Comic Book Men – Recap & Review – Con Men

photo: amc

photo: amc

Comic Book Men
Con Men
Original Air Date: Mar 7, 2013

Jeff L – Señor Staff Writer

This week’s episode centered around a long-time Secret Stash customer’s comics auction. Early in the episode the customer explains to Walt that he’s got some very expensive medical bills and needs to sell the comics collection he’s been building over his entire lifetime.

Walt, Ming and Mike jump to his aid and go through his entire collection. What he originally described as “maybe 25 boxes” turned into over 70 long boxes of comics and the auction ends up raising over $27,000.

Mike teased this episode on Facebook and Twitter as being the “very special” episode of Comic Book Men. He was right. It was nice to see the guys really taking something seriously for a change and how they jumped to action to help a friend. They bust balls a lot on this show, but when the chips are down it’s nice to see how these guys handle themselves like heroes in their own right.

Not a lot of laughs on this episode, but it was very nice to see the guys acting with some class for a change. I’m grading this issue an 8.0 good.

Items sold at the Stash

He-Man Lou Schimer signed animation cells. Customer wants $700. Walt offers $200. Sold.

Customer comes in looking for Amazing Spiderman #300 – first appearance of Venom. Written in 1988 by Dave Michilline with art by Todd McFarlane. The book is priced $299 but the customer offers $90. Sold.

A kid comes in trying to sell his 1999 KB Toys exclusive Admiral James T. Kirk 12” action figure. The box has been signed by William Shatner. Oh sure, he’ll sign this kid’s toy, but when I tried to get my TOS communicator signed I just got a “umm, no” out of the Shatman. Customer wants $150, but Walt offers $110. Sold.

Later, a customer tries to sell an reproduction Superman Action Comics poster. It’s appraised at around $40 in value, but Walt offers $50 because he wants to hang it at the Stash, but no sale.

Items sold last week at the Stash

I was moving last week and my cable company shut off my cable a day early so I missed last week’s episode. Just a quick recap here of what was bought and sold.

A customer tries to sell Walt an original Asteroids arcade game, but Walt isn’t really interested. A customer, nearby, is interested and decides to buy the game from the seller for $800 and Walt negotiates himself a 5% commission since the sale went down in his store.

A customer is selling a group of comics including Spider-Man #101 which features the first appearance of The Living Vampire. Walt buys the lot for $450.

Later, a customer is selling his GI Joe toys including a GI Joe Cobra Night Raven S3P from 1986. Walt offers $100. Sold.

Finally a customer sells his Star Wars toys, including an Imperial Shuttle, Millennium Falcon and Naboo Royal Transport for $500.

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