Comic Book Men – Recap & Review – Stash Wars

photo: amc

photo: amc

Comic Book Men
Stash Wars
Original Air Date: Mar 14, 2013

Jeff L – Señor Staff Writer

We open on a conversation amongst the Comic Book Men about “what if you could be on the scene to observe any moment in comic book history?” Walt chooses the death of Superman. Ming chooses the moment when Superman (as a baby) arrives on earth. He gets a little flack for picking such a boring moment, because in all actuality, nothing really happened except Ma and Pa Kent finding a baby in a cornfield. Bryan chooses #3 of the top 6 creepiest comic book sexual encounters when Ant Man has sex with his dead friend’s girlfriend on that friend’s grave. Wow. Just wow.

Later a conversation starts up about what if you could live in any animated television show’s universe. Walt chooses Bedrock and Ming chooses the Jetsons’ future world. Bryan chooses the Smurfs village but then has second thoughts when he realizes his moving into that universe might put Lazy Smurf out of a job.

Some ladies come in to the store wearing a Doctor Who and TARDIS costume. Bryan gives them a hard time, but Walt tells them he wants them to pimp Bryan out in his own TARDIS costume. The two ladies eventually buy a couple Deadpool books and split after trying to get unsuccessfully to get Bryan’s measurements for the costume.

Walt and Bryan beat Ming and Mike at foosball.

Items sold at the Stash

A customer tries to sell Walt a Star Wars R2-Q5 droid that’s been pimped out with an X-Box 360 and projector. Customer wants $1,300 but Walt doesn’t really want the droid. He agrees to accept it on consignment so if it can be sold at the store the Stash gets a small commission.

A customer wants $30 for his vintage collection of Garbage Pail Kids trading cards. Ming offers $10 because he remembers the cards fondly from his childhood – although he had to keep them hidden from his mother under the bed. Sold. Walt warns Ming that he’s going to warn his wife to check under his bed for Garbage Pail Kids and Ming says that’s probably not the worst thing she’d find under there.

A dude tries to sell his collection of Marvel Legends action figures. Walt offers $150 and since the guy’s daughter is more into horses than action figures he decides to sell.

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