The Good Wife – Recap & Review – Runnin’ with the Devil

photo: cbs

photo: cbs

The Good Wife
Runnin’ with the Devil

Original Air Date: Mar 10, 2013

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

I have to start this with a confession: I love Wallace Shawn. Any true fan of “The Princess Bride” is sure to agree with me. So seeing him show up on The Good Wife was like Christmas and my birthday all swirled together.

THE CASE: Shawn plays Charles Lester, drug kingpin Lemond Bishop’s “personal” lawyer. You might remember that at the beginning of the season, Bishop was arrested for murdering a Federal informant posing as one of his employees. Now the case finally comes to court and you can bet the newly-flush Lockhart-Gardner firm needs to win this one to stay in the black. So Alicia and Cary take along the Columbo-like Lester on their trips to question witness per Bishop’s strongly placed request.

But then witnesses start changing their testimony, always to the advantage of Bishop. Alicia starts to suspect that Lester, who has no other clients and has never tried a case, is intimidating them. That also goes for ASA Liz Lawrence (Audra McDonald), a law school nemesis of Alicia’s (lots of barbs are flung—very fun) whose young son is harassed. The judge asks Alicia point blank if she knows of any witness intimidation going on by her defendant, and she says no. But she knows she’s on shaky ground. I wonder if that will come back to nip her on the butt?

As witness crumble one by one, the ASA’s case also disappears until he pulls a surprise witness — Lemond’s own sister. But Alicia quickly proves that the sister will get custody of Lemond’s kid if he goes to prison. The next day, the sister doesn’t even show up in court and the case is over. Very suspicious…

KALINDA: The firm decides to add another investigator and Alicia votes against it. But she has her friend’s back by asking to be on the search committee. Remember what Kalinda did to the last one – smashing his car window with a baseball bat? They decide on Robyn Burdine, a young woman who appears scatterbrained and about 20 years old, and ask a very, very reluctant Kalinda to train her. That’s going to be a fun dynamic. Cary help but make a Batman and Robin joke.

One thing the dynamic duo checks out is a long-time client who is showing signs of going with another lawyer. Kalinda puts on the pressure to discover that lawyer is Cary (remember that when all the partnership offers were rescinded, he asked Alicia to start a firm with him?). She lies to Will about this because Cary would be fired. She and Cary then meet at a bar later and it sure looks like they ended up sleeping together.

Bad, bad move producers. For four years we’ve felt their sexual tension and then we don’t get to see the deed? Not fair at all.

THE FIRM: Will and Diane are at odds. Now that the fiscal crisis has passed, he wants to expand to the 27th and 29th floors like they once did. She wants to take things slowly. The haggle and nag each other until Will gets his way. Wonder if that move will now bite his butt?

What do you think of the firm expanding? Think we’ll see Lester again? Are Cary and Kalinda going to be an item now or was it a one-time thing? Give us your TwoCents…

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