Grimm – Recap & Review – Face Off

photo: nbc

photo: nbc

Face Off

Original Air Date: Mar 8, 2013

Wyner C – Senior Reviewer

“The will to conquer is the first condition of victory.”

Events in Portland, Grimm are moving fast and revelations are being made. Nick finds out so much information, his bug-eyed shocked expression has become a fixture on his face. War is a-coming, will the Grimm be ready? Will the Grimm find an unlikely ally?

Nick finds out Juliette’s new beau is Captain Renard via Monroe and the good ol’ telly. Understandably, he’s upset – so upset he decides to become a stalker. He follows Renard and watches the Captain’s rendezvous with Juliette. Sad Nick face appears.

During Nick’s shadow operation, Rosalee calls Monroe to tell him she’s coming home tomorrow morning and brainstorm on what’s ailing Renard and Juliette. With Rosalee’s guidance, they figure out Renard must have woken Juliette up from her kitty coma which created this obsession between the kisser and kissee. Monroe realizes the answer to the obsession curse may be in the ingredient list a female Hexenbiest gave Rosalee a while back.

That’s good news, right? Especially if Nick knows the Hexenbiest’s identity. Not if she’s Adalind’s mother, who’s been killed by Nick’s mother. Oops. Not so good news after all. Things turn dire when the Captain’s sexy time with Juliette devolves into physical violence and ends with Juliette shooting Renard’s gun multiple times. Lucky for the Captain, the walls were the target.

The next morning, Rosalee arrives in Portland, Grimm to a jittery and giddy Monroe (with flowers!) and Nick. The threesome figure out it’s bad news for Juliette and Renard – this is going to end with one of them dead. They find the cure except one main ingredient is missing – the “thing” that administered the poison. The “thing” was the evil kitty (walking on the ceiling!) and it has become road kill. They have a Plan B but it isn’t going to be pretty – taking the purification potion which is only Part 1 of Plan B.

While the threesome was doing research and deducing Renard’s royal status, Renard’s been a busy man. He slept with a freshly released Adalind (from jail), been threatened to find the key ASAP, searched Nick’s trailer of Grimm for the key, and been back to the station to dig through Nick’s desk. He strikes gold at Desk de Grimm but a freshly released Hank (from the hospital) sees Renard snooping.

Being a good partner, Hank informs Nick of Renard’s shady behavior. Nick interrupts Plan B (that potion looked disgusting!) to talk to Hank and has to rush out – he knows Renard has the key. He’s too late – the Captain left with the key in his pocket.

Lucky for Nick, Renard doesn’t give the key to Adalind. Instead, Renard calls Nick for a powwow after Juliette informs him: Nick knows. They meet and start fighting – testosterone is a violent hormone. In between getting hit and throwing punches, Renard shows his part Hexenbiest; the men come clean (somewhat); they come to an understanding. Renard wants Nick to trust him – he’s been (sorta) on Nick’s side and he doesn’t want his brother to have the key.

The Captain gives Nick the key back. Cryptically, Renard says it’s bigger than them and judging from a prior conversation he had with a French dude, Renard is part of a revolution (viva la revolucion!). Does this mean Nick is being recruited into an international war?

Nick wants the Captain to prove himself. The men pay a visit to Juliette. The three visit Monroe and Rosalee at the spice shop where Nick gulps down the purification potion. All seems to be fine…and then he keels over…and starts turning purple. Yeah, sucks to be him.

Favorite moments/Things to ponder:

1. The quote is not from a story but from Ferdinand Foch, a French general of the Allied Armies. I guess war is really a-coming to Portland, Grimm. The Scooby Gang is going to have to bulk up.

2. The purification potion was gnarly – it turned red before turning milk color. Ick!

3. There was a case of the week – a quadruple homicide. The murder(s)? Nick and Monroe. Guess the clearance rate for Nick/Hank is dropping. Also, Monroe was spotted in a surveillance video in the vicinity of the four dead at a hotel. Will this come back to haunt our favorite Blutbad? Seems Sgt Wu may recognize our Monroe.

4. How adorbs was Monroe at the bus station waiting for Rosalee? So cute! The vest is my favorite Monroe wardrobe choice.

5. It’s nice to see the gang together – Nick, Monroe, and Rosalee. Cannot wait for Hank to join the Scooby Gang – let the chemistry fly!

6. I don’t find Adalind believable as sexy or a seductress. Maybe just me?

7. It seems the show is trying to justify Juliette’s actions as part of the curse. I understand she’s obsessed with Renard but the hex doesn’t make her a bitch – that’s all her. She was way bitchy last episode with Nick. Sorry, I can’t get over how she acted towards a very understanding boyfriend. With the curse being the reason for her infatuation with Renard, I guess Nick will have to forgive her – he’s such a puppy.

8. Best Exchange:
Monroe: I say we find Adalind’s mother and we do whatever –
Nick: Thaaaat’s not gonna work.
Monroe: Why not? That makes perfect sense!
Nick: She’s dead.
Monroe: Dead, what? Who killed her?
Nick: My mother.
Monroe: Why?
~ Monroe, being cute and adorable (he delivered the “Why?” line perfectly!!). Being a Grimm’s friend means you have accept the crazy – like a murdering Grimm mom.

9. It’s been a three month hiatus. Dude, that’s long. I forgot half the things that went down last episode. NBC, please don’t do this again. Granted, this episode was pretty good – still, three months is way too long.

Renard’s identity is all out in the open. The dynamics has just changed. Do you like the trajectory of the show? (Yes) Did you like the long hiatus? (No) Do you think the Plan B will work? (Yes or else who will the Grimm be?) Will the Scooby Gang hang out more so I can have more Hank/Monroe interaction? How will they explain the potions to Juliette who is a woman of science? What is the revolution and why is Renard involved in it? Will Renard and Nick become unlikely allies in the coming war? Discuss away!!!

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3 Responses to Grimm – Recap & Review – Face Off

  1. Jacqui Blue says:

    Someone please clear this up for me… I originaly thought Adalind was the Captain’s daughter. He was married to her mom, right? After the “Face Off” episode, I’m assuming that Adalind is his step-daughter, ewww- still not ok. What am I missing?

    • ttcwyner says:


      They are not daughter and step-father. Their past was never explained but I think they were in a relationship of some kind and Renard broke Adalind’s heart. Renard didn’t have a relationship with the mother.

      I hope this helps with the confusion and ickiness!

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  2. Maggie C. says:

    I thought it was interesting that when Nick drank the purification potion he had cramps and was in pain but just coughed a little, and there weren’t the huge pufs of smoke like Captain Renard. Clean living? Hmm.

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