The Walking Dead – Recap & Review – Arrow on the Doorpost

photo: amc/gene page

photo: amc/gene page

The Walking Dead
Arrow on the Doorpost

Original Air Date: Mar 10, 2013

Rachel – Sr. Managing Editor

More abandoned buildings, more opportunities for death. Rick, Daryl, and Hershel arrive for their Governor meet-and-greet a little early to sweep the site. But surprise, surprise, the Governor is already there. “We have got a lot to talk about.” You sure do, Mr. Crazypants. In a show of trust, the Governor removes his weapon. But sneaky old Governor, he arrived at these ‘peace talks’ extra-extra early and has a gun taped to the underside of the table.

Outside, Milton, Andrea and Martinez show up. Andrea is surprised that the Governor and Rick are already inside. She storms in to be the moderator, but it doesn’t go as she planned. She had pretty much lied to both men to get them in the same room, telling Rick that the Governor was willing to negotiate. He is very much not willing to negotiate. In fact, he’s there to accept the terms of Rick’s surrender. They share some not-so-kind words all around (including something about Maggie… “Uh, what?” thinks Andrea), and the Governor kicks Andrea out of the room. Well, that went well.

Back at the prison, the groups goes through the cache of weapons from Morgan. Glenn starts giving look-out and fortification orders, but Merle has other ideas. He wants to ambush the Governor, to cut off the head. Glenn doesn’t want to put those at the peace talks at risk. Later, when Glenn finds Merle packing a duffel bag full of weapons to take to Woodbury, the two scuffle. Remind me not to get into a fist fight with a guy that has a knife for a hand. Maggie tries to save him, but it is actually Beth who breaks it up with a gunshot in the air and a look on a her face that says “Seriously, you idiots?” The two men go their separate ways fuming.

Back at the summit, creepy Milton introduces himself as an advisor to the Governor. He starts making small talk with Hershel, the person he perhaps has the most in common with, talking about the record he is keeping. He asks Hershel about his leg and is fascinated on how they stopped the infection (well, we all know they just stopped death, the infection is already in everyone). Milton asks to see it. “At least buy me a drink first.” Hershel laughing is one of the best things I’ve heard on this show in a while.

As Milton and Hershel bond, the heavies (Daryl and Martinez) just glare at each other. You know what would make these guys come together? A fight with a joint enemy. Cue some Walkers and after a bit of a killing contest, Daryl and Martinez find some common ground. They share some smokes and snippets of their former lives. But when these negotiations don’t go well (like everyone knows in their gut), they both know they’ll be good little soldiers and go to war against one another.

Inside, Rick suggests that “Woodbury takes west of the river, prison takes east” and they don’t bother one another. The Governor laughs, saying that he’ll look weak to his people if he lets their attack go unanswered. He then starts baiting Rick with some of the inside scoop he’s gotten from Andrea, like the questionable paternity of the baby. It greatly unnerves Rick. The governor then goes into a story about his life pre-apacolypse about his own wife, hoping to rattle Rick even more. Is he doing it to have an excuse to use the gun under the table in ‘self defense?’

Back at the prison, Merle tries to talk Michonne into going to Woodbury with him, to finish what she started. Now is he doing this to deliver Michonne into the Governor’s hands, or does he really want to kill him? It is a pretty logical plan (coming from Merle) and it looks like Michonne may throw all-in, but she decides against it.

Out on watch, Maggie joins Glenn and they finally work out the problems brewing since they were kidnapped. What it comes down to is this: Glenn made it all about him and he wasn’t present for Maggie’s pain. They are both sorry and on drag each other into an empty room for some end-of-the-world make up sex, breaking a cardinal rule of the horror genre… but it all works out OK.

At the peace talks, Andrea questions Hershel about what Rick said about Maggie. Her fears are confirmed when Hershel simply says that the governor is “a sick man.” Andrea knows the honeymoon is way over and that she can’t go back to Woodbury. Hershel agrees.

Inside, the Governor finally offers Rick terms: he wants Michonne. If he turns her over in two days time, he’ll abide by the river rule and this will all be over. But why waste all these lives on a personal vendetta? Can Rick even trust the Governor? When they exit, both groups start to go their separate ways and Andrea is left with a decision: which car is she getting into. She chooses the Governor’s truck.

Back in Woodbury, the Governor continues to prepare for war and instructs the guards to watch out for Michonne. He tells Milton that he’s going to kill everyone except Michonne when the time comes. This takes Milton aback. He really thought they were going to honor their end of the bargain if the prison group turned over Michonne. Finally, Milton starts to see the writing on the wall.

At the prison, Rick gives a little Braveheart speech. He doesn’t trust the Governor and knows that he’s going to kill them all no matter what. They’re going to war. Privately, Rick tells Hershel about the Governor wanting Michonne and that he’ll leave them alone if they give her to him. She has earned her place, but should they sacrifice the lives of the others on her behalf? Rick wants Hershel to talk him out of the decision to go to war, but I don’t think he will. He knows the difference between right and wrong.

What do YOU think? Is Merle just on the side of Merle (or perhaps the side of Daryl)? Did Andre return to the place she ‘can’t go back’ to in order to give Rick’s group an inside man? Did Hershel give her a talk like Carols? Give us your Two Cents in the comment section below!

Next Week: Prey

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