Nikita – Recap & Review – Reunion

photo: cw

photo: cw


Original Air Date: Mar 8, 2013

Andrew – TwoCents Reviewer

Will you always stay loyal to the one who cares for you the most?

This episode was well hyped, bringing in former La Femme Nikita director Jon Cassar, and showcasing the titular reunion of Amanda and Nikita. Ari Tasarov’s son, Stefan, is chased and kidnapped by Amanda’s crew, while Nikita and Alex try to protect him. Back at Division, Owen gets fidgety.

This was a decent episode of Nikita. I wish we would’ve gotten more of Amanda, but more history of her and Nikita were teased throughout the episode that could pay off in later episodes. When Nikita asks Ari why Amanda’s hatred is so fierce, he tells her it’s because she spared Amanda’s life back in Moscow, circa season two (episode 18, “Power’). Amanda felt pitied, that Nikita was being self-righteous, and ultimately humiliated that she wasn’t worth killing.

Amanda begins the episode pursuing Stefan (the reliable teenage actor Dylan Minnette, of Lost and Awake), who is protected by the very competent Krieg (Andrew Divoff). Soon, Nikita and Alex join, and they find Krieg and Stefan first. The interplay between the latter pair was nicely portrayed in this episode. We probably won’t see them again, and Ari was probably out of the picture until the last scene twisted things. Stefan, as we observe, is cheeky and sarcastic, having been under Krieg’s watch his whole life.

Nikita and Alex rescue Stefan, per Ari’s wishes, and are set to fly out of Switzerland. Birkhoff falls into a digital trap and leads Amanda to them though, and her crew kidnaps Stefan. Nikita and Amanda are left to duel, and in a short scene, Nikita easily wins. Krieg reappears after being disposed earlier, and knocks her out, and he brings them both back to a hideout.

The two try to outwit each other, asserting the other has Stefan. Krieg is only concerned about Stefan, and his loyalty shines through his ruggedness. He wants to know who has Ari’s son. From a non-omniscient point of view, it’s hard to tell who’s lying between Nikita and Amanda, so Krieg skips right to the electric drill.

Alex calls in and delays, claiming to have Stefan, and Krieg goes off for her. We get some quality time between Amanda and Nikita. The latter girl isn’t much for conversation. Instead, she’s looking for an escape path. She manages to start a fire, hoping to attract a firefighter crew. It isn’t until the place is engulfed in flames when they start some serious conversation, on the verge of being burned alive with each other.

Demanding to know why she turned this evil way, Amanda doesn’t relent. She simply says that Alex will turn on her one day, like Nikita turned on Amanda. Nikita is obviously horrified. Despite knowing Alex is loyal to her, she can’t help but think that it might happen. Prospects become real when they actually happen by off chance. They feel even more real when it’s happened to you. Only when the smoke corrupts both of them, Amanda wails of father issues. Nikita might be more alike than she thinks.

The fire fighters arrive; Amanda and Nikita subsequently escape from them and head to the final act – rescuing the kidnapped Stefan. Krieg and Alex work together and succeed, and Krieg delivers a big embrace to Stefan. His loyalty was well telegraphed all episode. Despite Stefan’s relative indifference, it was a nice moment before they ran from Amanda’s agents.

They escape with the help of the Swiss police, but while being escorted back, Amanda pulls up and kidnaps Alex. Her expression isn’t fearful though. She’s ready to face Amanda.

Bullet points:

  • We didn’t get Sean this week. He’s Ryan’s guard as they set out to recoup funds for Division. Instead, we got a petulant Owen demanding to know his backstory from Ari, who knew nothing and comically taunted Owen about it. Personally, I hope they all just get in the field soon – Michael included.
  • Ari’s doing a running commentary on Nikita’s life, isn’t he? This week, he demonstrates how Krieg dedicated his life to protecting his son, and now has nothing left to do during retirement. Better get wed soon, Nikita!
  • “I thought I saw something,” Stefan says. Do they teach English grammar in Switzerland?
  • Sometimes I wonder why no one recognizes that Alex is Alexandra Udinov unless it’s convenient for the plot.
  • There are stress level detectors on phones. Well then.
  • While Krieg and Alex slip out of the facility, why are they walking in the center where they can be easily shot? Stick to the walls!

Next week: The Life We’ve Chosen

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