Revenge – Recap & Review – Retribution

photo: abc

photo: abc


Original Air Date: Mar 10, 2013

Keith G – TwoCents Reviewer

This week starts on tumultuous note with Emily furious over the death of Amanda. After being saved by Nolan, she is on a rampage and not thinking clearly. Her main thought is that of taking imminent revenge on Conrad and Victoria. Nolan tries to help her calm down, without much luck. Her grief over the loss of “the only person she ever loved” is apparent and heartbreaking. Aiden arrives and he and Nolan discuss the current situation. Nolan recaps everything that is going on and says “why do I get the feeling this isn’t what Takeda had in mind when he handed you your revenge degrees.” Another perfect hilarious and catty Nolan quote!

When Emily and Nolan arrive at the hospital to see Jack, they find out that Carl is at the Grayson’s. This provides evidence to them that Conrad and Victoria are behind Amanda’s death.

Mr. Trask (Helen’s replacement from the Initiative) meets with the Grayson’s to discuss what happened with Amanda and Helen Crawley. Conrad tells Trask that Nate Ryan was behind the attack on the boat with a financial motive, but that Amanda’s evidence must have been on the boat. Later, Trask calls Daniel and asks him to make some investments on behalf of the Initiative.

Aiden asks Daniel to take over the position on the board that will be vacated when Conrad becomes governor. He tells Daniel that he had dissuaded Prosser from purchasing Stonehaven, flying out to Los Angeles on his own dime. He hoped that this would help assure him a place on the board. Daniel (after Victoria suggests that he do so) asks Aiden to make the investments for the Initiative, as a test to find out if he is actually part of the Initiative or if he can be trusted. He and Victoria feel that if Aiden is part of the Initiative, he will refuse to make these investments. At Amanda’s funeral, Daniel tells Victoria that Aiden make the investments and can, therefore, be trusted. Daniel calls Aiden to tell him that he will put him forward for vetting at the next Board meeting.

Emily goes to the Stowaway to search for the missing laptop. She is met by Trask, who is impersonating a detective investigating the incident on the Amanda. Emily pretends to be retrieving clothing to bring to Jack at the hospital. During the meeting, Trask receives a call informing him that Amanda’s body has been found. Emily heads to the morgue and finds Victoria waiting for Charlotte to identify Amanda’s body. Victoria actually appears genuinely concerned over what this might do to Charlotte. I love how the writers weave some humility and humanity into Victoria’s character every so often.

At the hospital, Padma plays Nolan a voicemail from the Initiative warning her that her deadline is fast approaching. Nolan uses Helen’s phone number to track down her last locations and finds that she had been at the Grayson’s, followed by a trip to the Stowaway. To Nolan and Emily, this lends further proof that the Grayson’s are responsible for what happened to Jack and Amanda.

When Nolan arrives at work, Daniel is in his office looking through files on Nolan’s desk. Daniel wants the information on Carrion. He threatens that if he finds out that Nolan did anything other than destroy Carrion, he will sue him and make sure that Nolan never writes code again. Nolan simply responds, “Control-Alt-Delete – Got It!” This was another great Nolan response. Later, Nolan tells Padma that he verified that the fingerprint is that of her farther. Because of this, he pulled an all-nighter to finish Carrion. He promptly gives it to Padma to pass on to the Initiative.

When Jack regains consciousness, Emily tells him that Amanda is dead. He is devastated. Shortly after, Conrad arrives to express his condolences. Jack’s expression turns from grief to anger on a dime. It gave me chills to see this change in his affect. Jack asks to speak with Conrad alone, and probes him as to why Amanda had to pay for the sins of his father. When Conrad leaves, Jack tells Nolan and Emily that he wants to finish what Amanda started. He shares with them that he knows that Amanda came to the Hamptons because the Grayson’s had framed her father.

Emily takes care of Jack at the Stowaway when he is released from the hospital. She has searched thoroughly for the laptop with no luck. Jack asks Emily to do the eulogy at Amanda’s funeral because he isn’t sure that he really knew her. Emily tells him that she has no doubt that Amanda’s love for him was real. When Emily leaves the room, Jack’s grief overcomes him and he throws a jar of potpourri on the floor, finding a key inside it for a locker at the marina. He returns to the Stowaway with duffel bag in hand to find Conrad making a statement about Amanda’s death. When Jack opens the duffel bag, he finds a passport, cell phone, papers, and the missing laptop (which is password protected). Later, Jack asks Nolan for his computer assistance to hack into the laptop.

On the day of the funeral, Jack confronts Emily about the time she spent with Amanda in juvey, showing her the papers he found in the duffel bag. He is extremely angry that Emily and Amanda did not tell him about their history together. He is having hard time believing that if Emily knew about Amanda’s plan, which she allowed it to go forward, because of the danger that it would place Jack and Carl in.

Emily provides the eulogy at Amanda’s funeral, giving a moving and touching speech. During the funeral, Aiden breaks into the Stowaway and steals Emily’s laptop back. Aiden gives Emily the laptop. She promptly throws it in the ocean, telling Aiden that the laptop was never part of her initial plan and that it only clouded her judgment. Emily says that she will allow for no more distractions. This week ends with Emily at Amanda’s grave. While she is there, a man approaches and tells Emily that he is surprised that Amanda is gone because she was survivor. When Emily asks who the man is, he replies that he was Amanda’s brother.

I was pleased with the power and emotion in this week’s episode. In my opinion, the writing and acting has never been better. I was mourning Amanda’s death along with the characters (even though I had never really liked her all that much). I think Jack’s pain struck me the most. It was visible in every aspect of his performance and was chilling. I’m still a little leery about Padma. I’m still a little on the fence as to whether or not she is trust worthy. I feel like Aiden is falling a little to the wayside at this point. I wasn’t originally a fan of his, but when he an Emily had become so close and we got to learn a lot about their back story, I started to like him. Although, I think I’ll always shoot for Jack and Emily to be together. At this point, I’m not even sure if that is a possibility. Jack looked so betrayed when he found out about Emily and Amanda’s history together. What did you think of this week’s episode? Do you think we need to worry about Padma still? Will Jack forgive Emily? Anything else that struck thoughts during this episode that you’d like to share? As always, I look forward to your thoughts!

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3 Responses to Revenge – Recap & Review – Retribution

  1. Julia says:

    Wow, that was quite the episode, wasn’t it?
    I’m starting to think that Conrad is developing some sort of a conscience. O_o
    And yeah, Nolan was awesome – I also like his hair lately.

    • ttckeithg says:

      It was quite the episode! 🙂 I’m wondering about Conrad. But, I’m not sure I’ll give him that much credit yet. LOL. 🙂 Nolan’s hair has been much better lately, too! Maybe it’s love! 🙂

  2. Wow. What an episode. I was in tears a few times, I never expected Amanda to die and so seeing the aftermath and her being laid to rest, that was so heartbreaking. I feel like now that Emily is going to be back on track, it is going to be the Revenge we all know and love from season 1. Not that it has been bad, but I am just ready for her to let go of the distractions. As for the “potpourri” I believe that was the sea glass that young Amanda and young Jack collected on the beach- they buried it at Clarke house and it was recovered in season 1 when Amanda came to town after killing Frank.

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