SouthLAnd – Recap & Review – Off Duty

photo: tnt

photo: tnt

Off Duty

Original air date: Mar 13, 2013

FK – Sr. Editor

Apologies for not recapping last week. I have started mourning SouthLAnd after hearing both Ben McKenzie and Shawn Hatosy have been cast in pilots on the big networks. This is not good news for the show that has been saved four seasons … one season at a time.

That being said, here is what you missed last week: Lydia met with baby daddym who is getting a divorce (but has he stopped seeing his mistress??) who leaves gifts for Christopher on her disk at the end of her shift; Cooper meets a guy who seems to not care about him (and I can’t tell you anything about what was said because SouthLAnd went all NYPD Blue on us with Cooper in the shower! WOAH!); Sherman is dating the cute teacher from the school where they did the puppet show; and finally, Sammy has a bad meeting with child services, who tells him he needs to make a bunch of changes in his home, which makes him desperate and he steals a kid’s wallet to pay for the beginning of the renovations.

And now, on with tonight’s show…

“There’s a common saying among LAPD officers: ‘Leave the job in the locker with your uniform.’ That’s easier said than done.”

Opening scene: Sammy, a little out of it, is running towards the sound of gunshots. There is a man shouting loudly and cars crashing and he tries to focus his eyes by blinking hard several times.

Cooper is at the bar talking with the retired cop from the boat party a few weeks ago, discussing the job. Before Cooper leaves, he looks back, as if reflecting on what he may be one day. Sherman and Ms. Teach get into a debate on why he carries his gun on him outside of the job when he runs into an old friend who used to sell him drugs. He introduces Teach as his girlfriend. Sammy gets out of some random limo he’s supposedly the “bodyguard” for, looking drunk and hears gun shots. He is off duty and finds someone randomly shooting people on a street. He takes to pounding the guy and subdues him until the cops shows up but cameras catch him in the act. Reuben (sorry for spelling his name wrong this entire season!) has offered to babysit Christopher while Lydia goes to Arizona for an execution. Sammy awakes in the station for his shift and gets a round of applause for his heroism. He’s not enjoying the spotlight. Lydia explains why she’s going to Arizona – the prisoner on death row says she turned his life around and she feels the need to go. Cooper and Lucero get called to an elderly woman’s home who appears to have Alzhemer’s. Lucero says to call someone to take her away. When Cooper goes to get her coat, he finds a dead body, or rather a skeleton.

Cooper is gentle with the elderly lady and she recalls hitting a man with a hammer in her bathroom. Lydia opens up a bit more about the inmate after we find out he killed a cop. She’s been earning his trust by being his pen pal and thinks he has more information on a few cold cases and wants to get the information before he’s executed. Sammy and Sherman roll up on a drug deal and they are cut off by the paparazzi. A woman comes in to the police station to confess to a crime and Lydia and Reuben are stunned when she says she raped a “small bald man who looked like a jockey” with an adult toy. Reuben leaves Lydia to handle the case. Dewey and his new rookie are in a high speed chase with Cooper and Lucero as the backup. Dewey is going crazy on the radio and Cooper chases him on foot when he takes off after the suspect. Cooper finds Dewey on a bridge not breathing.

Lydia and Reuben go over the crazy case and find out she’s a habitual crime reporter. They’re bored and go to lunch, arguing over the name of the restaurant. Sammy is called in to an office and finds out crazyT’s claims are being taken seriously and Internal Affairs will be coming to him soon. Crazy claims to have been beaten by him (remember two weeks ago) and has bruises. At the hospital, Cooper is shaken by Dewey’s status (unknown after a heart attack) but keeps going on with the day. They caught the guy, who stole $40 and candy bars. When Lucero makes a comment and he doesn’t respond, he asks if he’s okay. He simply says, “I’ve known Dewey a long time.” Back at the station, a kid innocently brings in his grandfather’s explosives from the war after he cleaned out his closet. Cooper and Lucero walk in to a shop where a man is beginning to get violent and he attacks Cooper, who falls to the ground, on his back, hard. With all the thinking he’s been doing about his life and Dewey’s heart attack, it’s easy to see where this is going.

