1600 Penn – Recap & Review – Live From The Lincoln Bedroom

photo: nbc

photo: nbc

1600 Penn
Live From The Lincoln Bedroom

Original Air Date: Mar 7, 2013

Colleen – TwoCents Reviewer

We start tonight’s episode with Marshall giving his briefing as he usually does as press secretary. A reporter asks about Skip and his pod casts. Does the White House have any comment? Marshall seems surprised at first, but recovers from it quickly. He calls it a “politically ticking time bomb.” Marshall runs upstairs and bursts into a room marked “recording in progress” where Skip is doing his next pod cast. I cannot wait to see what happens tonight…..

Emily is meeting with Marigold’s teacher when Becca bursts into the room. She does not seem to like Emily from what I have seen this season and does not think that Emily can handle the younger children. Becca wants to be the “mother” and has to have a hand in her siblings’ entire goings on. She is not happy that she was not told about the meeting. What do you think of this?

The reason for the meeting is a simple one. Marigold’s teacher is very concerned. Her teacher says that Marigold is so bright and should be taking Honors Algebra in the fall, but that Marigold is opting to take regular old algebra instead. Both Emily and Becca say that they are on the issue and will look into it. Of course Emily goes home and tries to talk Marigold into taking it and she said yes. But the problem with her saying yes is that Marigold wants to take Photography which meets at the same time as Honors Algebra. So it is regular old Algebra instead of Honors so that Marigold can try something new. What do you think of Marigold’s teacher? Is he too over the top in his enthusiasm for meeting with the First Lady and Becca and for what he wants for Marigold?

When Marshall walks in, he wants to shut down the pod cast. But Skip wants to continue and his rating boosted in the urban market. Marshall reluctantly agrees to be on Skip’s pod cast provided it is his last one. He is not happy in the least in having to do this for Skip, but anything to get Skip off his back. The opening music is much to be desired and very loud as well.

Becca and Emily end up arguing about Marigold and the whole Photography/Algebra issue. Becca says that the talk that Emily had with Marigold was only because she wanted to “play” her. In other words, Marigold says that she does not want the heavy course load so she will do anything to get out of it. But Emily’s argument is that Marigold should follow her “bliss” and her interests. They even try and bring in Dale, but he will not have anything of it because either way Marigold will get what she wants.

Marshall seems to be having a really good time with the pod cast. He ultimately brings up some interesting things like correspondence not being written or even signed by the person the letter was addressed to. When Skip finally gets what he is saying, he starts asking questions from when Skip was young. Apparently Skip wrote home from camp. Was it Dale writing to him or was it Marshall? He asks Marshall if he writes and signs the letters that are addressed to the President. Valid question, right? I would think so. I would think anyone writing a letter to someone else would think they would be getting a response from the person, not some “form letter”. We find out that Marshall wrote the letters to Skip at camp! Skip is not happy; he saved the letter because he was so touched by it and now his life is ruined.

Becca is still trying to talk Marigold into taking Honors Algebra and not Photography. It is not that she has to take it, but she wants to take it according to Becca. Marigold is not happy, so she walks out. Marigold thinks she is being bribed. She was right!

Skip still is not happy and says that he was never told that Dale was proud of him. He asks Xander how he feels and of course Skip is not happy when he is told that Dale told him that he was proud of Xander just last week!

Emily and Becca start going at it while at the podium of a “Let’s Multiply!” awards ceremony. They both try and put their two cents in on their views. Finally Marshall steps in and introduces Dale as it starts to get out of control. Skip bursts into the awards ceremony and really rips into Dale in front of all the reporters. He does it because he hears Dale say how proud of these kids, even though he was never proud of Skip. Skip gets all the attention because of the bad mouthing he is giving his father! What do you think of this? Would you ever confront someone like this?

Dale is trying to put out all these fires. Skip is very upset has demands that he wants met. Emily and Becca need a third party to weigh in. He elects Marshall to do it because of the whole thing with Skip wanting Dale on his pod cast. Dale goes with two bags of potato chips in hand. Dale needs to do this pod cast — for four hours! When it comes to Becca and Emily, they debate and want to know who won. This is especially true after we find out that Marigold can take both Honors Algebra and photography. Well, neither of them wins!

Becca and Emily come to an agreement. Becca does not think she will be a great mom, but Emily tries to cabash that one. Emily says that they fight because they both care. I see that as true. They both want to do well by Marigold and Xander. What do you think?

Dale and Skip come to a great talk. Dale says that he may not say it but he is proud of Skip. He even still has the letter that Skip wrote him from camp! We end tonight with Skip describing a hug from Dale to his viewers….

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Time for your TwoCents!

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