90210 – Recap & Review – Dude, Where’s My Husband

photo: cw

photo: cw

Dude, Where’s My Husband

Original Air Date: Mar 11, 2013

Dennis – Senior Reviewer

It seems like every show is now required to do a “Hangover”-type episode, so 90210 has decided to fulfill this unwritten TV rule in tonight’s episode. After she spent a night trying to get the “old Naomi” back, Naomi wakes up with a wedding ring on her finger. What did she do last night, and who did she marry?

Meanwhile, Liam has to do some serious things to help out Navid with the Cronus cheating scandal. Will this cost the two of them their friendship? Read on for this week’s character breakdown!

Naomi– Naomi received her divorce papers and has been moping around her mansion for days. When Annie confronts her about it, Naomi says she’s fine and books a meeting with a media company. After her meeting with Jordan Welland, Naomi tells Ade that she’s not okay and is starting to see herself as a sad divorcee. She plans on snapping out of this funk by having a girls night and getting the old Naomi Clark back. Naomi ends up having a wild night and wakes up in her pool. After she wakes up a passed out Adrianna, she sees that she has a veil and wedding ring on. Neither Naomi nor Ade can remember what they did last night and Naomi is hellbent on finding out if she’s really married. Ade remembers that they went to a male strip club named Haunches so she asks Ade to get Annie & Silver to meet them there.

Over at Haunches, Naomi is instantly remembered by a bartender. Apparently, she got forcibly removed from the stage 3 times. After she & Ade look at a ton of embarrassing photos, one of the strippers tells the girls that they left with 2 of the cast members of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”. After some digging, they find out that they left with Camille Grammer and Brandi Glanville (my two faves from the show!!). They meet Brandi & Camille at a pilates studio, where the housewives tell a rambling story about the night before. It involved porn, Liam, and “The First Wives Club”, aka a regular Saturday night. After they tell Naomi they don’t know if she married someone, Ade realizes that Annie is trapped in her bathroom. Earlier in the episode, she said she had a faulty doorknob that she didn’t want Mark to fix.

After Annie is freed, she tells Naomi that she got a text at 4AM from a wedding chapel. It also included a picture of Mark & Naomi. Did Naomi end up marrying her half-brother? Of course not. Mark tells Naomi that she called him from a convenience store and picked her up, and then she ended up marrying herself at a 24 hour chapel. Mark also lets Naomi in on a secret of his: he’s also a divorcee. After he tells her he also felt like she did once, he says that her whole life is ahead of her and divorce is only a tiny part of it. He also basically told her Rupaul’s iconic line from Rupaul’s Drag Race: “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?” (Can I get an amen in here?!). Later, Naomi calls back Jordan, showing that she’s ready to move on in her life.

Liam/Navid– Liam lets Navid know that he overheard Campbell talking about pinning the cheating on Navid. This causes Navid to admit to Liam that he was involved so Simon wouldn’t press charges against Liam. Navid then leaves to talk to the Dean. When he arrives, he sees Campbell coming out of the dean’s office. Campbell let the dean know that Cronus had nothing to do with the cheating, even handing over fabricated phone records as evidence. Meanwhile, Sydney tells Liam not to say anything in fear of her jealous husband finding out about her affair. She asks Liam to find another way to let Campbell take the fall. Liam and Navid plan on looking for one of the groups dummy cell phones by having Liam hang out with the society.

Liam goes to the Cronus society party and lets Campbell know that he & Navid are no longer friends. Since the party is also an initiation for new members, Liam decides to become a member. He goes through a 3 part initiation. The first part consists of him downing a bunch of shots, which this bar owner passes with flying colors. The next part consists of Liam walking across a thin ledge of the high rise hotel. After that, Campbell questions if Liam is really not friends with Navid anymore. Campbell has Liam hand over his phone. Navid gets a text from “Liam”, but it ends up being from Campbell. Navid is forced into a trap, and Liam is forced to beat Navid up while the Cronus society watches. The next day, Liam tells Navid that he couldn’t find anything on their phones, but he promises to find something. Navid tells him to be careful.

Silver/Adrianna– When the two head over to the bar for girls night, they run into Mark and promise each other, once again, that neither of them will date him. After their crazy night, Ade heads over to Silver’s and Silver says that she ended up leaving after a while to pick up some stuff for Michaela and then went to bed. Ade doesn’t believe her and wants Silver to spill on who she hooked up with. She remains silent until the end of the episode. Silver admits that she & Mark hooked up. Ade says it’s fine, and that Silver’s forgiven her for a lot worse (ain’t that the truth). Judging by Ade almost smashing a picture when Silver leaves, she is most definitely not fine with it.

Dixon– After Dixon and Mark bond and dub themselves faux bros, they decide to go out for drinks/pick up girls. Dixon ends up meeting a girl named Helen, and the two spend the night together cuddling. After Helen decides that she wants to do more, they hear Michaela having morning sickness. Helen decides to take of Michaela and has Dixon pick up supplies. When Dixon comes back, Michaela tells him that she sent Helen away because she was sick of her. The two then decide to go out for nachos and watch “Alien”. While the two are out, Navid sees them and thinks they’re on a date. Dixon is quick to say this isn’t a date. Later, Dixon tells Annie that he met someone special, but it’s complicated.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the whole “Hangover” plot, but I’m enjoying the direction that Naomi’s character is heading in. Naomi works best when she’s snarky and single, and I hope we can see some great moments from her in the last 5 episodes. Speaking of the last 5 episodes, I’m not surprised the show has been cancelled. If any of you paid attention to the ratings for the show, you probably weren’t surprised either. The show hasn’t been very good for the last 2 seasons, but I’m thinking positive and hoping that the finale surprises me and wraps up the show in a satisfactory way. What did you guys think of the episode? Will you be tuning in for the last stretch of episodes? Leave your TwoCents in the comments below!

The show returns for 5 final episodes beginning April 15th!

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