Pretty Little Liars – Recap & Review – I’m Your Puppet

photo: abcfamily

photo: abcfamily

Pretty Little Liars
I’m Your Puppet

Original Air Date: Mar 12, 2013

Lauren A – Senior Reviewer

So… Is he or isn’t he? And is she or isn’t she? Toby and Spencer have my head spinning this week, but one thing is clear – no matter whose body was found in the woods or who’s wearing a hoodie, PLL is raising the stakes as we near the season finale!

Aria calls it quits with Ezra, Hanna and Caleb get played by A (big time), and Emily is dead-set to prove Toby’s alive. With Spencer’s new wardrobe, a creepy puppet show, and few more nails in Cece and Melissa’s coffins, is A even still pulling Rosewood’s strings?

Spencer is still locked up in Radley for evaluation, and she plans on staying. She’s made nice with Eddie (the E. Lamb of Toby’s fake Radley badge), and TBH I think she just really enjoys playing the piano. This week we find out that she’s not taking her meds, but instead she’s stashing them in her pillowcase. Wren makes a return, and he doesn’t like that Eddie is the new man in Spence’s life. Is it just me, or was Wren pretty shady this whole episode? He and Eddie both know a lot more about Mona’s say in (and escapes from) Radley than they’re saying.

Spence finds an old board game that Mona used as a map of the sanitarium. Now Spencer knows her way out, but she’s not in the mood to leave any time soon. When Mama Hastings comes to take Spencer home, Spence throws a fit. Mama Hastings figures out Spencer’s Toby troubles – we get a concerned flashback to an Ali with a bloody lip a few weeks before her death – and she also brings Melissa back into the mix. Later, Spencer goes on a little tour of the old wing where Mona creepily sang the Teddy Bear Picnic song last summer, and Wren catches her there. When Spencer returns to her room, there’s a hoodie in her pillowcase and we hear a voiceover of her conversation with Mona: “I’m in.” Looks like Spencer is on the A train as well as the crazy train, but I’m still not convinced either ride is for real. I am going to guess Spencer is playing spy for now until she gets answers about Toby.

Emily isn’t convinced, either – of Toby’s death. While Spencer is adamant that she saw Toby’s body, Em and the other Liars are hell-bent are proving Spencer wrong. They sneak into the morgue to take a picture of the body the police found in the woods. Ok, so there’s your first indicator that the girls are on the edge. Then, Aria spies Red Coat scrambling on to the elevator, and Em and Hanna open a body bag with a plastic mask covering the cadaver’s face. A does NOT want the girls telling Spence that Toby’s not the one with a toe tag. Emily’s mom promises to let Em know if she hears anything at the police station.

Meanwhile, Aria tries to redeem herself by offering to keep Baby Fitz again while Ezra goes to a second job interview at Rosewood High. When she goes to pick up Malcom from Karate (Maggie’s settled in fast, hasn’t she?), she finds someone else has beat her to the punch… er, karate chop. A has invited Aria to the town carnival, and we see Malcom enjoying a puppet show with a Hoodie. Aria scrambles to find him, even blowing off Ella’s warnings that this new twist in the Ezria ride is taking a bad turn. She finally finds Baby Fitz, and he tells Aria that her friend Alison picked him up. And all the viewers at home scream in unison, “WHAT DID ALISON LOOK LIKE?!?!”

Later, Aria tells Fitz it’s over. She can’t be responsible for endangering the life of Baby Fitz as long as A is around, and she realizes it’s not just her and Ezra’s reputations at stake. I am a big fan of this for two reasons: 1. Ezra can return to his teaching job without A threatening to expose their relationship. And, 2: Ezra can return to his teaching job and we can have that awesome tension between him and Aria that we had at the very beginning of the series. These are both good things in my book, but I’m guessing Aria will be indulging in some ice cream therapy next week.

Hanna is having A trouble of her own. Caleb is over the moon about his newfound relationship with his dad, but Hanna is skeptical of Jamie’s sticky fingers. She’s still convinced he stole the money she put in the church offertory, and when Ella tells Hanna (which was totally inappropriate, right?) that the church is investigating missing funds from the bell repair that was Jamie’s responsibility, Hanna decides it’s time to fill in Caleb. Caleb goes off on Jamie, using this most recent disappointment as an excuse to unleash all of his other bad memories of growing up without his dad. It’s actually very heartbreaking. And that’s when Hanna finds out – A is behind it all. I’ll be honest, I didn’t see this coming. I should have, I suppose, because any time we see parentals it’s usually to clue us in to something A can lord over the girls. But I was blindsided along with Hanna and Caleb. I will say, though, that I love their relationship and that Caleb knows about A. It makes me happy to see the Liars not having to rely on just themselves when things go bad.

At the end of the episode, Emily’s mom returns home with some troubling news. The police found another body in the woods, right where Spencer said she saw Toby’s. They also found Spencer’s purse. The body is not identifiable at this point, per Mrs. Fields, but it looks to be in pretty good shape when we catch a glimpse of it being rolled into the morgue – and sporting Toby’s tattoo. Emily is distraught and, despite her mom’s orders to keep mum, runs to tell the girls.

I’m still not buying that Toby’s dead. I don’t have a theory yet, but I just think this has been way too drawn out, even by PLL standards. What do you think? And is Spencer really crazy, or is she just playing Nancy Drew in a hoodie? Leave your TwoCents below!

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