Switched At Birth – Recap & Review – Introducing The Miracle

photo: abc family

photo: abc family

Switched At Birth
Introducing The Miracle

Original Air Date: Mar 11, 2013

Karen Belgrad – Senior Editor

After last week’s groundbreaking all-ASL episode, this hour we have the winter finale of Switched At Birth. The show will be back in a mere three months (June 10th), and tonight’s episode left the door open for plenty of new storylines.

As we reflect back on the first ten episodes of season two, viewers can relish the fact that we saw something more than a teen-angst drama. Yes, romance plays a part, but we also dealt with pregnancy, politics, religion, deaf culture, and alcoholism. It may seem like the ingredients for a typical ABC Family show, but this show is so much more…

Occupy Carlton: The episode begins where we left off last week, with the police showing up at the school. Daphne, as the spokesperson, comes out with the demands of Carlton staying open, an all deaf campus, and no recriminations for the protestors. The principal says they have to all come out, or risk arrest and expulsion. Inside, the students opt to stay and fight, staging a sit in so reports will see the police forcibly remove them. As the police bring them out, all of their hands are bound with plastic restraints, so Bay speaks up and answers a reporter’s questions. She makes the front page, and Daphne is furious that the media has focused on a hearing person. Even Noah takes Daphne’s side, leaving Bay to wonder what she did that was so wrong. The school board comes down with a decision; Carlton will remain open, but be integrated to 50% hearing students, with no ASL requirement. Daphne is not happy, but Melody suggests that this is the time for negotiations and this is probably the best they will get. Daphne tries to rally the other students to see the Brightside, but Travis would rather drop out. In the end, Daphne implores Travis to fight, saying she needs him and he returns to school. Melody thanks the class for fighting for their school, and making history in the process.

Bay/Daphne: When Bay talks to Emmett about Noah taking Daphne’s side, Emmett suggests that it’s because Noah has feelings for Daphne, mentioning their backstage kiss. Bay accuses Emmett of just being jealous, and he tells her that he’s not going to wait for someone who can’t even see that her boyfriend isn’t in to her. Bay casually brings it up with Noah and, to his credit, admits he felt a connection with Daphne. Bay rants at Daphne for going after her boyfriend, but Daphne seems to be genuinely unaware of Noah’s feelings. But Bay isn’t hearing it and rants about how much her life has gone off the rails since Daphne came into it. In response, Daphne calls her out on playing the victim and feeling sorry for herself. But they don’t have long to squabble, as a call from Angelo brings them together.

Regina: Regina lies to Daphne about her drinking, and Daphne accepts her at her word. Regina pays a visit to Zane, who lets her know that he is leaving on tour, and lets her down gently when she offers to come see him on the road. Her downward spiral continues, as she shows up, drunk, to Angelo’s apartment and throws herself at him before passing out. Angelo lets the girls know where she is, but plays the adult card and tells them he has it all under control. He calls Adriana back from Puerto Rico to help and gets Regina enrolled in a rehab program in Minnesota. Regina has a tender goodbye with Daphne, taking responsibility for her drinking and mistakes. And credit to the show, nobody ended up hurt, dead, or in jail… Regina hit a simple bottom and owned her actions.

Lana: Angelo asks Bay to take Lana to a doctor’s appointment while he tends to Regina. But as Lana gets in the car, she advises Bay to take her to the hospital as she is in labor. Bay keeps her company in early labor, and Lana queries her about Angelo’s stability as a father. Bay says that Angelo is trying, mentioning that he is even helping to take care of Regina. Lana seems surprised that Regina is still in his life, but says nothing. She gives birth to a healthy (very large) baby girl, and Bay is overcome to see Angelo holding his new daughter. She unloads on Kathryn about her feelings about Angelo getting to have all those moments he missed with her. Kathryn, to her credit, just suggests that Bay go meet her new sister. But at the hospital, they find Angelo in an empty room, as Lana checked herself out and disappeared with the baby!

Toby/Nikki: Nikki lets Toby know that she’s been accepted to go to Peru for six months on a teaching/music mission. They both agree that six months is only a drop in the hat compared to a lifetime, and somehow this leads to them deciding to get engaged. Kathryn and John are stunned at the news, and Kathryn tries to impart to Nikki that Toby isn’t ready for this type of life commitment. Nikki wants to make sure Toby isn’t using her a substitute to find direction in his life, and he assures her that he loves her. Later, when his parents call to excitedly tell him that he got into college, he brushes them off because he and Nikki are shopping for engagement rings. I don’t know if the wedding will happen, but I’m sure a marriage between two eighteen year olds will end well (insert eye roll).

John: John’s campaign comes to a quick end when his opponent drops out because her hot-tub loving daughter is bipolar. With no opponent, John is declared the victor, but he’s overwhelmed to realize now he actually has to be a senator. Kathryn assures him he can do it, and just how well remains to be seen.

Episode Title Art: Introducing The Miracle by Paul Klee

And that was it for the winter finale! How long do you think it will be before Angelo finds his daughter? Can you imagine worse luck than having both of your biological daughters taken from you? Do you think Toby and Nikki will end up married? And what’s next for Daphne… is it Noah? And while many viewers are still waiting for #EBay/#BEmmett to happen, did you see Ty (!!!) in the previews for the summer episodes?

You’ve got my TwoCents! Now share your Two Cents, comments, and feedback below!

And don’t forget to see if Switched At Birth makes it to round two of our 2013 TV Tournament!


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One Response to Switched At Birth – Recap & Review – Introducing The Miracle

  1. Greg says:

    A whole lot of blah with a side of meh. Could have been a LOT better.

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