1600 Penn – Recap & Review – Game Theory

photo: nbc

photo: nbc

1600 Penn
Game Theory

Original Air Date: Mar 14, 2013

Colleen – TwoCents Reviewer

We begin tonight’s episode by seeing Emily catch and confront Skip about cutting roses in front of the White House. Apparently he has a date with Stacy, who I thought could not stand him after what he had put her through in the past. I guess she is the kind of girl to give a guy another chance. How will it all play out? We are about to find out…..

Well, Skip thinks that showering Stacy with rose petals is a cure all and will win over Stacy’s heart. He thinks that in order to be romantic that he has to put rose petals all over the place. He says it is pretty classy. Skip is even talking about singing Ella Fitzgerald’s “Fever” to Stacy. What do you think if someone did this for you? Would you see it as annoying or romantic?

Xander comes to Dale with a box for the game RISK. Dale wants to know if Xander really wants to play. Knowing how Xander can be, they are in for an interesting night. He has been reading a book on how to counteract a move that someone is going to make before they even make it. I think he is getting into mind games and trash talk. This kid is too smart for his own good. What do you think?

Becca and DB are planning on painting a mural in the new baby’s room. We all know how much of a feminist Becca can be. We also know how manly DB can be and I am sure whatever Becca is planning will not go over well with him. Being a couple is all about compromise, but I do not really see that happening here.

Again, Skip is up to something. He wants to get a hot air balloon, using his father’s name to get it last minute. Emily tries to tell him that is not a great idea. A few minutes later, she finds Skip filling balloons with those rose petals. He wants to put love all over her when they explode. Emily says to be himself but that he should scale it back to 40% of who he is, which makes him say “which part of Skip should I skip?” He finds it funny, but nobody else does. So, Emily continues to give him advice so that he does not screw this one up.

Xander and Dale are playing RISK. Both of them are talking game theory and trying to get each other to change their minds about playing. Marigold then walks into the room and asks them if she can play. Do you think that they will allow her to play just as a ploy to throw each other’s game off and ally her so that Dale and Xander both think they have equal chances of learning each other’s strategies and win?

We find Becca and DB starting the mural in the bedroom. Becca wants to make a mural of Marie Curie looking through a telescope and women’s achievements over time. It is a pretty elaborate one and she has it all planned out. You can tell by looking at DB he is not into it and would rather do something a little more interesting to his tastes.

Emily is continuing to teach Skip how to act and talk while on his date with Stacy. He likes to joke and Emily is telling him not to. If he gets the urge to joke, he should take a long sip of water and think before he speaks. When he practices, it works! Would this really happen on his date? We are about to find out!

The conversation between Skip and Stacy is not going well and dying. He makes all sorts of rude comments. Stacy does not look happy. Maybe she is thinking she should have never given him another chance. What do you think? Would you give him another chance?

Dale is trying to teach Marigold how to play RISK when she starts playing a strategy where she is going to surely lose. Would you help someone you were playing against so that they could learn the game better, or would you let them learn from their own mistakes when they lost?

Skip is on his date with Stacy and Emily knows the date is not going well. She is outside the restaurant spying on him. Emily has the Secret Service spill a glass of white wine on Stacy so that she could talk with Skip. When Stacy comes back sooner than anticipated and Skip still has the walkie-talkie in his ear, she takes it to her advantage to feed information so that Skip can start making a better impression on her (remember Cyrano de Bergerac?). It ends up backfiring on both of them when Emily asks Becca about an exhibit that Stacy liked and he repeats everything that Emily says from her conversation with Becca to Stacy. She seemed to be a little confused but okay with what was happening until that point. Stacy ends up walking out of the date and it upsets Skip.

Dale is looking for strategy advice on playing RISK. He asks all his top level officials about this. They really think that he wants to be invading Australia and the news gets around the White House. But the top officials finally figure out that he is playing a game of RISK and offers to help him.

When Becca gets off the phone with Emily, she sees that DB has purposely ruined a part of the mural. Becca turns around and purposely ruins what he had done and it turns into a paint fight. Marshall walks in at that point, saying he thought the entire world had gone crazy.

We come back to the RISK game between Dale and Xander. Dale decides to pull the “bed card” instead of losing. He says that it will give Xander more time to think about his moves, but he does not need it. What do you think of that move? Is Dale telling the truth or is it a ploy to have more time?

Emily tries to smooth things over with Stacy to show it was her fault that Skip was the way he was. Skip comes down the street with a man on an accordion and the Secret Service that we saw earlier. They have the rose petals in balloons that they were filling earlier and Skip is singing “Fever” like he had said he would be doing earlier. Stacy sees it as weird.

Dale comes to Xander, apologizing for panicking when he knew he was losing. He allows Xander to make the final move of the game – and Xander wins!

We also see that DB and Becca have come to a mutual agreement on how they could incorporate both of their ideas. It looks a little weird, but it works for the both of them and that is what is important.

Before the show ends, we see a sword come through the wall. Emily cannot stay out of this one and goes to see Xander and Dale, who are the culprits behind this one. Who gives a twelve year old a sword, Becca asks.
What did you think of tonight’s episode? Time for your TwoCents!

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