The Big Bang Theory – Recap & Review – The Contractual Obligation Implementation

photo: cbs

photo: cbs

The Big Bang Theory
The Contractual Obligation Implementation

Original Air Date: Mar 8, 2013

Kym Caffrey – Senior Reviewer

Apparently the guys are required by their contract with the University to serve on a committee. Howard is whining, Sheldon is b*tching. And Leonard is advocating the committee to encourage more women to pursue science education and careers. I’m with Howard on this one – are these really the guys to try to convince women to do anything? On the other hand, I like Leonard’s idea of having papers submitted under gender neutral names.

Now if only Howard and Sheldon were willing to do anything other than play xBox.

In fact, Leonard can’t even convince them to play a less sexist game – the female forms completely contradict the powerful weapons they’re wielding. When forced to stop for five seconds and come up with input, Sheldon does brilliantly point out that they shouldn’t focus on the college level – by then it’s too late. The need to target adolescent girls and get them on the science track early on. However, googling “how to get 12 year old girls excited” is not the way to go about it. Howard’s old middle school is willing to let them do a dry run of their pep talk, but Leonard couldn’t possibly have started off more awkwardly – he really shouldn’t try to be cool. Then, Sheldon doesn’t do much better with his story about Marie Curie – he’s not even holding their attention well enough to gross them out with his graphic description of radiation poisoning. Can Howard save the day? Howard? Not so much so. One of the girls compares him to her uncle – a flight attendant – because he just rode in the rocket. He didn’t fly it or even go to the moon. Damn these girls are hard to impress. Kind of throws off the concept for that new Axe Apollo ad campaign. Leonard does finally make them laugh with his story about wanting to be a rap star when he was their age – “like Snoop Dogg, but with a healthy respect for the police”. He actually pulls off some pretty good rhymes. Unfortunately, from there he descends into a rant about his parents and his life as a kid who plays the cello. The girls are still paying attention though when Sheldon steps in to save Leonard from himself and to have Amy and Bernadette speak to them instead. Of course, it’s funny that as they talk about the way girls are encouraged to care more about their appearance than the power of their minds, they’re dressed as princesses and touching up their lipstick – which will make more sense when we talk about their day. But it’s cool too. Girls need to know that they don’t need to give up being women and feminine to be scientists too.

Meanwhile, Raj is crashing girls night with expensive wine and fondue. He actually wants to pick their brains for ideas for his first date with Lucy. While biology supports Amy’s suggestions, Raj is right, danger is not the way to go with her. She’s too skittish already. “Social anxiety issues” is an understatement. Bernadette’s suggestion of Disneyland is better, but still too crowded, although the girls decide they’ll skip work on Friday and go themselves. A first for Amy, whose never “played hooky” in her life – that’s how girls end up “addicted to reefer and jazz music”, or at Best Western with a 34 year old guy named Luther. But back to Raj’s problem. He’s a man who can’t talk to women planning a date with a woman with crippling social anxiety. Yeah, let’s just go to Disneyland with the girls. It’s already off to a bad start on the drive though as they argue over who gets to be Cinderella at the princess makeover. Why does everyone want to be Cinderella anyway. I’d rather be Belle, or Merida. We’ll see them again later to find out who’s who. Back to Raj who’s setting up a “picnic” at the library for Lucy. I like this idea, but first he’s got to get rid of the guy who just took her seat. And it’s a texting date too. That’s so cute and seems to be working well for them. Although he does throw her off a bit with his love of prom dresses. Then her cell phone battery starts dying – uh oh. She’s going to just talk, but he can’t talk back. He hasn’t been drinking. She seems like she had a good time though. She even wants to give him a kiss goodbye, but all he can do is smile. She panics at the last second though and runs off with a “maybe next time”. I love her and I think she could be perfect for Raj. Finally!

At the end of the day, Howard, Leonard and Sheldon get back together with the girls. Howard and Leonard are turned on by their Disney princesses, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty respectively, but typically, Sheldon is unmoved by Amy’s Snow White look. Alas, poor Amy. I do wonder if she’ll ever get some, in spite of Sheldon’s comments regarding sex in an earlier episode. For now, ladies – which princess would you want to be? And gentlemen – which one would turn you on the most? Or would it even matter which one – would just “Disney princess” be enough? Inquiring minds would like to know.

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4 Responses to The Big Bang Theory – Recap & Review – The Contractual Obligation Implementation

  1. maggie C. says:

    Can you really get a princess makeover? That would be a fun Mother/ Daughter or Aunt/Niece activity. Mulan or Belle would be nice.
    If Raj takes things slowly so Lucy will learn to trust him, this might work for him until his parents see her… Yikes!

  2. ttckym says:

    I don’t know if you can or not. I’ve never been to Disneyland and it’s been years since I was last at Disney World. But it would be fun. As for Raj and Lucy, I’m not sure his parents would have an issue anymore – I think at this point they’d probably just be happy he found someone since even they weren’t able to find someone for him.

  3. maggie C. says:

    I looked at the Disney website and yes Princess makeovers are available. The boys can get a prince makeover too. The girls can get their hair styled, makeup, nails, a dress and shoes. The boys can get their hair styled, a sheild and a sword. The boutique is in Cinderella’s castle.

  4. ttckym says:

    I’ll have to remember that if I get to go to either one again someday. I’d make a great Merida. I have the hair.

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