The Simpsons – Recap & Review – Black Eyed, Please

photo: fox

photo: fox

The Simpsons
Black Eyed, Please

Original Air Date: Mar 10, 2013

Vincent C. – TwoCents Reviewer

“I didn’t know you were left-handed,” says Homer Simpson to Ned Flanders, the owner of the Leftorium mall shop for lefty utensils, tools and instruments. Poor Homer is punched in the face (twice!) in this episode of the Simpsons by Flanders’ left fist.

We start off in Lisa Simpson’s classroom. Her teacher Miss Hoover is suffering from a bout of severe depression and substitute teacher Miss Cantwell arrives. At first, Lisa thinks the substitute will be a perfect teacher, but soon discovers that the substitute can’t stand Lisa. The substitute even winds up bullying Lisa.

Homer knocks on Ned’s door to borrow some sugar. Actually, Homer’s there to “borrow” an entire breakfast. Ned’s parents are visiting and Homer discovers that Ned’s parents are hippies. Homer and the elder Flanderses bond. An annoyed Ned goes for a walk around the neighborhood. When Ned comes back, he is angered that his parents and Homer are high on marijuana. With his left hand, Ned punches Homer in the face, prompting Homer to say he didn’t know Ned was left-handed.

At the hospital, Homer is given an eye-patch. He may never see in 3D ever again. Ned is racked with guilt. He’s in bed with Edna Krabappel, which surprised me. I hadn’t been following the Simpsons lately and Ned n’ Edna got married last season! Interesting. Back to the story, Ned finds his solution in the Bible, which says an eye for an eye.

Ned visits Homer at the nuclear plant and asks Homer to punch him. Homer won’t punch Ned, saying he feels good being the “better man.” He taunts Ned about being the better man, which prompts Ned to punch Homer in the face (again!) and leads to Homer saying he didn’t know Ned was left-handed (again!).

At Springfield Elementary, Homer and Marge meet with Principal Skinner to discuss Miss Cantwell bullying Lisa. This doesn’t help,  as Cantwell is protected by the teachers’ union. Lisa winds up getting detention. Homer enlists Ned’s help in return for forgiving Ned about the punches to the eyes. In reality, Homer is asking for Edna’s help. Edna transfers Bart down a couple of grades and Bart is able to cause utter chaos in the span of a couple of minutes. Cantwell quits in a hurry and flees. Lisa begs Cantwell to explain why she can’t stand Lisa. Cantwell caves and says that bookworms like Cantwell can’t stand “pretty girls” like Lisa, with her blonde hair and pearls. Lisa is amused. This was a bit of a weird ending.

Homer and Ned are back on friendly terms, after having eaten some “special” brownies made by Ned’s father.

What did you guys think? I thought the Ned/Homer storyline was fun. Lisa’s just ended strangely. Will Homer ever enjoy a 3D movie again? The plotlines have finally started catching up to the superior technology!


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2 Responses to The Simpsons – Recap & Review – Black Eyed, Please

  1. AManFromDeclan says:

    Based on this review (and others summaries alike, and because I recently quit the rest of the series), Ms. Cantwell’s behavior towards Lisa is completely atrocious and unprofessional. In no way should a teacher (not even a substitute teacher) should be allowed to treat a student that way and still keep her job, especially over such a petty and bias generalization. A sole purpose of an educator is to help nurture the growth of a student and their academic needs. Well this is just another fine example of how f**ked the Board of Ed is in Springfield, along with the usual criminally-mismanaged conditions of the school itself, while Chalmers could careless, and Skinner’s usual line of defense is his experience in Vietnam.

  2. Mistyfan says:

    I am glad that they tackled the issue of bullying teachers. It should not happen, but it does. The ending may have been a bit strange, but the psychology was brilliant – a bully just singling one person out and not really knowing why themselves – just brought out the worst in them. It is not clear if Lisa was a unique case or if Cantwell just singles out pretty pupils. Either way, I hope Bart has taught her not to bully pupils in future. Wonder if Cantwell will return?

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