Grey’s Anatomy – Recap & Review – Transplant Wasteland

photo: abc

photo: abc

Grey’s Anatomy
Transplant Wasteland

Original Air Date: Mar 14, 2013

Karen Belgrad – Senior Editor

Last time we met, the hospital got its new owners. Luckily for our docs, it wasn’t the evil Pegasus folks, but it was the doctors themselves with a little (ok, a lot) of help from the Harper Avery Foundation. But now, to use an old phrase, that the inmates are running the asylum, how well will Seattle Grace Mercy West truly function?

This was a hodge-podge of an episode, with more patient stories than we’ve seen in a while, and all of them were transplant in nature. Of course, if they in any way reflected the doctor’s personalities and need to become a problem solver, that was just mere coincidence, right? Riiiiight.

The New Board of Directors: Let’s start with those in charge. The Flying Five discuss how not only is Jackson the deciding vote (on behalf of the Harper Avery Foundation), he can also veto any vote they make. Jackson is a bit scattered at the first meeting, and the messages he brings from the foundation don’t go over very well. It seems they went to table reopening the E/R and are considering a change in leadership. News that Owen might be on his way out doesn’t sit well with Cristina, who immediately runs to Owen to deliver the news. And then Owen picks a fight with Jackson, and then Derek, in the middle of the hospital. His pride thoroughly wounded, a snide comment from Derek about who is to blame for all this, sends Owen over the edge and he abruptly quits.

April: Owen’s departure leaves April to deal with their mutual ALS patient, Brad (played by Logan Fahey). Brad’s plan is to a DCD (donation after cardiac death), which will involve turning off his ventilator and once his heart stops (and within five minutes) harvesting his organs for transplants. April is aghast at the idea, and wants to manage his disease, but since Brad is a former doctor, he consistently points out that his disease is terminal and this will allow something to come from it. When April still tries to circumvent his plans, he fires her from his case. But with Hunt gone, April is forced to put her own emotions aside for her patient’s wishes. Brad is taken off his vent, with his family by his side, but when he passes and the five-minute clock is ticking, his mother loses it with grief at his side. April, emotions firmly and finally in check as a grown-up doctor, has to forcibly remove his sobbing mother to begin the harvesting process.

Alex: Where April acted like an adult by the end of this hour, Alex has the petulant teenager thing down pat the entire episode. His patient, Jaelynn (played by Tiffany Boone), is a teenager who’s been waiting for a kidney and romancing a fellow dialysis patient, Theo during treatments. When a kidney becomes available, she freaks out over the concept of anti-rejection meds making her gain weight, have acne, and lose her hair, so she locks herself in the bathroom. Since Alex is in the middle of acting bratty (or being Dr. Douche Face) about Jo dating sexy ob-gyn Jason (played by Charles Michael Davis), he’s able to relate to his teenage patient and tells her to take “what’s right in front of you”, with the double meaning of the kidney and Jo. He also brats to Meredith, who has really gotten over her fear of flying, about being left out of the hospital sale business, but she puts him in his place and basically tells him to grow up. In the end, he really doesn’t as he just busts in on Jo’s date to apologize for being Dr. Douche Face and offer to buy her a beer. Her date is less than amused.

Cristina: Besides being ruffled over Owen’s quitting, Cristina is also dealing with two cranky old patients. Mr. Shultz and Mr. Krump (played by Dave Florek and Tom Bower) are both in for transplants, with Schultz needing a lung/heart transplant and Krump just needing a heart. The two bicker over one stealing the other’s wife, but it’s all just plot to serve Cristina also coming into her own on making big decisions. She has the heart/lung combo, and then decides to use a domino procedure and give Mr. Schultz’s mostly working heart to Mr. Krump. Krump isn’t interested until Cristina tells him it’ll help him live long enough to dance on Schultz’s grave. She also helps smooth over the Derek/Owen kerfuffle, by telling Derek he needs to stop blaming Owen.

…and Back to the New Board of Directors: The surgical board is a mess, with a good chunk of the nurses still gone from the previous episode, and each doctor tries to take a hand a managing it. Jackson appears to be drowning, with everyone coming to him for management decisions, especially Bailey who seems to have memorized the troubling Pegasus rulebook. Richard warns Catherine that he could be jeopardizing his future reputation if he fails at a job that his mommy handed him. But Catherine digs her heels in, sure that Jackson just needs time to master the job. He does step up to the plate when Cristina and Alex are double booked for the same O/R (heart/lung transplant trumps kidney). And at the same time, Derek is making peace with Owen, realizing that he has been taking his anger at losing Mark and directing it at Owen for the whole plane crash. He verbalizes to Owen that he doesn’t blame him, and the whole thing is resolved, but a bit oddly since Derek hasn’t really mentioned Mark in months.

The board regroups and Jackson takes charge of the meeting. He changes direction from the morning, saying that the doctors need to make the decisions, not the foundation. He throws out the Pegasus manual, rehires Owen, and suggests they change the name of the hospital to honor what brought them to their new venture. So goodbye Seattle Grace Mercy West… Hello Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Not really sure if it rolls off the tongue, but there wasn’t a dry in the board room as they all voted to approve the change.

So what do you think of the new name? I’m glad that Jackson was able to step up to the plate, but I really do have to side with Richard… He’s basically being forced into a management role by his mother. I wonder how long until he rebels. Once again, Alex and Jo seem almost shoe-horned into the episode, with their will-they/won’t-they/just-get-it-over-with romance still stuck in neutral. Now that the hospital’s monetary crisis has passed, my one request is to get a Bailey story, one that shows the confident and take-charge doctor we love, but haven’t seen do much lately.

And there you have my TwoCents! Share your TwoCents, comments, and feedback below!

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One Response to Grey’s Anatomy – Recap & Review – Transplant Wasteland

  1. FK says:

    I love the new hospital name. And considering all that happened, I don’t think Avery will be dictating alone – it will be group decisions.

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