Malibu Country – Recap & Review – Marriage, Malibu Style

photo: abc

photo: abc

Malibu Country
Marriage Malibu Style

Original Air Date: Mar 8, 2013

Colleen – TwoCents Reviewer

Tonight’s episode begins with Lillie Mae trying to wake up Reba, who apparently slept all night outside on the deck. She finally wakes when Lillie Mae screams in her ear. She drank wine and it put her to sleep, but denies it and hides the bottle before Lillie Mae sees it (or maybe Lillie Mae saw it and that is why she asked about it).

Reba is upset that she took her kids all the way across the country, is trying to restart her career and cannot seem to do that. She had things said about her and even Lillie Mae agrees that the things the entertainment industry says should not be heard by her kids, not to mention more than half of what Lillie Mae says. Let’s see what happens tonight….

Reba goes to get June who is getting dressed for school. Sage is in her room and trying to get her to dress more like someone who is from Malibu. Well, Reba does not allow boys into June’s room. She tries to kick him out…and has to drag him out by the ear. Why is Kim sitting in Reba’s kitchen if she says she knows she should be watching Sage but lost track of him? Shouldn’t she be looking for him instead of reading Reba’s paper in the kitchen? I know she is Sage’s step-mom, but even though he is gay, Kim needs to keep a closer eye. Reba yells to Sage to come downstairs as she leaves the house to go to the record label office. Do you think that Reba was too hard on June and Sage, given that Sage says that he is gay?

There is a 10k run for Cancer that Kim is going to participate in and she wants Reba to donate. She says to put her down for $5 a mile and there are 6 miles. What she doesn’t know is that it is actually $500 not $5 a mile. Boy is she in for a surprise!

Reba arrives at the record label and asks Geoffrey likes her song. He does! But he still will not hand it over to his boss, the head of the record label. Why? He says that there is something missing. He wants to hear a song about her, the vulnerable her! Geoffrey even lets her in on a secret of why he won’t let his mother come around – she thinks HE is the boss. When that moves Reba to tears, he says that’s what kind of song he wants to hear, the kind that moves someone. So she goes home and tries to write a song, but has writer’s block.

Cash comes in and he says he wants to donate to the Malibu clothes drive, but they rejected all of his old clothes. Apparently they aren’t up to standard! He wants to fit in, just like June did at the beginning of tonight’s episode.

We finally meet Leslie, Kim’s husband. He came to collect the $3000 donation. When she hears that is it $3000, she is really surprised – she cannot afford that! Leslie says he will cover it. He says is the least he can do. Reba goes to give him a hug as a thank you. What does Leslie do? He gives her a big old kiss on the lips! What do you think of this? Should he have done that?

Lillie Mae comes in from the beach all sunburn and unable to move. She said she didn’t know that it was a nude beach that she went to. She even met a nice boy who she again didn’t realize was naked. Maybe Lillie Mae needs to get her eyes looked at? Maybe she just didn’t want to see it? Reba tells her about meeting Leslie and the kiss and how he was nice to pay her donation because she couldn’t afford it. She wants to be the bad person for once. Do you think she could ever be bad?

Reba goes to talk to Kim. She says it isn’t about Sage, even though she is returning his earring from June’s bedroom. She tells Kim that Leslie kissed her and Kim is not stunned! Apparently Kim tells Reba that she discussed with Leslie seeing other people. They met at his last wedding (!) and have been married three years and that is usually how long they’ve currently been married! Kim sees that Reba is uncomfortable with this. Kim tries to strike a deal with her, but Reba won’t have it and leaves. Were you as shocked as I was that he was the groom at the wedding that Kim and Leslie met at?

June and Cash want to have an intervention. June and Cash says that they both need to fit in and that they are embarrassed. Reba says she wants to speak, but tells them to go their rooms to think what they’ve done, essentially flipping the intervention onto them. Cash calls her mean and she doesn’t deny it. Lillie Mae says she is proud of Reba and sticking up for her values.

Kim comes over all upset, even though it has been only seven minutes. She says that she does not want Leslie to see other women and that suggesting it to him might seem a little bizarre but that she would do anything to keep her life as it is. Reba said she wouldn’t want Kim to be the way she was. She would know that her husband was sleeping with another woman. The only difference is that Reba didn’t know that Bobby was cheating on her with other women.

Reba hears what Kim says to her about goodbye being so good on her. It inspires a song and it turns out wonderful! Maybe this is the song she needs to restart her career?

As we close tonight, Kim tells Lillie Mae that even though Leslie will be seeing other women, she is glad that it won’t be Reba,

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Time for your TwoCents!

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