Justified – Recap & Review – Get Drew

photo: fx

photo: fx

Get Drew

Original Air Date: Mar 12, 2013

Lyssa G – Reviewer

So after a very intense week last week with a lot of craziness and finally having the major development that Shelby is in fact Drew Thompson, here we are with another week of attempting to find him. This is going to be something that I think they will drag out until the end of the season, this is the only thing that the show really has going story wise at the moment.

Raylan is still dealing with the death of his father from what we can see. It isn’t necessarily something that is crushing him emotionally, just something that is bothering him a bit. He keeps learning things about his father and mother in the last couple episodes. Boyd also seems to be on a strange path at the moment, dealing with the men from Detroit, we still need to see how all of that will play out. Lets see what happens this week! 

Raylan: He is talking to Boyd in the beginning they are talking about the fact that they both took different paths in their lives. They both get to carry guns and shoot people, but Boyd gets to do so and get rich doing it. Raylan knows that something is going on. He knows that Drew has the ability to fly a plane and then he heads out to the air base. As they are there, he figures out that one of the cars that passed was probably him and then he is attempting to set up a road block on a different road out of Harlan. As they are sitting on the road block they figure out that Ellen May is either with him or was staying with him. Raylan convinces Johnny to give him information about where Drew is and said that he may be able to do him a favor in the process. He manages to get a hold of Drew before Detroit can. The only problem is that they are still in Harlan.

Boyd: He knew as soon as he walked in the door at the end of last week that Shelby was actually Drew Thompson. He is attempting to get away from the Marshals so that he can attempt to find Drew himself. He knows that with Drew having Ellen May that he may be using her to have somewhere where he can hide out. He is trying to get information out of this guy, threatening to torture him. He gets information out of him that Ellen May is going to be up at Limehouse’s. Boyd tries to make a deal with Nick Augustine for Drew. He needs Boyd to get a hold of Drew first before he will make any kind of deal. He meets up with Limehouse. Decides to run his mouth, then Limehouse changes his mind and wants 300,000 for each of them. Boyd decides to take Drew after talking with Ava. After losing Drew, he decides that they either need to figure out how to get him back or they need to run.

Ava: She is having a hard time. She is hiding out at Limehouse’s to make sure that nothing blows back on her from Delroy. She is upset and really wants to come back and help Boyd. She talks to Limehouse about trying to make a deal for Drew and Ellen May. She finds out that it is going to be $300,000 for the both of them. She helps Boyd decide to take Drew instead of Ellen May, but it blows back on her since Ellen May is so attached to him; she ends up spitting in Ava’s face.

Johnny: He is helping Boyd, supposedly, with attempting to find Drew. They wake up one of their other guys and then they Boyd and Colt head out, he is supposed to just stay put. He calls Duffy and he sends Johnny to go find Drew. He still wants to get rid of Boyd in order to try and take over being the head bad ass. He is talking to Raylan about Boyd and where he needs to go in order to find out where Drew is.

Art: He finally gets down into Harlan and meets them at the road block. As he is walking over to Raylan he says “It took longer than I remembered. How the hell do you come down here every other day?” He knows that there is something that is going on. “First thing that we are going to do is acknowledge that this guy is awesome. He shoots Theo Tonin, fakes his own death in a spectacular fashion, pushes a guy out of an airplane while he is flying it, parachutes into Harlan County with enough coke and cash to jump start the economy of a small country, and then he has the balls to get a job in law enforcement not once but two times. He spends a couple of days riding around with you (Raylan) while you are looking for him. And now he is run off with a hooker half his age! That’s some bad ass shit!” He always gets the best lines in the show. That one had me cracking up forever.

Drew Thompson: He really cares for Ellen May. As he is packing up his things in the sheriff’s office, he gives her advice on what she needs to do. He tells her to either wait until the next shift starts and rat on Boyd and Ava or she could run and try and find some new ID and create a new life for herself. As he is driving, he sees a stray dog. The stray was actually a Deadwood reference. Then after he clicks that what he is seeing there is some kind of an indication that is what Ellen May is, a stray, he says “balls” which is a small flash of his character on Supernatural. He turns back around and picks up Ellen May. He tells her that he is going to fly them to Mexico.   After that plan falls through, he tries his second plan but there is a road block in his way, he knows that there is nowhere left that he can go. They get up to Limehouse’s and he makes a deal to keep Ellen May safe. Limehouse knows who he really is and tells him that he is going to keep him to and try and make more money. He is the one who tells Boyd about his father and about Arlo. They were friends and he also tells Boyd that his father protected him for a lot of years.

Colton: He is trying to be everything that he can be for Boyd’s team. He says that he is going to make this right and be the man that Boyd knew from the Army. Boyd makes him wait with Drew so that he can get his money and make sure that nothing happens with Drew and that the pickup goes smoothly. Drew tries to convince Colt to kill him. Colt almost does, even has the gun pointed at his head. Then he hears the helicopter and hears a car coming too, when the car is about to pull up, Colt runs away.  

Ellen May: She has become very attached to Drew. She is begging to go with him. She knows that she would have no future if it wasn’t for him saving her that night. She is driving them to the air base. They are talking to each other. She notices a light on at the air base and she had to keep driving because Drew knew something was wrong. She is the one who comes up with a plan to get them someplace safe. She decides that they need to go to Limehouse. She is very upset that Ava chose to take Shelby instead of her.

This was another fairly eventful week. The Marshals have Drew but they need to make it back to Lexington in order to secure the fact that they have him. Any ideas where you think this is going? What did you thinks of this week?

Next Week: Decoy

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