Archer – Recap & Review – Coyote Lovely

photo: fx

photo: fx

Coyote Lovely

Original Air Date: March 8, 2013

Elizabeth – TwoCents Reviewer

This week’s episode of Archer opens with Malory demanding an explanation from Cyril and Lana as to why their latest mission had gone so terribly wrong (like they ever go right). It is revealed that, while watching the Texas/Mexico border for a notorious people smuggler, also known as a ‘coyote’ Archer has embroiled himself and the team in a cross-border battle in an attempt to score some tail.

In a flash back of sorts, we see Arc her, Lana and Cyril lying in wait at the Mexican border for the appearance of a supposedly dangerous people smuggler known as ‘Moreno’. An argument about the rights and wrongs of illegal immigration ensues, and it is revealed that Lana is firmly against ‘illegal aliens’ and an argument between her and Archer (though oddly placed) reveals a lot about the characters’ checkered political beliefs, as well as an unlikely amount of information about the American immigration system. Of course, while they wait the three bicker constantly, which ultimately ends in Lana accusing Archer of having some undiscovered form of Autism, which becomes a running joke throughout the episode- and boy does it have some zingers! For example, when the people smugglers do finally show up, and Archer takes out the engine of their truck with a well-placed sniper shot, he says: “I can do this all day, since I find repetitive behaviour so calming!” So awesome!

Anyway, when the three super-spies extract the Coyote from the truck, it is revealed that she is, in fact, a really hot woman. Inevitably Archer’s priorities immediately change, with nailing this woman being at the top of the list. This leads to a squabble between Archer and his ISIS compatriots, which gets physical and Archer knocks out both Cyril and Lana in an attempt to impress Moreno. Archer then proceeds to promise help to the sexy criminal, in return for certain sexual favours. Is anyone really surprised? Archer hustles Moreno, her right hand man, and the fifteen or so illegal immigrants in to the ISIS vehicle that Lana and Cyril arrived in (a green station wagon) and speed off, leaving a concussed Lana and Cyril behind. The station wagon crew set out on quite an adventure, in which there is an unfortunate run in with the border patrol, a visit to a drunk veterinarian and Archer getting shot…again.

In a slightly clumsy ending, it is revealed that Malory has somehow set up the operation in a manner that allowed her to get the ultimate pay-off (which she uses to redecorate her office), though I’m still not entirely clear on how that was supposed to have worked. In fact, that’s the nature of the entire episode; it’s weirdly put together plot-wise but is saved by excellent guest performances (Carla Jimenez shines at the hot Coyote) and burning one-liners. The only other complaint that I have is that the character of Moreno is distinctly under-animated. Jimenez gives a fiery voice performance that just doesn’t match with the drawing.

As usual though, Archer makes its way with hilarious running-jokes and call backs, and awesome sub-plots that are equal parts bizarre and comedic.

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