American Idol – Recap & Review – Solo Round Results

photo: fox

photo: fox

American Idol
Solo Round Results

Original Air Date: Mar 7, 2013

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

Wow – the Idol producers have found a new way to make results shows longer. Thursday night the Top 10 were announced and as each contestant learned they would be going on, they had to sing a “victory song” followed by more criticism from the judges (usually only one).

That’s how you make announcing 10 names last two hours. We started with the Top 5 men. Ryan told each contestant backstage, then they came out to the stage. The audience and the judges then learned who had made it through.

Contestant: PAUL JOLLEY
Song: “Alone”
My Impression: He was still off-key a little more than was comfortable. He also looked like he was second guessing himself, trying not to be theatrical, then forgetting, then getting nervous again.
Judges: KEITH thought he was better than last night and channel passion rather than theatrics.

Song: “Ready for Love”
My Impression: The excitement seemed to get to him a few notes, but mostly he’s his wonderful self with serious voice control. I like how the song teased his lower voice.
Judges: MARIAH called the performance impeccable.

Contestant: CURTIS FINCH JR.
Song: “So High”
My Impression: People have said they don’t like his abundance of confidence, but it’s nice to see someone take the stage and really take it.
Judges: RANDY said he was one of the best singers in the competition and wished him luck.

Contestant: DEVIN VELEZ
Song: “The Power of One”
My Impression: It’s a fun upbeat song, the kind he may not be able to do when it counts.
Judges: NICKI said he’s been consistently good and thought he should continue to do Spanish lyrics.

Contestant: LAZAO ARBOS
Song: “Bridge Over Troubled Water”
My Impression: He seemed just under pitch the whole song. Too bad, this is one of my favorite songs of all time.
Judges: MARIAH congratulated him and said that every time he gets on the stage, it’s obvious he’s grown and she’d like to hear more of his lower voice.

So we had to say good-bye to Charlie Askew, Elijah Lui, Nick Boddington, Cortez Shaw, Vincent Powell

Song: “Home”
My Impression: She’s cute, has a fine voice and sings great country. It’s kind of a bullet proof combo.
Judges: NICKI said she came alive today, that it was the best she looked and sounded.

Song: “I’m Going Down”
My Impression: She is the front-runner in my opinion. She just kills a song.
Judges: RANDY said she can really sing and they all love her.

Contestant: ANGIE MILLER
Song: “I Was Here”
My Impression: Randy and Keith stood when she walked out. She started too low and was a bit under pitch most of the song. All the judges stood at the end.
Judges: KEITH, who was crying, said this show is about someone like her who is ready to go but just needed the break.

Song: “I’m Every Women”
My Impression: Oh, I so wanted her to get through and I was worried that she’s so quietly good that she wouldn’t get through. Her skirt that she wore showed off killer legs. She lets loose and looked like she had a great time.
Judges: MARIAH felts like she has everything and wants people to keep voting for her because she has so much potential.

Song: “Evidence”
My Impression: All four judges stood. Can we have two frontrunners? I see-saw between Candice and Kree.
Judges: No comments because they ran out of time and, really, what were they going to say to that perfect performance?

So we said so long to Tenna Torres, Breanna Steer, Adriana Latonio and Aubrey Cleland.
I was shocked that there was no wild card this year. Then Ryan announced that AT&T sing off between next top guy and girl, with the winner joining the tour.

By the way, did you notice the extra set of judges on the judging panel? Oh Mariah, you devil.

Were you happy with the Top 10? Were you sad to see anyone go? Aren’t you glad you’re not the one comforting Zoanetta or Charlie? Give us your Two Cents…

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