Archer- Recap & Review- The Honeymooners

photo: fx

photo: fx

Coyote Lovely

Original Air Date: Mar 14, 2013

Elizabeth – TwoCents Reviewer

This week on Archer, Lana and Archer must pose as newlyweds in order to track down some shifty North Koreans who are in town to buy some uranium. Archer is delighted, and Lana seems close to some sort of nervous break-down. Archer takes every opportunity to make Lana uncomfortable (obviously) and, back at ISIS, Pam takes every opportunity to torture Cyril with the idea of Lana and Archer sharing a hotel room. For example, Pam’s impression of what Lana and Archer might be up to (enacted with the help of a lamb kebab) is probably the most hilarious thing I have ever seen.

Archer and Lana are holed up in one of Cheryls’ family’s five star hotels, and Archer has slapped down Malory’s Gold Card to finance his luxury stay, with all the trimmings. Unfortunately, he chooses the day that Malory is lunching with Tracy Beekman (archer-nemesis) and manages to humiliate her without even being around by having stolen her ability to pay for lunch. Malory is enraged and sets about making Archer pay.

Meanwhile, back at the office, Cyril has had enough of Pam’s taunts, and they, along with Cheryl decide to pop down to the hotel to keep an eye on Archer and Lana. Cheryl (and I’m not sure what context this was in) tried to convince the trio to stop by the zoo; and I quote “Let’s go bitches, tiger tranqs!” And if you were thinking that Cheryl just became the most awesomely scripted character ever, you would be right.

Meanwhile, Lana and Archer discover that, in order to punish Archer, Malory has assigned his bonus to Lana and made her commanding officer! Archer is less than thrilled, and when they are confronted by the North Koreans, he continues to express his displeasure as they are begin advanced upon with brass knuckles. However, despite his smart mouth problem, Archer’s still got it in the super-spy department and pops his handcuffs with enough time for him and Lana to escape to bathroom.

Keep in mind, Cyril, Pam and Cheryl are still watching from across the way, and Cyril leaps in action to save Lana from the machine-gun wielding North Koreans who are currently engaged in shooting out the bathroom door. When he finally arrives, Lana hints at having his faith restored in him, which implies she may have lost it.

This is actually a pretty well-plotted episode, I really liked how all the plot-lines flow together in a perfect dovetail and the banter flows thick and fast. My two favourite comedic pairings are at work here; Lana and Archer, and Pam and Cheryl. As usual Kreiger makes a small but side-splitting contribution as he deals with a radioactive pig.

It’s been a little while since we saw some spicy banter between Archer and Lana and it’s really refreshing to listen to them rattle each other’s chains again!

What did you think of Archer this week, did you miss Malory’s hijinks? Or were you glad to see more of Pam and Cheryl? Give us your TwoCents in the comments!

PS: Running joke of the week: “a little from column A, a little from column B.”

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