Sherman and Sammy are on the case of a gang related shooting. Sherman wants to pursue it while Sammy pushes it aside. He puts a thought in Sherman’s head – to become a detective if he wants to see cases through. Cooper finds out he has a slight herniated disc and declines the meds for pain. He also runs into his ex-wife, who apparently he hasn’t been talking to much lately. Lucero asks how his back got injured to begin with and Cooper says he thinks it started when he helped get a fellow cop out of a burning car 10 – 12 years ago that was flipped during a chase. Not caring about emotions, Lucero asked if they got the guy out and Cooper says yes. As he’s walking to his car, Sherman sees his drug dealer buddy being taken in by a detective. They exchange glances – oh Sherman, why? He gets praise while Sammy doesn’t seem to care at all. Cooper visit Dewey, who seem to be recovering nicely (and has a gorgeous family, who knew?). In a blink-and-you-miss-it-moment, we see Dewey has burns on his leg as he thanks Cooper for saving him, again.

Sherman and Cooper chat at the bar but it’s brief and not very friendly. Sammy calls Victor, who on our end, appears to be angry from the amount of times Sammy asks him to calm down. Sammy tells Victor to tell crazypants he’s sorry. Victor hangs up and Sammy cries. Lydia finally goes to Arizona and sees her pen pal, who wants to hear fun cop stories. While Lydia waits for him to confess his sins and give her the information she wants, he rattles on about how she was his light when she caught him. She finally asks him point blank and he flips out, saying he asked her there as a friend. Eric (he has a name) describes some of the things Lydia said in her letters (things about Christopher and feeling alone, etc..) and it sounds like Lydia needs someone to talk to. He asks her to tell him her son’s name and she does. Is she admitting her only friend in 15 years is a prisoner? Or is she doing it to get the information? At the bar, Sherman’s phone goes off and he leaves quickly as Cooper looks on. While we see Sammy standing on the top deck of the parking lot of the station, Sherman goes to the house of the sister of a guy they arrest earlier in the day (he gave her his card “in case she needed anything”) and Lydia is in the desert overseeing the digging up of the bodies.

My TwoCents:
– Given the status of Hatosy, although they filmed a while ago, is Sammy going to commit suicide rather than go through a custody fight? Or is he going to kidnap Nate and go on the run?
– Why can’t Sherman be on the straight and narrow for five minutes? He was doing so well with Teach and maybe becoming a detective. Now he’s grandstanding with the drug bust and cheating on his new girlfriend. Urgh.
– Cooper + bad back + no connection to partner + loneliness = disaster on the way.
– Will we ever find out 100% for sure that it was Dewey who was in the car?
– Did you see that heart attack coming? I sure didn’t. A beat down, a gun shot, sure. Heart attack? No way.
– Lydia needs to get her act together and quickly. If the only person she has confided in the last 15 years has been a prisoner on death row, she has some major issues. Maybe she should take up baby daddy on his offer to be a family.

Those are my two cents. What are yours? Leave your TwoCents below and feel free to chat with me at Twitter at @FarrahWritesTV.

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2 Responses to SouthLAnd – Recap & Review – Off Duty

  1. andrea says:

    O.m.g. the thought of them leaving the show is unbearable. I just love the whole Sammy storyline. Even with all of the.grandstanding that Sherman does I still love him . I think Regina shines in everything thing she does, love her. I hope it works out. I really like Wednesdays because of this show.

    • FK says:

      I am with you! But we’ve gotten more from this show we should’ve gotten thanks to TNT picking it up after NBC canceled it. If they leave the show, I don’t see how it can continue. I have this bad feeling it’s going to be like Las Vegas where we get a cliffhanger ending and they never come back and tell us what happens. I’m still crossing my fingers though but I’m not optimistic.

      And I’m also 100% with ya about Regina. I love her in this role. She has completely embraced Lydia and I love it. I just wish Lydia could be happy for once!

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