerry gives him a nice little speech about being a dad. Inspired by Jerry, he finds Ann and tells her he’s in. Ann is ecstatic, and April gives her a cute gift to thank her for the letter – a book of baby names.

Ron and Leslie share a meal and debate the bailout, with Ron ultimately telling Leslie business should be business and government should be government. That night, Leslie unveils a new feature at City Hall: Pawnee will get a weekly movie night, where the movie will be followed by a discussion led by Dennis. Everyone seems happy, but as soon as the movie starts, Brandi Maxx appears onscreen and Leslie realizes there’s been a huge mistake.

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